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Found 7 results

  1. Summary: CTD. Reopen game, CTD again before getting to menu. DxDiag & zipped log files sent to System Era Support email. Description: I was on Atrox Had my shuttle full of methane and ammonia. Pressed F to enter and immediately pressed V to launch. Black screen, CTD. Now when I relaunch the game through Steam the flash screen appears for ~ 1 second, screen goes black, then the game crashes back to desktop. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Win 10 Pro CPU: R7 3700X GPU: RTX2070 RAM: 3
  2. I packaged a Rover Seat that I had connected to a Medium Rover, which was tethered to another Medium Rover with a Rover Seat. I placed the packaged seat in my Backpack, and attempted to enter the front rover's seat, causing a crash-to-desktop. This prompts "Saving Game," but the save does not succeed. This does not always create a log when duplicating the bug. I have also tried leaving the packaged seat on the rover, and even leaving the packaged seat on the ground before entering the front rover's seat; this does not change the outcome. The only log files I've gotten from trouble
  3. Couldn't find any way to open a support ticket. My game crash on loading a saved game. I have searched and tried various solutions, they have failed or inadequate. That stack overflow error(if that's what it is) makes the game a waste of time for me. Between work, marriage and family life it feels disrespectful towards my hard earned free time. My specs are - OS: Windows 7 64 bit Motherboard: z370 aorus gaming 7 CPU: i7-8700K 3.7GHz RAM: 32GB DDR4 F1200 CL17 RAM Dual-Channels GFX Card: Nvidia Geforce 770 4GB
  4. Steam Version 1.0.4 I have a save where whenever I get into the one and only small shuttle I've made so far, the game inmediately CTDs. I found this bug because I realized after playing for 2 hours or so that the game hadn't saved my progress when I did the "Save and Quit" option from the main menu. So on my next play session I thought I'd try to force a save by entering the shuttle and...instant crash. It's possible the CTD has more to do with saving the game, than with the shuttle I suppose. Files emailed to support.
  5. Hi, the game doesn't start anymore, neither fullscreen nor windowed mode. This is the steam version, checking the file integrity & reinstalling didn't help. Error message: 'Couldn't start: "\GAME_LOCATION\Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe" CreateProcess() returned c1.' I'm Windows Insider, currently running Build 16199, after a google search it seems like this happened to multiple user of WI but ONLY if they use the steam version, the UWP version of ASTRONEER (from the store) doesn't seem to be influenced.
  6. Issue: Inside cave, truck (with one seat and one storage) was loaded with four research objects. Two were located on rear section, one located on absolute rear, and one located on absolute front. When I attempted to enter the truck, it immediately crashed to desktop. Game Version: Steam Operating System: Windows 10 Video Card: Radeon 7850 CPU: Core i7 875K
  7. Hi Astroneer engineer/computer dev folks! Love the game, played 20h+ in two days hahahaahah So, the old tether was a no-go: 4 hours in it chugged processing like a power hungry astroneer... BETA ANNOUNCED, REJOICED, got slammed hard: The new tether system works GREAT, major FPS improvement (still with some nasty hiccups when moving around and/or moving the camera, but MANAGEABLE). BUUUT the update utterly destroyed the energy distribution system, both in OLD saves and NEW ones too, although in new saves I couldn't reproduce it; it happens randomly. Basically som