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Found 16 results

  1. I would like to see the ability to freely change the game mode status (creative and survival) for each individual player (like in Minecraft). My client players don't like to play in creative but I do and like to be the "admin" of the world. Therefore I would like to be able to see myself in creative but keep them in survival.
  2. Ok, so there is new year, new pax etc... please to consider making a way/possibility ingame (like a hell of a grind or 2xhell) for us who cant get physically To Pax shows to get these skins. talking about Astro Recruit Palette, PAL Palette and Orbital Blue Visor, PAL Visor. or maybe a buyable codes Personally searched for an "agent" for obtaining me those codes in shows with no luck. Found few scammers who could do that for +- 50$... feels bad.
  3. add radioactive mask for atrox and a green visor and other stuff for other planets
  4. Wassup devs! You need to add a customizable style color palette for suits that people can use and can customize to make their color palette and then they can use that style as a normal color palette. Also, they shouldn't just do something easy to unlock it. They need to unlock a new achievement called, "Master Astroneer", where they have to smelt & use at least 20 of each smeltable material. It can be for anything, power, base building, anything. They just have to use it all. Also, the default style would be Dark Red, which is like Wanderer Red, but the grey part is a little bit lighter.
  5. All of the customization options I've gotten from activating planets has just suddenly disappeared. I had just about unlocked all the things you can and the next time I logged on they were all gone.
  6. Warning ! This post may contain spoilers for Astroneer. I am playing the Windows 10 Store currently version I have unlocked every single achievement on the game except "Journey To the Center of the Thing" and yes I have completed all of it's requirements but it still won't unlock no matter how many matches I join. As for customizations, I'm missing the ones related to: The "Atrox Awakened" Achievement even though I have unlocked the achievement itself. Suit, Palette and I guess Emote too. The "...And Beyond" Achievement. Same situation where I have the achievement but not the customization. Suit, Palette, Emote too probably and the Visor even though the requirements is a little different. Unlocking all the achievements. This is the Gold palette that needs all of the achievement's unlocked. But I don't know if the option is glitched too or it's not unlocked because my last achievement it bugged and won't unlock. Either way, I'm missing it even though I have completed it's requirements.
  7. Playing with my bro on PC via steam, he activated the core while in my game, and I got the achievement, but he was the only one to get his suit unlocked.
  8. For the future! Sections:HELMETS, SUITS, PACKS (Backpacks) TOOLS, EMOTES (each one bindable to 1, 2 ,3 and 4 keys respectively) COLOURS, BADGES, and VOICES.Share your opinion on what YOU think the customization menu would look like, or draw and share a picture!
  9. I imagine this is already planned as it is common in most games but I thought I should suggest just incase because it would be cool Currently in ASTRONEER on XBOX ONE you are given a choice between 4 different characters which is good so that all players get a different look but I thought it would be really cool if a more in depth customization was added which aloud you to, for example, change the helmet between a bunch of presets and the chest between presets and the legs between presets and possibley even things like the backpack, different arms, different guns and maybe even sort of accesories to allow you to spice up your character and make him perfect to you and unique... I also had a thought that it would be cool to be able to change how the characters suit looked (head, chest, legs, arms etc.) as you go through the game whenever you want with some sort of construct that allows you to build different (heads, chests, legs, arms etc.) so that you can change your character but its not like you can just do it whenever you feel like it you have to use some resources and then it adds an extra goal and fun touch to the game... Also being able to do things like symbols on the suit and marks (Like paint or scratches or something) would also be really cool because then you could have your emblem on your character or a cool symbol and it just makes it extra cool for your characters look...
  10. I think there should be another vacuum attachment called the "builder," or "formatter." (Or any other name that has to do with building) I WILL SAY BUTTONS FOR XBOX, BUT IT WILL DO THE SAME FOR PC. How it works: 1. (When attached to vacuum) Press "x" to pull out vacuum 2. Instead of the regular destroy, create, or flatten circle showing up, a menu pops up, with a list of different things you can build(discovered in research) 3. The stuff you can choose can be walls, floors, doors, roofs, stairs, etc. Under the title and maybe picture, there will be the recipe. It will say what u need and if u have enough. Ex. 5/3 compound First number= what you have, second number =what you need to build item. 4. When whatever you want to build is chosen, the menu will close and a semi-transparent one will show up in front of you. Use left joystick to move it around. Use left/right buttons to rotate. Use left/right triggers to raise/lower. Press x to confirm position and build. Vacuum will move back to backpack. (NO BUILDING TIME) SUGGESTED BUILD RECIPES: Walls: Resin Wall: Need 3 resin Resin Door Frame: Need 2 resin Compound Wall: Need 3 compound Compound Door Frame: Need 2 compound Aluminum Wall: Need 3 al. Aluminum Door Frame: Need 2 al. Copper wall: Need 3 co. Copper Door Frame: need 2 co. Titanium Wall: need 3 ti. Titanium Door Frane: need 2 ti. Doors: (not sure about security features in doors) Resin/Compound/Aluminum/Copper Doors: need 2 units (CAN BE OPENED BY ANYONE) Secure Door: need 2 titanium, 1 lithium Garage Door (BIG ENOUGH FOR ROVER AND TRUCK): Needs 2 compound, 2 titanium Floors: ALL Material Floors: needs 2 or 3 units Roofs: ALL Material Roofs: needs 2 or 3 units SHAPE = either flat or maybe variations of slants(Slant, corner slant, cap) Stairs: All material Stairs: needs 2 or 3 units THANKS FOR READING, PLEASE BRING THIS IDEA TO ATTENTION, IF DEVS READ THIS: IF YOU DO THIS, DONT MAKE IT LIKE ANY OTHER CRAFTING GAME, MAKE IT UNIQUE
  11. I hope to see more customization when you select a new character, ranging from being able to change its entire outfit, and being able to change his color as well.
  12. My Specs: -Steam versions of Astroneer -Mouse and keyboard controllers -Running on a Lenovo y510P with dual 760M GPU What Happened: I've only been playing a few days. Everything has been stable, no bugs noticed, till today. I spent last night and this morning smoothing out and building up Terrain around my little space lab. I noticed when these windstorms would could, debris would kill my lil 'Neer, and blow away any loose materials I hadn't locked down. I decided to remedy that by creating a vast dome/wall type structure around my space lab. On top of building the wall to prevent the storms from damaging my space lab, I smoothed out all the terrain within the structure so that my rover and 'Neer could run around with no hiccups[a bit of OCD on my part really]. Then from within the "dome" I tried to dig my own path to the cave I had discovered far outside my space lab area, and then proceeded to smooth it out so I could roll in there with my rover[it was bad ass, I wish the game had a snapshot feature to share with you the awesomeness that had been built]. A storm then came in, I hopped into my little capsule in the center of my lab, saved my progress. After the storm passed I Quit to Desktop. I went to go get coffee. I came back and booted the game up from my save point. It was as if I had first landed on the planet. All the Space Lab gear was there, the Printer, The Tethers from my journeys, the Vehicle Bay, The Shuttle, The Smelter, the Rover[however it was now detached from the Space lab and tossed on its side]... but everything else I had "sculpted" was gone. No dome, no smooth lab floor, no tunnel to the cave. Even all the materials I had harvested from the immediate area had come back[mostly Organics and Resin]. I didn't even exit my capsule. I just panned around with the camera to confirm what I was seeing, exited, and then registered here at the forums to help. I completely understand it's Pre-Alpha, so i'm not upset. I mean, I was building something pretty awesome and i'm disappointed it's been eradicated, but this is pre-alpha, something was gonna bite me in the ass eventually. I guess i'll head over to the feature suggestion area now for other things I'd like to see. thanks so much for what you've created thus far, it's amazing.
  13. This game has potential bc it's a sandbox type game and is early in its life so we should consider things that wouldn't get boring. Weapons and different space suits and attachments would be awesome. Or imagine you kill some rare alien in a cave and it drops something and you make into a awesome tool or weapon and I think more weather conditions would be interesting. Maybe even colonies of aliens for trading.
  14. Different Size Terrain Tool being able to use resources to craft different size for the terrain tool, One 2X Bigger and one Half a size smaller then the original Armor / Gear Armor and gear to be used to help venture should always come with a negative effect to balance out, The Hazmat suit would prevent the Pumpkin gas effecting you, but uses 30% more oxygen, The armored suit doubles your health against spikes and fall damage, but slows you down by 30% Alternative backpack / crafting options Alternative backpacks to use from with perks and side effects included (Left one is the original) One example could be a demolition backpack, that holds a lot less modules, but has the ability of crafting Dynamites, and hand held drill, I understand all of this is probably unnecessary at the moment because the game is pretty easy as it is, but I think these would be useful if future difficulty arises in different planets. but Let me know what you guys think. Thanks
  15. Found out about this game when I noticed my friend playing Astroneer just a few days ago. My curiosity led me into playing the free trial and ultimately buying the game later on after I was very impressed by what it has to offer. Extremely fun to play with other people (Some bugs and glitches helped :D) and the nature of sustaining the base was also very fun to do. After about... 10 hours of gameplay, here are my ideas. 1. Universal Economy - Rather than just the overall objective of the game being to build bases and exploring other planets, I feel like their needs to be some kind of feature where we can truly buy and sell items to players. Therefore many people can start producing certain things for the people that request them. Making the trading platform a little more detailed than it is at the moment. Perhaps even creating a feature that allows players to join or create their own space exploration, research, and resource companies. Kinda live the CEO stuff on GTA without the criminal aspect of it lol. So that there's some sort of competitive nature to the game as everyone attempts to build empires. (If this were to happen, I think more customization should be added to bases and astronauts) 2. Bigger Server - I think bigger servers would make this game more diverse and allow people not only to explore more planets and players in one game but also explore other bases and meet other players while traveling across the solar system. (Idk about trolling prevention, that's for devs XD) 3. Planet Naming - (This is only needed if Idea 2 is completed)... Maybe if your are the first group or person to find a planet your should have the option to name for a... pretty large fee. Obviously some words have to be limited and censored but I think it could give more meaning to the games title, "Astroneer." I hope these request aren't dragging it, but I think these ideas can add so much more depth to this game. I would love to know how my ideas are perceived in your replies!
  16. Just for the record, so far in Astroneer I have had such an amazing time exploring, researching, gathering, building, and so much more, which of course is expected. For possible additions to the game, I would enjoy seeing customizable beacons, which I recall being mentioned in the Twitch stream. Having customizable beacons will surely spice up gameplay and help keep everything organized. The planet-to-planet mechanic is an amazing touch, I always enjoy choosing my landing site and finding interesting things located in the spot where I landed. However, in some instances, when I go to another planet when in orbit around another planet, I do seem to go through the planet I am orbiting to get to the other planet. Of course, this is nothing huge, and really could be fixed just before launch as it has no big impact. Also, I am quite sure the ability to rename planets from their default tag of "Exotic" or "Radiated" has already been considered, which will definitely be a lovely addition. I also have not explored an immense amount, so I have not found any water. Though it may not be in the game yet, it would be nice to find some water on the planets. The plant-life does seem to be a bit limited, which I am sure will be changed soon as the team working currently is doing such a fine job of adding new things. Another property of space I wish were present would be animals, which, again, I am sure will be coming soon as I am not the first to consider this. My limited exploration has also revealed many differed forms of research nodes, however the actual research seems to be limited with several changes, then just gives random resources. I do enjoy the idea of new recourses once all research is finished, or possible just a random drop of research or resources, however, research should be more frequent. As far as research goes, the idea is very savvy and works well. Although, I did happen to research "Storage," which is already something I could have made since the start. The research could have just made the item take less materials, but I am unsure. Possibly making that a system, if that is not what happened already, would be a nice touch. Also, those plant research nodes could have the ability to allow the researcher to obtain a resistance or immunity to the plant (or possible animal in the future). Having the research space-cookers yield more apparent research that is related to the place where you found them (such as plants yield immunity and spacecraft chunks yield technology) is a good idea, which I am sure is coming sooner, along with more research additions. Crash sites also could have additional findings located there as well. One addition could possibly be a recording of the crash-landing (if humans or aliens were present during the landing) do give you some background information about the crash and the craft you are observing. With these crashes, you could also discover weapons, such as blasters or something like that to fend off animals. Not allowing players to shoot each other for a short time, at least before PvP content is released, will make weapons and those type items seem more for protection than being a bandit, as this is not a post-disaster survival game. I am sure the aspect of weapons has been considered as it is definitely something people surely think about a lot, so adding this might reshape the game, but will still add a certain "space exploration" element to the gameplay. I do believe that having weapons would be a nice idea, but it would be distasteful to take the spotlight from the exploration and gathering, and put it on weapons and murder. Keeping the amount of weapons limited and simple would ensure the spotlight stays where it should. Also, customizable and craftable armour will do the same as making complex weapons, so keep the armour the same as it is now, or make is simple. The vehicles are amazing and I love them. The driving is a bit...different as your WASD keys move the vehicle with respect to the camera, which is interesting, but maybe could be an option to be toggled in the settings, as I find it hard to get used to. More customization to the vehicles would also be very nice to see, but again, keeping it simple will be the best choice. More vehicles, such as hovering vehicles would be a lovely addition. Hovering vehicles could be a way to get over water, if it were to be added, or other obstacles. When I mention hovering vehicles, I just mean vehicles with fans in stead of wheels, not insanely futuristic spacecraft (but that would not be a bad idea.) Adding futuristic vehicle crashes to the surfaces would be very neat. These crash sites could have research space-cookers that have an increased chance to reveal some futuristic technology blueprints. I have found very few bugs which is expected in this stage of the game, but it is very well rounded. In summary, the game is what No Man's Sky should have been. For disclaimers: I am not comparing this game to No Man's Sky. Not in any way, shape, or form. Keeping this game separate from all other space survival games is what makes it unique, and I enjoy something new. This game is in amazing condition and was well worth the money. A perfect gift for the holidays. Keep up the great work. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be forwarded to my Steam, which I will leave a link to below. I have no clue how this site works, so I am unsure if questions can be directed to the author or not. I will be peeking around the site to see what is has lurking and what I can find out about it. Thank you for reading and I hope this helped even in the slightest. Have an enjoyable adventure in Astroneer and I hope to hear from someone soon. -Sherlocks