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Found 5 results

  1. Why does it keep crashing for everyone and why is the faulty code not fixed? Is it trying to render too much? Because it seems to happen more the further you get in the game...
  2. Welcome Ladies and gentlemens. I am just an Average casual player at least in astroneer. I played with the early alpha version so far, and it is good to see the improvements. What i thinking. usually we see many crashed object buryed in the ground, but nothing else we really can do with it, exept for some has the loot. i wonder.... What if when we see dhis objects. had antenna dishes, solar panels and so on. Why we cant use dhem for something? As our solar panel work why we cant untilize dhese parts for ourself? Yes its old tech whatsoever, but with a ""toolbox" as a research item, we can remove dhese parts for at least to components. Like a solar panel need 1 copper, but we may can build from 2 "scrapped" solar panel from the crashed satelite? Or we can as mentioned earlyer we can disasemble dhese objects and be able to carry dhem. With dhat, we can decor our base with it. Like building our own "crashed satelite" next to our base, or a little bit creativity with some kind of statue. or some kind of makeshift building against a sandstorm. i like the game, but dhose so many decorating object what has no other use just simply Scream for it. Just imagine it how cool looking with your rover had an antenna dish, and dhose biig solar panels how cool is it?
  3. First my sistem requirements are over whats needed (i am playing in windows 7) and the vertion is patch 201 [experimental] an after loading the load game page (sorry no other word to descrive it) after a few seconds it crashes i cant enter the game and there isnt any crash report it just goes (on windows) to the "problem solver" and it dosnt matter what i do it always closes i tried uninstaling the game and intaling it again pls help
  4. Very mysterious crash site I noticed while exploring a huge cave. It looks like a transmission dish or something like that , attempting to send signals. It makes weird noises, something like beeping sounds, a deep hum and a hissing sound. The golden rings seem like the ports on the crashed surface solar panel bearing satellites, which can be used as a power generator; but yet are different. On this specific one, it has golden circles, just like how the other ones on the surface have or like a rover or base has, but instead these are golden and do not connect. I searched for it but found nothing.
  5. I had 2 trucks tethered together with 3 large storage units attached and I noticed while I was loading research onto the truck that the research gravitated, or wanted to snap, to the front end of the rear truck, same thing with the back end of the front truck. So I decided to try and attach the research to the front end of the rear truck and this caused the game to crash. Unfortunately any saved game I had prior to the last 30 min, aka getting in and out of the truck, was not saved.