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  1. I have yet to try to play on my main pc but on my laptop which i use when away from home; I cannot for the life of me get the game to start. When i click the game to open the loading screen opens with the black borders and the small picture of astroneer and then almost instantly crashes. I downloaded new c++ visual files which allowed me to play for one night and the next day (today) it is back to the same problem; I have repaired the visual c++ and that also has done nothing Lastly, I have also tried changing the fps limit or something like that in the files and that didnt change anything eit
  2. Hi! Wouldn't it be able for Astroneer to automatically back up each new saved game? The old game is saved as a backup. In the game "Terraria" this is how it happens, the old game becomes a ".bak" file. I just lost my whole world (37K) from one second to the next because of a lack of energy. If there was an automatic backup it would have been simple to resolve. I don't know if it is simple to program a routine for this. --- What's interesting, is there used to be backups of saves. I don't know when or why the Astroneer stopped happening. The game used to keep 2 copies of saves
  3. I've been playing on Astroneer on and off with a friend in the US (I'm UK based) and we're having issues with Glacio. So far we've managed to unlock all nodes on the other planets up to Glacio, and have a base on Atrox but not worked on the gateways as yet. File size is 22.9mb and wandering if this is causing some issues, graphics drivers are up to date. I've read some issues maybe caused by file size being too big, but I'm not sure. Doing some tidying up and the game will just crash out completely with no prior warning. Any ideas?
  4. Are there any plans to fix crashes when saving on xbox? It doesn't happen every time, but very frequent. It seems better if I save every couple of minutes and don't wander too far or do too much. Also, I only see this in my main save which is the largest file. Any help on this would be appreciated.
  5. Hello! Currently the game crashed for me after loading the splash screen. Shortly after the splash screen closes, and I expect to see a loading bar or logo, Steam indicates the game is no longer running. After setting the launch options to log using `WINEDEBUG="+timestamp,+pid,+tid,+seh,+debugstr,+module" %command%`, I did find a stack trace, which is attached. If anyone has experienced this issue any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! - atfumbel strace.txt
  6. I played with a friend today, unfortunately the connection was very unstable. But I was always able to reconnect (reload, after i was invited again). Now, however, the connection was lost while I was in orbit of Novus. Now I can no longer join the game. I've tried to restart it several times and always end up in the main menu. I've already tried to delete the savegames in Appdata, but unfortunately that doesn't change anything, as my friend is the host. But I noticed that a lot of crash reports have already been created. Please help quickly, we have already built up so much together and do not
  7. General Info *Version: *Platform: Steam *Issue: Random Crashes. That's that. I get random crashes while playing. I can get crashes within 10 minutes of gameplay. I can't complete the tutorial, I can't play too much, sometimes it crashes right after I start playing, once crashed when the capsule is leaving the ship to begin the tutorial. PC Setup(Altho it's already on DxDiag): - Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19041) - Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz (6 CPUs), ~2.8GHz - Card name: NVIDIA GeForce G
  8. My game runs well on low settings, I'm on a light laptop. I was able to do everything well while on Sylva, I was able to travel to the space station. But when I tried to travel to desolo my game froze while I was in the small shuttle and I had to restart the game. Upon restart I was back on Sylva next to my shuttle. This has happened every time I have tried to go to other planets.
  9. I play Astroneer from Steam, and my game wont launch. I press play, and it comes up with a pic of the Astroneer game, then launches, and I go through a loading screen with planets rotating, then it starts to load what looks like an alien planet in some kind of forest, then pauses and crashes then Steam acts like the game was never launched. Plz help I want to play this amazing game.
  10. Astroneer is consistently crashing when I try to go to the Unidentified Satellite (three times in a row). Here are the steps to reproduce the crash: 1. Load save (spawn in small shuttle on Desolo) 2. Launch (to Desolo Orbit) 3. Launch (to Solar System View) 4. Click Unidentified Satellite At this point the shuttle starts to navigate towards the satellite. Along the way the display gets choppy and then the game crashes to the desktop. I've also submitted this crash to support (with supporting docs); the corresponding ticket ID is 4262.
  11. Hello. I've been playing in this save since the Project Cheer event. Today, I tried loading the save (worked a few days back) but the game just freezes at the loading screen and a few minutes would go into desktop, exiting the game. I tried to experiment on stuff and I could successfully make a new save and play without any hiccups. Also it might be worth noting that this problem also occurred in the past, its just that whenever that happens I just don't usually play the game and wait for an update, then the save would load again (but now I'm quite eager to tinker with the automation stuf
  12. Hello, PC - Steam (Both players) both: Nvidia 1080 gpu among other items She hosts, I join. While solely on the first planet....all things are okay with the minor bugs you see in other places (vehicle craziness, super-sized resources, guns randomly sticking in places, extra large guns, etc). Then when we start unlocking portals, things get dicey. I try to get in the vehicle and lose connection. Rejoin the game.....walk around. No problem. Get in the vehicle again and 5 minutes later I've lost connection to host. Rinse and repeat. The more planet centers we unlock, the more
  13. Summary: CTD. Reopen game, CTD again before getting to menu. DxDiag & zipped log files sent to System Era Support email. Description: I was on Atrox Had my shuttle full of methane and ammonia. Pressed F to enter and immediately pressed V to launch. Black screen, CTD. Now when I relaunch the game through Steam the flash screen appears for ~ 1 second, screen goes black, then the game crashes back to desktop. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Win 10 Pro CPU: R7 3700X GPU: RTX2070 RAM: 3
  14. So I just got the game on Steam and I can't load it. Every time I boot it up, it gives me the "Loading Solar System" screen, then begins to show me trees in the background, then freezes for a couple seconds and crashes and closes. Sometimes if I'm lucky I see the tress move a bit before it crashes. It feels like I've checked everything. My specs meet the minimum requirements Steam gives. Also, I've tried removing some of the loading videos from the movies folder, but that didn't do much either. I've messed around with the graphics and performance settings on my computer but to no avail. Anythi
  15. Hi there, having the same issues on two different machines and I'm hoping to find a fix. My game keeps crashing upon startup, after the loading cutscenes, right when it's about to hit the menu. The game freezes and then closes without any sort of error. I've tried the following fixes already: Deleting the startup mp4s (this seemed to be the most common fix but did absolutely nothing for me): Reinstalling the game / Wip
  16. Description: In currently used save file, the game crashes to desktop whenever an action is taken that causes the game to save, such as entering a rover or habitat. This bug doesn't occur on a fresh save. I can't post crash logs as this version auto uploads them or whatever and there is no log folder stored on my PC by Astroneer. Platform: Windows 10 Store (or Xbox store if that's the same thing) Version / Build Number: Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 18363) (18362.19h1_release.190318-1202) System Manufactur
  17. Hello! I've been having this issue since yesterday, it happens that every time I try to join my friend's CO-OP game, I get stuck on the "Loading Solar System" loading screen, but this is not all, when the white bar of "Loading Solar System" reaches its limit, my friend is able to see that my character appears and can also see I can make emotes but not move, in my case I'm not able to see it because I still stuck on the "Loading Solar System" loading screen, even on some occasions I can hear the sound of the game and the sound my character makes when is making emotes (I press the emote buttons
  18. Hello, for some reason, my game crashes for no reason. Before the crash, I was just taking screenshots of my base like normal and then I sat on my Buggy to drive around for a bit then I return back to my base and went inside. After a few minutes, it crashes so I come back into my game again but this time, I just took a screenshot of my base again and didn't ride my Buggy this time, I went inside my base then went out and again, after a few minutes, it crashes. Here is the crash report! Fatal error! Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION readi
  19. Le jeu se ferme et retour sur le bureau. Plateform : Steam Logs.7z DxDiag.txt
  20. Summary: - Crash randomly Description: I played with the same machine in March and April with no problem. I have 58hours in it, and now i'm unable to play. The game crashes constantly. Sometimes in the starting screen , sometimes after an half hour gameplay. I do always different things when the crash happen. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 10.0.18363 build 18363 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2808 Mhz, GPU: N
  21. Hello! Xbox One S. Astroneer Version 1.13.128. Previous player of alpha version (FWIW) Downloaded update a couple of days ago. Game started and ran. Today it hangs when starting up, about midway through the progress bar on the page with planets circling. Crashes to Xbox main screen.I restarted Xbox, reinstalled game, and deleted saved data (that order, testing starting the game in between each.) Rented a server and would love to to play on it. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hello! I've been having this issue since yesterday, it happens that every time I try to join my friend's CO-OP game, I get stuck on the "Loading Solar System" loading screen, but this is not all, when the white bar of "Loading Solar System" reaches its limit, my friend is able to see that my character appears and can also see I can make emotes but not move, in my case I'm not able to see it because I still stuck on the "Loading Solar System" loading screen, even on some occasions I can hear the sound of the game and the sound my character makes when is making emotes (I press the emote buttons
  23. the astronner game downloaded by Steam is in crash at initiation
  24. Summary: - Steam/Win10 - Blue screen of death after playing multiplayer for a while Description: Both while being a host and joining someone else, after a seemingly random amount of playtime, the game crashes, very badly. When hosting, a blue screen of death appears. All other programs stop working. When Playing with someone else hosting on the same lan, windows crashes, but adittionally, the the gpu stops sending any signal out, my tv reporst only as 'signal lost' I attempted to solve this by using steam's verify file integrity util, by resintalling,