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Found 4 results

  1. Pretty straightforward idea. If you've ever tried to use large amounts of dynamite along with any of the other explosive compounds to quickly clear out a large volume of terrain, you know it can get pretty annoying to have to deal with all the research items & various stacks of resources floating in the air or falling down into various cave systems and so on. I think it may also contribute to the large amounts of lag that can affect the game when you have really big explosions, as the game tries to calculate the physics of hundreds or even thousands of falling resource stacks & research items. There's already a option in the creative mode menu that makes it so you don't harvest resources when you're using the Terrain Tool, which is useful for deforming the terrain without having to deal with the clutter of hundreds of different stacks just rolling around everywhere. A similar option that would make it so that explosions just annihilate everything, rather than producing stacks from resources within the terrain would be similarly useful, I think, and hopefully not too hard to implement. Given how large the planets are, I don't think there's any danger of someone unintentionally breaking the game irrevocably by destroying too much stuff either.
  2. I would like to see the ability to freely change the game mode status (creative and survival) for each individual player (like in Minecraft). My client players don't like to play in creative but I do and like to be the "admin" of the world. Therefore I would like to be able to see myself in creative but keep them in survival.
  3. Recently, I was wondering if I could still get the Galactic skin while in creative mode. I would only go into creative mode to spawn lots of scrap, then turn it off again. Is it possible that I could get the galactic skin if once in creative mode?
  4. Hey, After searching using your sites search feature I could not find the request so I am posting here. The game needs to either have an addon to flip vehicles up after the rolled over. Either a vehicle falls in a hole from bad driving or the storms blows it into a hole and even into the ground so need a way to make up right again. Also would like to have a creative mode in game for people like me who love to build. Thanks Vega22