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Found 15 results



    How I can start a creative game?
  2. Decided to finally unlock and farm a bunch of dynamite as it was pretty chill and it let me talk to chat. Few hours later I ended up with a fully stacked rover, which we then unleashed on a mountain lul
  3. UnwrittenMythz64

    Somthing New to Astroneer

    i was wondering if astroneer is still getting a creative mode. this is my first time posting a topic, sorry if I have left anything out
  4. HippoMonstrosity

    Re-purposing Debris as Decoration

    I think it would be fantastic if I could re-purpose the space debris littered on the planets for decoration/customization of my base. Things such as the metal scaffolding, exterior paneling, ect would looks so cool if I could collect it like a resource from space wrecks and actually BUILD things with it (even if they are somewhat abstract). Other uses of these debris items could be using the smelter to extract compound, resin, metals from them. Remember, we are responsible for cleaning up these planets and maintaining their natural ecosystem! #InterstellarEnvironmentalism.
  5. Hi all, I have been live-streaming on Twitch for around a year now, mostly doing creative work for game design and RPGs. is my channel. I highly enjoy Astroneer, which I call "my space zen garden." I recently made a Youtube playlist of my archived sessions so far, many of which I share some of my ideas on what sorts of things I would like to build/sculpt, and some ideas for the game in general. I am not a great analyzer of bugs, but when I see something I notice in the play session, I point it out. I would like to put this out there for both the developers and the players/fans alike. I welcome fellow players, those who would like to accomplish some of the goals I spoke about, to join in on sessions of my own, or joining others building fun bases and concepts. But really, I often make a lot of comments about development ideas that I would implement into the game. Loving it so far, SES crew! Also, since this is my first post: Hello! I am Will, xido, or xidoraven ("zee-doh," "zi-duh," or "zhye-doh" are all perfectly fine pronunciations - it's fine, it's not a real word). I enjoy Astroneer enough to purchase it in Pre-Alpha stage to try it out and contribute to its future success. It's very relaxing and enjoyable from the perspective of someone who is not usually into actively playing video games of any sort. Because of this, it has helped me to expand outside my usual hobbies, and enjoy a new downtime activity, as well as adding some video games to my show lineup. So far, this has been exclusively limited to two games: Astroneer (by SES), and Shadowrun: Hong Kong Extended Edition (by Harebrained Schemes). That might change, but probably not for a long time to come. For now, I consider myself a committed Astroneer player and tester. Lastly, thanks to the creators and development team at SES for the great work so far, and best of luck to the future progress. Also, I sent you an email with my resume. Just putting it out there. Best wishes to all! -Will
  6. Yon Sire Liege

    Music Boxes

    Hey! First off, I love the game! Undoubtedly the atmosphere in Astroneer is what sets it apart from other games. And, to get to the point, I have just made my first new base on another planet, what an experience! And I was thinking how incredible would it be to be able to, one day, maybe find a mysterious Reaserch Item that would emit strange sounds, and when you research it, it will unlock a short, but distinctive unique theme of music, which could implement itself into the players game sound files from then on, upon its playing you will immediately associate it with that Planet and it's discovery and the adventures that took you there and beyond! Hope I got my idea across! Thanks guys! Dave.
  7. CaptainShall

    Modular Habitat Idea

    Hey guys! We just picked up Astroneer a few days ago on Steam early access and love it. I have experience with 3D modeling, and have modded for Minecraft and Cities: Skylines. I came up with an idea for building housing in Astroneer using simple modules and a "pressurization" system that is easy to understand. I'm sure the devs are already working on something like this, but I whipped it up in just a few hours so I thought I'd share it to see what people thought!
  8. Thirdparty


    I have recently been giving thought to creating some artistic sculptures with the terrain tool. This would be a slight undertaking, depending on detail, since I would have to rely on tools base size and features. If I do create some works, I will post them here as soon as I can. ... This also got me to thinking and posed a question in my mind. Though it would be a vast undertaking to actually find out, I had to ask myself.... Does the terrain tool account for the planets natural spherical quality, or, is it theoretically possible to turn a planet into a cube ?.... o.0
  9. Papa Smurf

    Terrain tool mods UI

    Wuddup folks. Sittin here not sleeping imagining a clever ui system for the terrain tool and future modifiers. Basically, the terrain tool becomes accessible via a hotkey, call it e. Press E, and the terrain tool flies into focus much like the backpack. From here, the tool contains a single 1snap mount that can be used to modify its actions. Perhaps also some basic parameters are available with simple mouse clicks here like brush size etc. Want the only "lazor" in the game? Better find that holy grail 1snap tool mod in the deepest alien research module on exotic... brush pattern, energy saver, "spraypaint" mode that builds and destructs in swiss cheese flavor, etc.... What gets interesting here is 2 things. 1. Maybe these snaps are a different size and are kept in a "toolbox" that attaches to your backpack or something so that these mods have only one purpose and other 1snaps are not going to fit on your astrovac (no bonus carrying capacity like a compound in your build slot) 2. OR perhaps other regular 1snaps ALSO act as modifiers.... this can be as simple as color eg; slap in some compound and you build in white. Or even further down the list of possibilities, it could get crazy. A lump of power in your gun creates terrain with luminescence. Hydrazine makes terrain with higher friction for efficient roadways. Organic spawns plants. Aluminum creates smooth terrain with blended voxels for very appealing "walls" and other structures. Maybe resin is clippable, becoming a physicsless "water"... Oh yea unrelated, but also cool would be a terrain tool mod that creates "permanent" structures. Probably does not add or subtract material, but simply floats over existing matter and glues it into uneditableness. Hopefully also with some voxel smoothing for ultimate in appealing structures.... Anyway, Obviously im getting way out into dreamland. The main point of my post is to offer a possible simple solution to what might otherwise be some challenging or time consuming code to further the "creative" agenda with the press e, insert different terrain tool idea... Thanks guys hope your new year is kicking ass
  10. Merlin

    Different modes

    It would be nice, if there was a creative mode added, where you can build everything without losing energy or oxygen, like in Minecraft or Subnautica creative.
  11. DEVS I am currently playing build and I love where you guys are going with exploration on the planet. Furthermore, the planet generation, whether it be caves mountains or hills, it is exciting and entrancing. There are, however, some problems I have with how we, as the player, shape the landscape. The deformation tool has a lot of potential to be not just a powerful tool, but a game altering one. There are a few ways that this tool could be more useful, not just for mining, but for base creation. A few examples: Selection-multiple options (circle, square, poly, element) Grids- Preferably this would be a toggle for both planetary and selected geometry. Extrude-Be able to build an organic platform and raise or inset into the environment. Alternate Sizes- Larger or smaller 'Brush' sizes for the Deformation tool. Alternate Shapes- some standard geometric shapes for the Deformation tool. (square,star, hexagon, etc.) Deformation Speed-Ability to alter the rate that the deformation tool smooths, flattens, or raises geometry. Blueprints-Ability to save a certain amount of geometry to be placed over and over. (reasonable limits expected) It is unfair to expect this much and not offer some thoughts for how this could be controlled or implemented. Already you have "E" bound to the tool by default, so reasonably, you could make it generate a menu by holding "E" for selecting the current mode or deformation you want (free up some of those easy to reach keybinds! \o/) and/or toggling the grids, changing "brush" shape/size, etc. Plunging deeper into that rabbit hole, holding a button and scrolling to increase/decrease the brush size (this will need some balancing for mining resources). For blueprint integration, creating a copy/paste mode that functions with the selection tool might be good. To say that I enjoy your game so far is an understatement and I like where a lot of the game is heading. You can expect to see more posts from me about some more aspects of Astroneer. Until then, I have only to say, keep up the great work, and hopefully continue to enjoy working on it. PLAYERS For others reading this post, please feel free to voice your opinion on whether this interest you or not. If it does, be sure to let the devs know. If not, leave why, I am interested to see what your misgivings about it.
  12. Thinking of a mode where you have infinite power in your backpack, and don't have to worry about dying of suffocation so you can explore the beautiful planets carefree, and experiment with the Terrain Tool, and what you can do with it! Similar to Minecraft's creative mode, except I don't agree with the idea of infinite materials. Part of the joy of this game is getting them so I personally don't see the point! so I call this "Exploration mode"!
  13. Ponca


    A thread of all your ASTRONEER creations! Fan art,drawings,doodles, beautiful screenshots,edits and all around just creative things you made for the love of the game! i think it will be fun to see what people share and come up with. i'll start it off with a little something i made earlier today. i sure hope this is the right place to put this? if not, please let me know.
  14. I have a few ideas. First of all, though, I absolutely love the art and style of the game. I can't wait to see it as it develops! 1-Multiplayer/Singleplayer Screen: I would like to have a choice to join a single or multiplayer game as soon as you launch up. This one's pretty short! 2-More star systems: It would be amazing to be able to build a ship and travel throughout the stars with companions. Each one could be similar to the next, but with different planets. (Maybe see Starbound and No Man's Sky for what I'm talking about.) 3-More planet types/add planet types: Going along with the previous suggestion, specific planet types could be cool. (I.E. Magma/Ocean/Forest) 4-Flora and Fauna!: Plants and animals would be neat! Maybe only on specific planets. Also, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ALIENS! Yes, aliens. Like UFOs. I think that could be really cool. Not hostile, just cool ships flying around the universe. Maybe you could have a friend come with you on your travels in singleplayer. I think that they would fit with the style of the game well. 5-Ships: I mentioned this before, but a small, multi-personnel ship could be neat. One with not just chairs, but a cockpit where you can walk around in. I realize that there's already a small lander craft one, (and maybe you could dock the lander in the interstellar ship,) but a larger one could be neat. 6-Mechs/railways: Some way to easily and quickly transport large amounts of items could be cool as well. 7-Customizable Characters: I really want to make my own space suit. That would be amazing. 8-JETPACKS!: This could be a cool way to easily travel around the planet. Jump/jetpacks could be great in this game. Some other topics I agree with:
  15. Astroneer

    Ideas! And lots of em

    I have a few ideas. First of all, though, I absolutely love the art and style of the game. I can't wait to see it as it develops! 1-Multiplayer/Singleplayer Screen: I would like to have a choice to join a single or multiplayer game as soon as you launch up. This one's pretty short! 2-More star systems: It would be amazing to be able to build a ship and travel throughout the stars with companions. Each one could be similar to the next, but with different planets. (Maybe see Starbound and No Man's Sky for what I'm talking about.) 3-