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Found 4 results

  1. My friend and I were starting a new world and started adventuring and thought, "Hey! They should add creatures and monsters too this!" So maybe you guys should add some creatures that are friendly that can possibly become pets, creatures that are neutral that just don't want to be bothered with or killed, and monsters that are hostile and can kill others. Which means you need some sort of safety equipment like Armour or weapons you can have. Also maybe make a health bar which would be handy and maybe hunger since you can kill creatures you can probably add some sort of meat to the game. There are some ideas for the game that will make it more interesting and fun! Hope you read this and have a good day!
  2. Add a various amount of different creatures to the game from which you can harvest food and resources from adding new survival elements to the game by needing to eat and drink also add farming to the mix giving that same outcome but to also grow certain resources so they never will run out maybe having some seeds only obtainable on some planets maybe some creature will attack your base so you'll need to add defensive weapons to protect the player and there base.
  3. My suggestion is very simple. We need more life. For example, its understood that we wont be seeing aggressive creature, can we get passive ones? Insects sputtering about, birds flying and gawking overhead. The odd space squirrel hopping about looking for a nut. Snakes slithering and space crickets chirping at night. Why not bring out Bee's...hear me out. Resin could be what you gain from sucking up the hive and when the player has to suck up the hive, the bees can do a bit of dmg to the player, just like the poisonous flora already implemented. If the player doesn't start to run away from the Bees, death could happen just like the poisonous plants. Even if you cant pop in any of these ambient creatures, why not just the sounds? I fully understand this game is in space/on weird planets, the flora and fauna won't look like anything on earth, I get that. But an equivalent would be neat. I apologize if this has been suggested before, Icky
  4. I want to start my suggestions of by saying that I already know that you guys are working on implementing pets, and I know that you guys know the game better than I do, but, as a fellow game designer, I would like to offer some suggestions for the implementation of pets. The game when played for extended duration's alone can begin to feel isolating, for me at least. The designers of Portal ran into this, and that was why they implemented the Companion Cube. I think something similar to that is due for this game. There could be some kind of simple robot that functions as a backpack extension. The robot could literally just run around on the oxygen lines, and that would make it easy to write AI for the robot. He could make cute sounds, and follow you around or, when you drive, he could roam around your base.