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Found 2 results

  1. Summary: 201 - XB1 - Rover gone crazy on game load Description: When I exited the game, I was IN the rover. I normally only exit when in a habitat. But I had a call so I exited after entering the rover in the field. When I load the game I am no longer in my rover, and, well... see the video. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 201
  2. Steam copy Mouse keyboard Specs run the game fine so dont think youll need them. What happened was i had a truck with rover attached with storage on all slots but the seat i was driving with. Tried to make a land bridge and fell through the map by trying to level terrain i was standing on and died. Collected enough resources to build another rover to get back to my truck but when i try to get in the rover its starts going CRAZY! It will start flipping through the air and it is completely undriveable and funny as hell lol. So now i have no way to get back to my truck.