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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to know if in any update you have released the option to enable the gamepad controls in the settings. All players would like this a lot. Thanks !!
  2. Velocity_9

    Customize your cursor

    Hey guy so i will tell you step by step on how to customize your in-game cursor.It is really simple 1)Download this Cursor editor.( 2)Choose a picture or logo.[choose any logo or picture as long as it is a png file(the file with checkered pattern in the background)] 3)Make the photo 16x16 pixels in photoshop(just make a new file and set presets to 16x16 'pixels' and transparent background) 4)Open the program and in the program open your photo file. 5)On the top you will see a 'Create" tab click on it and select create mouse cursor. 6)now you will see your logo in front of a checkered background. 7)on top you will see a plus sign.when you hover your mouse over it,it will say hot spot. 8)click on it and then click on the center of your logo. 9)what that does is make it so that the center of your logo is where you will click things with. 10)Now save your photo.and it will be saved as a .cur file (cursor) 11)Next open C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access\Engine\Content\Editor\Slate\Cursor in your astroneer folder 12)remove the two files into another folder and then paste in your photo's png file AND the .cur file remember both of them. 13)re-name both of them to 'SmallDot' 14)the .cur file may change to the original white dot which was there before but don't worry it is a visual bug. 15)now open the game and voila your photo is now the cursor PLEASE REPLY IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS
  3. Almendarez

    Character customization

    I feel like choosing your own character for the game is really good and I would really like to see them expand on this to maybe come out with some different styles of astronaut suits and maybe be able to customize some small parts on them or some colors. I also think it would be nice to be able to change your character after you've already chosen one just incase later during that game you just wanna change it intead of having to start up a new game. I hope the helps thank!
  4. I think that although the suit changes are awesome, i would like to change the color of my space suit from blue to red. I would like to see those blue accents on the character change between red, green, blue or even a custom color changer. A place to put the normal change could be an up arrow when selecting your character model. Keep up the good work!! I absolutely love this game and am totally on board with every decision you guys and girls make at the system era team!!! love the game!!!! - Zac
  5. Personally I want to be able to choose what views are inverted. For normal mode/view, I prefer it to be inverted (pushing UP will make character look down), but when I am using the tool/cursor to have it normal (pushing UP will move the cursor forward away from player/up the screen).