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Found 537 results

  1. Summary: 1.13.1219 - Steam – Application crashes or quits upon startup Description: Upon startup of the program, the game goes through the loading planets video clip and right as it starts to fade to trees, the game just quits. Keyboard and mouse. No crash report is generated and my crash log folder is empty Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 111.13.1219 Specifications: Microsoft Surface Pro 7 I5 version OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1909 | Build 18363.9 CPU: Intel i7 1035G4 4GHz GPU: Intel Iris Pro G4 RAM: 8 GB Soldered to MOBO Drive: SSD, Unknown type Video of Crash DxDiag.txt CrashReportClient.ini
  2. I created a large base on Sylva with alot of automation, about 12 chem labs and a whole lot of large containers and other fun things. At first the game would crash every so often and then it started crashing every few minutes, and now it wont even load into the server. I have had the admin reboot the server and am going to see if this helps.
  3. I’m using the latest version on steam (I believe 1.12 but haven’t checked), playing with a keyboard and mouse on my pc (windows 10). This is sort of a specific bug but it happened 3 consecutive times. It happens when I have a package connected to the large rover (like a drill or paver that I packaged while they were mounted on the rover), and touched the rover while using the jet pack. If I flew over it or touched it in air while the jet pack was on, the game would freeze for a second and crash to desktop. These setting (large rover, package on it, touching it while using the jet pack) were the only ones I could recreate the bug with but it happened every time. Apologies for my English and if this is a known bug, I just didn’t get it until the last update (or maybe 2. If it helps I’m pretty sure a week ago I did not have this bug)
  4. Every time that i want to open a saved game, my pc crashes. I have a gtx 1069 and 8gb of ram, have anyone a solution for this problem?
  5. Using mouse/keyboard On Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? Drove to base where I had the extra large shredder shredding batteries and a robot arm grabbing scrap from the Extra Large Shredder to a Trade Platform. I exchange scrap for Aluminium (Laterite) on the Trade Platform and another arm grabs the Laterite when it arrives and places it onto a Furnace. The Furnace sits on a Extra Large Platform C where a Medium Resource Container automatically stores Aluminium and a EXO Request Platform sits as well ready to exchange Aluminium for rewards. The game crashes shortly after a few rotations. I noticed disabling the arms stops the crash but enabling them causes crash immediately. Please see video evidence here: Please let me know if you need any other info Kind regards, Musasha
  6. Summary: 1.13 Automation update - Steam - Crash when using packager on auto extractor Description: after finishing up a resource harvest, i was packing things up to move to another resource location, when trying to deploy a packager on the auto extractor, the game crashed and returned to desktop Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | Version 1903 | OS build 18362.900 CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1660 6GB RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 1200Hz Drive: Western Digital Blue 1TB unreal-v0-2020.06.25-20.22.42.dmp
  7. I have been able to replicate this crash multiple times. repackaging an auto extractor placing it on a large rover with a paver, tier 2 drill, and a single seat then entering the seat will cause the game to crash. here is the error from one of the crash reports INVALID_POINTER_READ_c0000005_Astro-Win64-Shipping.exe!TetherNetworkSingleton::operator=
  8. I've found a scrap base with a working research chamber and with a mineral research item near it, so I decided to use it, then I went mining with a rover around it and the game closed instantly. How to reproduce the crash? Load save-1 and press "V". DxDiag.txt Logs.rar SAVE_1$2020.06.19-23.19.45.savegame
  9. Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Astroneer. When I start Astroneer, it loads the solar system, but when "the solar system" is loaded and you go to the main menu, the game crashes immediately. I tried things like deleting some startup .mp4 videos and so on, but that didn't make a difference. My system: CPU: Intel Core i5 - 10th generation @1 - 3.7 Ghz GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 (4GB VRAM, 1.1Ghz clock speed) RAM: 8GB I can play GTA V on my pc, so I hope I can play Astroneer as well. Does anyone know of a solution to this bug? Personally i think i miss things like (DirectX) drivers etc but I'm not sure.
  10. Carson Tice

    Xbox Crashes

    The Xbox version of astroneer continues to crash any time you go to get inside a vehicle or get inside of a spaceship or building to save the game. I believe this is because there is too much to load at once. If this bug can be fixed I want to complete every achievement. Please fix this in a timely manner.
  11. All of a sudden astroneer started continually crashing on me within 20seconds of me joining our dedicated server. It started about 15 minutes ago when the game randomly crashed while I was in a cave on desolo. upon restarting and reentering our server I noticed that all the mods on my terrain tool were gone! everything in my backpack was still there though, so this pissed me off tremendously as I had drill mod 3 already, so now I could go and waste resources on that again. So I started to go back to the surface to do so, and while in the process of that, BOOM another crash. the kind of crash is weird too, it just shuts off like that. No error message or whatever, just BOOM back to desktop, no warning, no error message, nothing. since then I have tried joining over 7 times, all ending in me crashing either before it was even fully loaded in, or within 20 seconds of actually making it in. We have restarted the server, I have validated the game files 2 times already, nothing seems to work. all the while my friend is happily running around in the server no problem. This really pissed me off as we have been playing a lot all of last week, and have come very far already, dodging and weaving our way through what is already quite a buggy mess if I'm honest. We crashed in space, in a rocket, with the thing being stuck up there, and us respawning at base, vehicles falling through the ground, multiple lost inventories, countless random deaths at the teleporters, planet cores that suddenly stopped providing oxygen and the list goes on! But at least it was somewhat playable and enjoyable, now I can't even do that anymore. I see you guys have big plans on bringing more and more content into the game, but I'd rather see you guys sitting down to fix the countless problems first, before making the scope of the game even bigger than it already is. Sincerely, Someone who is trying really hard to enjoy your game
  12. Bonjour, Depuis quelque mois je ne parviens plus à démarrer mon jeu Astroneer, lorsque je le lance, la première partie du chargement se passe bien mais lors du chargement du système solaire la barre de chargement se bloque au milieu de sa progression et reste comme ça durant plusieurs heure sans que je ne puisse rien faire à part éteindre l'ordinateur de force, mais parfois le jeu se ferme quelque minutes après que l 'écran se soit figé. J'ai acheté Astroneer sur Steam en 2018 Lorsque le jeu était en early access, ma configuration est bonne pour la partie minimun, donc je ne vois pas d'où peut bien venir le problème. Je vous demande donc de m'aider s'il vous plaît, car je suis dans une situation difficile, je ne suis pas du genre à demander de l'aide au gens mais là je suis vraiment désespéré. Merci par avance. Cordialement.
  13. hen I close Astroneer often when I open task manager I see "Astro" in the detailed list still running in the background. While in game and even with it "close" the game uses a massive % of CPU and memory. Because of that the game often crashes and my fps keep going down to 10-20 fps but i can play other games like, Borderlands 3, The Witcher with graphics on Ultra and have 60+fps.
  14. Hello, My game (Steam, controller) crashes when I load into my world. This started early on, and normally once I restarted after a crash it worked. But now I need to restart the game/my computer several times before I am able to load in. I suspect this is because my file size has gotten larger (i.e. the problem was not as severe early-game). Reducing graphics seems to have made the problem better but has not eliminated it. Thank you.
  15. hello, My games wouldnt save on PS4 i had an issue where everytime i got into my vehicle/house or tried to go to to main menu the game crashed so i was stuck in the same spot, i reported this and recieved a refund, with this i got the game on Steam so i could play on my PC as i do genuinely love this game, then after building on every planet and unlocking loads my game saves or back up saves wont load up the game lets me create a new game but i got really far and really dont want to have to go through it all over again... is this crashing due to a bug in in the planet? shall i stop building on my planets? how to prevent this happening in the future as i have already had to restart this game 4 times due to bugs and i really dont want this to happen again
  16. Hi All, Been playing this game on xbox (beta) on PC with 4 players and loving it, unfortunately, we have been having a consistent crashing bug in the game which is kind of game-breaking. Playing with 4 players, on the starter planet, Sylva, no issues at all, the game plays great. The first save game then started to constantly crash when we all went to Novus. This happened with only 2 out of the 4 players playing though, the host had no issue, and one of the other players had no issues either. The crash involved a quick stall on screen and then a crash to desktop with no message explaining what took place. Players could rejoin, some time would crash again immediately, or would be fine for a variable time, 1-20 minutes. Finally, in that save we ended up with a player crashing after they launched from Novus to go back to Sylva, then after trying many different ways we could not figure out a way for them to rejoin again, just kept on erroring when trying to join. So we had to start all over again. Second try, same thing, no issues whatsoever on Sylva, but this time when we all went to Desolo, 2 players starting random crashing again, again not the host. In addition in the second save we started with one of the other players hosting, in case that was the original issue, so it doesn't seem to be machine specific the crashing, and we found the same pattern of constant random crashing to desktop. We all got back to Sylva and stopped playing but its kind of wrecking a really enjoyable game, to the point that I think we won't/can't play further until this is resolved. Please help
  17. I bought the game in July 2019 and my wife and I have played consistently since. I've completed researching most items, opened gates on all but Glacio. We started noticing this on Glacio when going to the center. Getting in and out of the Medium Rover caused a crash and we lost progress from last save. This initially happened only a couple times in several days playing. Now, as we have progressed in the game, its happening more frequently. I'm lucky to get to save once in four attempts. I assumed this was either save file size or save file file corruption. I have since reinstalled the game, renamed my save files (hoping files were rewritten), hard rebooted the console, cleaned out old games to make sure we have at least 30G space. Nothing so far has helped. In fact, right after reinstall, I couldn't initial load the game (crashed).
  18. To provide a background, my friend (the host) decided to build the large shuttle on Silva while I was on Glacio. All of the game crashes happened only to me afterwards often times consecutively while I tried to reconnect: 1. While I was on Glacio, the game crashed when my friend landed with a large shuttle on the same planet. Attempts to reconnect would not work until my friend either repackaged it or left with the large shuttle to another planet (same issue for Aatrox but not Silva). 2. While in transit from Silva to Aatrox and on another transit from Silva to Glacio with my friend in the passenger seat of the large shuttle, the game also crashed. 3. While landing on Aatrox with my friend in the passenger seat of the large shuttle, the game also crashed. Specs (drivers already confirmed and up to date): OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7-7700HQ (2.8GHz) RAM: 16GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB) P.S. Already tried lowest graphics settings. The game still crashes. DxDiag.txt
  19. I bought a game in Steam at 30.03.2020, but after loading the planet system the game crashes like this (russian): How i do fix it? I use win 10, notebook, GF920MX, 4G
  20. Kim Jong-Un


    While opening the game, the system appears, then the loading screen comes up, then the whole computer freezes, please help
  21. Tarkuhal

    Game Crash

    Hello ! I have downloaded Astroneer the 03/23/2020 on Steam. When i launch the game, i have the representation of a solar system, with some planets in gravitation around the sun. Nothing else. After 20 - 30 minutes, my computer freeze, for 5 minutes. After this 5 minutes, i have the same solar system with juste write below "Chargement du système solaire" (i'm french, the translation are "loading the solar system"). Juste after, 2 possibilities : 1. My computer stop work. 2. The game stop, without any error message. I'm on Windows 10. Thanks for your help.
  22. Howard0178

    please answer this

    My game can't enter the game menu. It stopped on the loading screen, how do you manage it?
  23. QuaziKing

    Crash in coop-mode

    Hi! We have a second problem. We was playing in cooperation. But after something we have just crashed all except main host. And when we was trying to reconnect we crashed immeddeatly after loading. I've attached crashes from my PC and second player. Thank you.
  24. I run the game on steam normally, but once it gets to the solar system loading animation and the bar saying that the solar system is loading appears, the animation freezes and a few minutes later the game just closes. I don't know what the problem can be because other games (for example: League of Legends, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Paladins...) run correctly. I have Windows 10. I'm looking for a solution for this problem. Thanks.
  25. Christopher Smith

    After last update crashes on save

    After the last update when I try to save the game after after a period of play the save fails and I return to the xbox one x home screen. And have to reload and load up the previous save. I have lost hours and hours of play.