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Found 25 results

  1. I have been having many crashes lately and as of yesterday I am unable to load my saved game that I have been playing for a couple months. I load the game and click my save and it starts to load but then freezes and after about a minute of being stuck it crashes to the dashboard.
  2. i am having problems loading asstroneers i have tried everything but nothing is working for me
  3. Summary: This game is constantly crashing. Told by support to clean up tethers not being used Description: I was told by your support that i have to go through every planet and clean up any unused tethers. It is taking a very long time clean up tethers since the program is always crashing. Also told by support that this problem is due to limitations of the ps4 hardware. Why release it to console if it won't run? The game is 3.34GB. save file is 19MB. I'm only up to activating the Calidor gateway engine. I do not have any problems with any other games i have Platform: Ps4 Version / Build Number: Version 1.11
  4. Recent Crashing on a 16mb Save Game. Every time entering vehicle or shelter, before saving game shuts itself down. Sometimes can't even get into the game at all. This is what follows after a few minutes of poor fps. The top of my head itd be around 10 to 15 fps Playing on xbox one x Had no issues until this
  5. Hi All! I've had Astroneer for a long time b/c I had it on an old computer (downloaded through steam), but I recently got a new computer and every time I launch the game it gets to the "Loading Solar System" screen, freezes, and then crashes. I tried deleting the loading movie files and that made it load a little more, but it still crashes every time. Does anyone know how to fix this? My Specs are Windows 10 Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-1005G1 8GB RAM with 64-bit processing
  6. The farther i get in the game the more likely its going to crash. It crashes when i go to save it useing the shuttle or the rover. Even on the first planet, when im running, it is like im in slo mo or walking on the moon. Same with the large rover with drill 3 on it , gos very slow. All very frustrating. Any help with this would be great because i like the game a lot but it is getting un playable:(
  7. Still having an issue with the game crashing to the main/home screen on xbox one. Fly to Glacio to collect some resources, get out of rocket and set up my large rover that is on the planet and stays there. Moved around some storage to get ready to rollout, go to jump in the rover seat and bam sent back to home screen. I didn't even move the rover just walked around some and tried to jump in. This is getting so old, I cant even play the game now, I was hoping for some kind of fix with the Creative update but nothing. Please look into this issue, I want to play and finish the gateway portals, get the wander items and complete the game but as it stands now I can even go to another planet to do anything.
  8. Everytime I try to mine to the core the game lags and then crashes it happened 5 times in a row with the same issue.
  9. I am playing the groundwork update on XB1X on a save from the first day of the 1.0 release, and the game keeps crashing for me every few minutes. It was crashing in the wanderer update every so often, but the crashing has become more frequent with this update. It usually crashes when trying to save or when doing a lot of things all at once. I don't want to create a new save and lose my progress.
  10. So just finally completed the game for the first time with 302 hours of gameplay. Astroneer is a great game all around which is why I stuck it out and forgave many of the abundant glitches. However, as I was nearing the end of my playthrough the occasional game crash became very frequent. Basically, the last two planets I needed to activate were Glacio and Atrox when the constant crashing began and the fun turned into me wanting to bang my head against the wall. Trying to make any sort of progress became painfully slow and gameplay became disjoiunted. It became a very repetitive loop of launch the game, do some exploring to find and activate a node and cross your fingers to about a 30% chance the game would save instead of crash. Usually, it would crash and you would find yourself... somewhere with total lack of direction and loss of progress. By the time I got to Atrox, it was more like a 90% crash rate. Luckily I'm bullheaded and really didn't want to give up after being so close. By the time I completed Atrox it felt more of a relief than a triumph. The stability desperately needs to be fixed! I can totally understand why so many people have played and quit now. Long story short the game has a lot of potential, but the crashing really hurts the gameplay experience. I would love to see the game continue to grow with more solar systems which are actually hinted to in the ending. Perhaps more advanced materials, fuel and crafting to build a space station between solar systems as a jumping-off point to the next. I would get pretty excited about that! I was planning on continuing my gameplay of setting up a massive primary base and secondary bases on each planet, utilizing the fully unlocked teleportation network once I finished the game. Unfortunately, that just isn't practical with the stability of the game at this point. It just isn't worth playing when you only have a 10% chance of the game actually saving. I did discover that if you load up fresh and only play a little bit like 10-15 minutes you can get almost a 50% save success rate but it's not really worth the hassle. The fact that the game attempts to save every time you enter a vehicle likely isn't helping matters as it can be frequent at times. But regardless of the cause, the code for saving the game when entering a vehicle needs to be looked at as that is clearly the cause of the crashing in my case at least. I would recommend removing the game auto-saving when entering a vehicle personally. Add an option to save in the menu! It would also be nice to have a way to back up your saves. But if nothing else, look at the game save code as the problem is in there somewhere.
  11. Can not run game for more that 5 minutes before it crashes, screen goes black and I'm back on the XboxOne home screen. I can be walking, in a vehicle, entering or exiting vehicle or shelter. This has been happening for a week now. Before that no issues. Game now unplayable. Xbox OS version 10.0.18362.2018
  12. I am on Xbox one x and when my friends joins me I lag horribly and within a few Moments, I freeze or crash I am also at the end game (no spoilers) when I get a cut scene I crash instantly. When I went to the planet core (any of them) I had to redo the digging at least 10 times the save was made on the current patch, and everything is updated I don't know if it's because the game has so much to load on each plant (I have a base on almost every planet). If you need any information or help to find the bug please let me know
  13. Can you please fix the multiplayer co-op on the xbox? the host of the game has huge FPS problems, but it’s only for the host the players joined have excellent FPS. Also the game crashes often in co-op but mostly when getting in vehicles, sometimes when players are far and/or underground. Thank you.
  14. Ryan J

    Xbox needs love

    What am I supposed to do? I'm losing it. I'm a console player. I've been paying since alpha. Back before we could make tables and everything was connected in a web. 1.0.0 has totally and utterly destroyed the game. I'm trying so hard to love this game. I put so much time into it and it just keeps slapping me in the face. Crash after crash I just cant get to the core of the final planet on my list. Desolo. It's been days. I'm not exaggerating. I've been trying for days. I keep hoping " maybe this update will fix it and make the game playable. No? Ok then the next one. I got multiple friends to buy and play the game with me cause they wanted the full games release before they sunk money into it. And they already have uninstalled cause literally it doesn't work. It cant be played. It crashes when you're trying to save to avoid crashes. It couldn't be more frustrating. I have 6 of the 7 cores done after many many many wasted hours of crashing. On the plus side I've read the entire dragon ball z manga. And I'm at book 10 of dragon ball. And I only read during load screens from crashes. Guys I started a week and a half ago. That's how long these crashes take. Its 5 and a half minutes at the least between load screens after crashing. Please do something. Maybe make it so I can dumb down game quality. Maybe make it so caves dont utterly trash my game. Tethers to. Maybe my rover doesnt crash the game. Maybe make it so I can save the game. Each update I see performance updates or reduce crashes and I get hyped. But alas. I cant move another level down the dirt or I'll, you guessed it. Crash. There has to be SOMETHING that can be done to improve stability. I just want enough so I can finally see the ending cutscene. I've turned on almost every single gateway just because I cant open the core on desolo (cause as I said entering caves destroys my game. Always crashes in just a few seconds) It's only gotten worse the further in the story I've gotten. I'm so close but infinitely far. Please help sorry for the essay I just wanna play your lovely game.
  15. Dear Devs, why are there no answers to the problems and technical condition of Astroneer? For many players, the game has become unplayable and many will follow if nothing changes. Your game is awesome and just perfect for calming down. The mechanics and the implementation are terrific. All no question. But the technical condition is worse than in most betas. Why is that all? Why was it released anyway? You know I am not alone and many would like to hear an information or statement and answer our questions. Even if the problem is unknown and it still lasts, this info would be sufficient and better than to mention. Many want to know how the stand is and why they can not continue playing. I personally have been releasing over 200 hours of play in 3 savegames together. I started a new game after almost every patch because I wanted to avoid mistakes in the savegame by prepatch files. You know of all the problems, please respond to this and do not bring up the trouble. Even if there are problems and these are still going on, this info is gold value. With more transparency, we would know what's going on and then experience when we can really play again and not always be disappointed. Follow every little patch in hope there is the cure is annoying. Whether you do it in your own form or we put our own questions together. Of which we choose the X most important. Nothing about features or gameplay, only "serious" issues that make the game unplayable. Please communicate with us and give honest information. Greetings.
  16. Hello, I play this great game since it was released in Xbox game preview but now I am at a point in progress where the game is unplayable. I hoped patch 1.0.6 can help but it don‘t. The game is still crashing randomly. But surely when I am digging after the 5th level under Glacio and Artox. When I fast slide down to the deep its very often. Also often it crashed when I save somewhere and the the last progess is gone. The crash frequency increases with the game progress. At the moment I can‘t reach the cores of Glacio and Artox and can‘t end the game. I must take a tractor with me for a mobile savepoint but its not my way to play and I don‘t get out with this by portal. The second thing is that the performance get worse with the patch. I'm used to moving in slow motion since the 4th hour in progress but since 1.0.6 it is more laggy, different speedchanges and seems to drop frames. Before the patch it was more like slow motion, even movment. Now it is choppy when performance go down. My Xbox must blowing up your crash dump mailbox. I hope that you find out what it is the problem. I like the game so much and you and your work with the was great and to play the game is funny and a pleasure and I won‘t to have more fun with it in future when the problems gone. Nevertheless it is a great, funny game with great mechanics and gameplay features and full of nice details and good ideas. You made a great game and thx to all Rico
  17. After about 3 hours of play evertime i try to save the game will crash back to the home screen
  18. Was playing for about 3 hours no problems but the frame rate but now everytime i save the game will crash back to the home screen
  19. Whenever I play astroneer and I try to join my friend through invite, it will send me to the developer note and then say I lost connection. My game then freezes and the only way I can leave is through exiting the entire game.
  20. Am I the only one having a hard time with Co-op? Whenever I play co-op there is extreme lag even though I have great connection. Me and my boyfriend play on the same internet and can not play together, every time we do anything we lag for up to 30 seconds. Every tether we place, item we pick up, everything makes us lag no matter who does it.
  21. Hi! I need your help!!! when ever I try to start Astroneer it crashes while the orbit loading screen is there. I DO NOT know why this is happening SOOO I was wondering if you guys could help ALSO.. I do have Visual studio 2018 (I THINK) SO PLease HELP ME ASAP.
  23. Game crashed at beginning where planets orbit in loading screen causing my councle to shut down.
  24. Since the new update, the xbox version is freezing and crashing or just incredibly slow. I've lost multiple rovers from falling through the world. After I built a base on Terran, I moved to Radiated and everything got way worse. Not sure why. Will there be a hotfix soon??
  25. Just today tried to play and the game kept kicking me after about 2 mins in game, just dropped off, no error message or anything. I've kept trying to play using other characters thinking it might be a character thing, but then I landed on a planet, my guy shrunk into the ground and the game froze. Very odd. Was working perfectly fine last night. UserBenchmarks: Game 74%, Desk 101%, Work 102% CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X - 101.1% GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060-3GB - 70.2% SSD: Intel 760p Series NVMe PCIe M.2 128GB - 121.9% HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB (2016) - 89.1% HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB (2016) - 105% RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 C15 2x8GB - 101% MBD: Asus ROG STRIX X370-F GAMING Are my system specs. Did you guys do an update yesterday or something?