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Found 5 results

  1. At the moment we have five different colours for setting the Beacons to (plus a strobing/flashing version of red), but this isn't enough. As well as adding one or two more colours (Yellow? Cyan? Brown? Pink?), we should be able to further customise each Beacon so as to better represent what it stands for. I am thinking that instead of just switching between each colour, clicking on a Beacon brings up a small interactive display with four options: 1). An On/Off button, used for switching the Beacon on and off. 2). A colour button, for switching between each available colour (around six or more). 3). A Style or Mode button, which switches between flashing and non-flashing modes. 4). An Icon button, which switches between different icons that the Beacon shows. For the icons, I'm thinking of the following options: the default would be what we currently have, a single white dot in the centre. Option two would be a trio of white dots, just like what we used to have on vehicles. Option three would be the white Hab icon, useful for marking out where we plan on placing a Habitat before we've unlocked it. Option four would be a white Star in the centre. Finally, option's five through to eight would be the four symbols that represent the four suits in a deck of cards: a white Heart, a white Diamond, a white Spade and a white Club. With the ability to customise the colour, state and icon of a Beacon, players will have much more options when it comes to configuring their beacons in game. If anyone has any suggestions for additional or alternate colours, modes or icons, please share them below.
  2. TravellerAlexander

    Character Customization Concept

    For the future! Sections:HELMETS, SUITS, PACKS (Backpacks) TOOLS, EMOTES (each one bindable to 1, 2 ,3 and 4 keys respectively) COLOURS, BADGES, and VOICES.Share your opinion on what YOU think the customization menu would look like, or draw and share a picture!
  3. At the moment, when I build a building onto my habitat (By placing resin onto the tubes that stick out) It grows a seemingly random distance and height, which means that bases can be messy and annoying to use. Maybe we could be able to click and drag to choose the location of our buildings, so that they could be on flat planes or wherever the user wants them?
  4. To the point: -Different factions with similar items, but different traits (perhaps a certain theme). -Eg, one faction has smelter that doubles output, but requires one coal per doubled output. Perhaps they have a collector gun that is slower than standard, but with the use of energy/fuel units and oxygen units performs better than the standard... -different factions have different style of pod, buildings, vheicles... etc. And may all play to a certain theme.
  5. Keeping to the point: -Choose your own colours for suit, buildings, vheicles. (Eg, Base colour, 1 Base colour 2, Highlight colour 1... etc) -Character customisation. Eg, choose helmet, suit, perhaps some new backpack/harvester designs (same function, different look)