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Found 478 results

  1. Hi, i'm using astroneer (jet pack update) downloaded from steam PC. i was playing with no problem a couple days ago (i always play with xbox 360 controller), but yesterday the game freeze, and i have to reset the pc. today i start the game with no problem, but when i try to load my save, the game close at 15% (more or less), no error or messages. not really sure what i was doing at the moment, like carrying something, mining or driving. I hope you can find a fix for the problem, i send you my all my save just to be sure. Thank you very much, i hope to play soon. SAVE_1$2019.09.21-21.47.37.savegame AUTOSAVE_0_2018.11.03-18.25.30.sav AUTOSAVE_0_2018.11.03-18.28.31.sav PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg
  2. I bought the game in July 2019 and my wife and I have played consistently since. I've completed researching most items, opened gates on all but Glacio. We started noticing this on Glacio when going to the center. Getting in and out of the Medium Rover caused a crash and we lost progress from last save. This initially happened only a couple times in several days playing. Now, as we have progressed in the game, its happening more frequently. I'm lucky to get to save once in four attempts. I assumed this was either save file size or save file file corruption. I have since reinstalled the game, renamed my save files (hoping files were rewritten), hard rebooted the console, cleaned out old games to make sure we have at least 30G space. Nothing so far has helped. In fact, right after reinstall, I couldn't initial load the game (crashed).
  3. I was trying to load my save file but it just crashes while loading it f59c238c-aba8-4f00-9ef9-869b0cdb79fc.dmp DxDiag.txt
  4. Hi, I downloaded the game on xbox(beta)PC but I can't play it. When I click on run nothing happens. I have all driver and Directx updated. There are just two games that don't work, Astroneer and Moonlighter. Could you help me?
  5. Somehow I can't start my game anymore since a few updates. Well, there's the first loading screen but after that it just freezes and crashes. I hoped it would work after another update but it didn't. Why? And how can I fix this?

    Xbox one keeps crashing

    When playing multiplayer the game keeps crashing and I loose everything!! Please fix. We are getting so frustrated and might stop playing this game
  7. Fractal

    PC Crashes

    So I started playing on PC [via the "PlayAnywhere" feature] since I found the performance on Xbox too inconsistent in the late game, even though there's no HDR on PC. But now I experienced about five crashes that just didn't happened on Xbox, and all of them when I was running. But the problem with that it's not event the game closing and the need to reload, but the progress lost. Must had lost two hours of digging in those crashes.
  8. Basic information: Platform: Windows 10 Home 64 bit, Steam Game Version: Description: The Game crashes on a few occasions: -When starting the game from steam and loading to the main menu -When trying to join another player via Steam from ingame -When having the game in the background while having joined another playert via steam -Randomly while playing in another player's world DxDiag.txt

    We love Crash 4ever

    Well, the game has work for 10-15 minutes, after which the pc with the whole game turned off.....I love this game and i don't lose this =( I sent the e-mail with the logs and the DxDiag's file at the support for the solve of problem!
  10. Since the last update i've been able to play normally on my save, but yesterday, when i tried to play on THIS SPECIFIC SAVE it just exits the game withut any crash report or anything. I've tried deleting the mp4 files, didn't work and launching in nosound didn't help even though i can launch every other save normally. I would like this problem to be solved please, I don't want to start over again DxDiag.txt SAVE_3$2019.07.31-19.06.11.savegame
  11. When I try joining my friends of they try joining me who ever is joining game crashes we have tried restarting our devices but this is still happening.
  12. kas dadon

    Game crash saving

    Great work on. Game huge fan started late though. Anyhow lately I been having to. Run and save after everything. Due to the fact that after about an hour of play give or take the game crashes And it happens while getting into vehicles or shuttles black screen then loading screen Cool . But not cool when you spawn in sometimes and the last save was way back Having to redo many things over not complaining just a heads up if you were Unaware of the issue...............thank you keep it up
  13. Summary Version: - Platform: Steam - Description: Crashing about 10 mins into a new game (no tutorial) Description Don't really have one. As I'm going about gathering resources and doing research, everything just shuts down. There's no freezing, it's a complete application closure; much like what you get when you use task manager to close something. It's happened twice thus far. There doesn't appear to be a cause. Checked for a crash report and there's nothing in the logs folder.
  14. So just finally completed the game for the first time with 302 hours of gameplay. Astroneer is a great game all around which is why I stuck it out and forgave many of the abundant glitches. However, as I was nearing the end of my playthrough the occasional game crash became very frequent. Basically, the last two planets I needed to activate were Glacio and Atrox when the constant crashing began and the fun turned into me wanting to bang my head against the wall. Trying to make any sort of progress became painfully slow and gameplay became disjoiunted. It became a very repetitive loop of launch the game, do some exploring to find and activate a node and cross your fingers to about a 30% chance the game would save instead of crash. Usually, it would crash and you would find yourself... somewhere with total lack of direction and loss of progress. By the time I got to Atrox, it was more like a 90% crash rate. Luckily I'm bullheaded and really didn't want to give up after being so close. By the time I completed Atrox it felt more of a relief than a triumph. The stability desperately needs to be fixed! I can totally understand why so many people have played and quit now. Long story short the game has a lot of potential, but the crashing really hurts the gameplay experience. I would love to see the game continue to grow with more solar systems which are actually hinted to in the ending. Perhaps more advanced materials, fuel and crafting to build a space station between solar systems as a jumping-off point to the next. I would get pretty excited about that! I was planning on continuing my gameplay of setting up a massive primary base and secondary bases on each planet, utilizing the fully unlocked teleportation network once I finished the game. Unfortunately, that just isn't practical with the stability of the game at this point. It just isn't worth playing when you only have a 10% chance of the game actually saving. I did discover that if you load up fresh and only play a little bit like 10-15 minutes you can get almost a 50% save success rate but it's not really worth the hassle. The fact that the game attempts to save every time you enter a vehicle likely isn't helping matters as it can be frequent at times. But regardless of the cause, the code for saving the game when entering a vehicle needs to be looked at as that is clearly the cause of the crashing in my case at least. I would recommend removing the game auto-saving when entering a vehicle personally. Add an option to save in the menu! It would also be nice to have a way to back up your saves. But if nothing else, look at the game save code as the problem is in there somewhere.
  15. Hello, Looks like I have a crashing and freezing issue starting with and With Astroneer would randomly freeze, cursor would work but the app would show on task mgr as "not Responding". Now in it sometimes just crashes on startup, 15 min into the game (random. Really not sure what the issue is, I am not having issues with any other programs. I also ran the steam validate files to rule out corruption. Note: After realizing previous system memory was bad, I ran the commands as admin: DISM /ONline /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth SFC /SCANNOW both came back with no issues found. Also the bad memory issue happened before Astroneer started crashing. (Using a stick of 8gb ddr 4 2400 {passed windows memory diagnostic} to get by until rma comes back) Config: Windows 10 Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 Steam Hw: CPU: I7 8700, HDD Samsung 970 Evo m.2, RAM 8gb (waiting for RMA on defective 16gb kit) GPU: EVGA 1060 SSC 6GB Nvidia Driver: 430.86 9660dc45-bae8-4fd6-b8b8-9bac23c78460_1.2.9.0.dmp 9660dc45-bae8-4fd6-b8b8-9bac23c78460_1.2.9.0.dmp 54eac5d9-f166-4458-9ca7-fd1ea705f40b.dmp 54eac5d9-f166-4458-9ca7-fd1ea705f40b.dmp.container
  16. OMG I`m getting so frustrated with this game. On the final planet trying to activate. Just trying to find the last node on the surface but the damn game crashes almost every freakin time I enter my Tractor. Like seriously over 20 times in the past 2 days. Seriously still need to do some major stability fixes damn!
  17. I was digging towards the core of Sylva for about 2 hours?? then my game just crashed and lost all of the progress even though I saved about every 30 minutes. please fix this so it doesn't happen ever again. ;-;
  18. Hey, I've played with my friend before and done quite alot, but now when we try to join each other it just closes the game... I've tried starting a new game, both restarted computers but no luck. Hope someone can help. Daniel
  19. Summary: Can no longer load save. Description: I had been playing the save since release of 1.0 and have managed to nearly complete everything in that file and was working toward unlocking all the gates to get the last achievement I can with out doing multiplayer. I played for a few hours yesterday, saved and quit, but the game did not fully close on its own and I had to shut it down using the task manager, that wasn't something new, I've had to shut the game down that way a few times and was still able to play fine. However this time when I try to load up my save, the game freezes and if I don't already have the task manager up to shut it down it will cause my entire computer to freeze, because it starts to eat up my computer's memory like crazy. I know I wasn't doing anything crazy with my game and I was making sure I was cleaning up everything I could or didn't use as I was moving around to try and reduce lag and such. I was in the middle of moving base to the satellite and moved almost all my stuff to it before I closed down the game before it wouldn't load anymore, so I don't know if that could have anything to do with it. I am able to start a new game no problem, but being so close to the end and having to start over really kicks the wind out of me and makes me really not want to play the game anymore. That and I don't know if I get to that point again if it will just become unplayable again. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | V. 1809 | Build 17763.316 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core Processor, 3200 Mhz GPU: Radeon 550 Series RAM: 8GB (I can't find what type anywhere, this computer literally doesn't tell me what type. It just says 8GB of RAM.) Drive: 1TB hard-drive. Don't know the brand or other stuff.
  20. Summary: Game crash when Connecting Power between Platforms Description: Game crashed late last night after 2 hours of work. So this afternoon I decided to test what caused the issue. Each time I connecting Power between platforms the game crashes. Below are the steps I tried. 1. Large Platform B to Extra large Platform B - Crash 2. Extra large platform B to large platform B - Crash 3. Large Platform A to large platform B - OK 4. Medium platform A to Extra large platform B - Crash 5. Extra large platform B to Medium platform A - Ok 6. Uninstall and reinstall game 7. Large Platform A to large platform B - OK 8. Medium platform A to Extra large platform B - Crash 9. Medium Platform A to large platform B - crash 10. large platform B to Medium Platform A - ok 11. Shelter to Medium Platform A - OK 12. Medium Platform A to Shelter - Crash 13. Solar Array to Medium Platform A - OK 14. Medium Platform A to Solar Array - ok 15. Large Platform B to Medium Platform A - crash 16. Created a new save point 17. Tall Platform to Large Platform A - Crash Created a new save point to avoid recreating the Tall platform and move things around after each crash to test each connection. 18. Large Platform A to Tall Platform - OK 19. Large Platform B to Tall Platform - Ok 20. Tall Platform to Large Platform B - OK 21. Tall Platform to Medium Platform A - Ok 22. Reran all the above that caused crashes before and experienced no additional crashes. I will continue to re -do all the work I lost yesterday and make sure I save every 30 minutes or so. I will follow-up with results once I reach the point I was at last night. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.829 CPU: AMD FX 8350 Eight-Core - 4GHz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1660 RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM 1866 (PC3 14900) Drive: Western Digital WD6000 600GB Raptor
  21. Cannot load saved game after summer update. New game works. Xbox One
  22. Summary: - Steam - Catastrophic PC freeze Description: Random hard freeze of computer while playing the latest build of Astroneer (Steam). My entire PC just crashes to a black or other solid colored screen, audio buzzing, and I have no option but to physically push the reset or power button. This happened in the launch 1.0.3 build and again today in the latest 1.0.4 build. I was able to play all previous Early Release builds without this particular issue. 2/6/2019 - First Freeze was minutes after I landed after starting the tutorial in 1.0.3 build. I then updated my AMD drivers to 19.2.1 from 19.1.1 in hopes that might help and then managed to play for a couple of hours without problems. Assumed it was fixed. 2/9/2019 - Second Freeze was not long after starting my saved game in 1.0.4 build and I was just running around looking for resources / exploring. 2/9/2019 - Third freeze was while mining some Malachite on a mountain top on my starting planet. Played for nearly 2.5 hours happily since previous crash. Unfortunately, the log file located in the logs directory below is almost a year old. Is there a new location in 1.0 to get log files? ~\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Logs I’m loving the updates in 1.0 and really want to play, but I don’t want to keep losing so much progress with these crashes. I’ll have to wait until a fix or workaround is discovered before I can play any more. Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro | v. 1809 | Build 17763.253 CPU: Intel i7 6700k @ 4.0ghz GPU: Sapphire Radeon Vega 64 Nitro+ RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 4 4x8GB DDR4 2400 Drive: Intel 710 series 100gb SSD DxDiag.txt
  23. Hi everyone, I have had high hopes for multiplayer since release but we are still running into many issues with playing. A bit of background I have been playing since EA and shelved the game for release in hope some of the niggling bugs in MP were fixed. Alas, the game is a lot more unplayable than it was in EA. I have sent in multiple crash reports, but I thought I would collate all the issues in this thread. MAJOR ISSUES: The host launching a shuttle can cause players connected to crash out of the game Sometimes, when a player is in orbit (not host) they cannot land their shuttle, here is a screenshot of what this looks like; I would like to add, this is a common occurrence, we have around 7 large shuttles in space with a lot of materials and what not. The player (again not host) will crash in orbit, again leaving a rouge shuttle in orbit The game becomes virtually unplayable, with the clients only sitting on arounf 1FPS, this makes the game extremely awful to play. Quitting and re-entering the MP game may or maynot alleviate the issues... and if it does it is only temporary. Many desync the clients will run into, soil/rock floating in the air (which you cannot drive through on a rover) or entire chunks of the environment re-appearing, which in turn will cause loss of equipment and death. Picture as follows; Storage/items will spontaneously disappear and never return When client crashes, you may or may not come back with your inventory/mods. It seems to be the luck of the draw. MINOR ISSUES: Random Graphical stuff and things, similar to the image you see below. To be honest, these crack me up but I would like to see them fixed Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing things like this, I would like to know that I am not alone out there in the various things that are keeping me from fully enjkoying the shit out of this game! Thanks friends~ Tal
  24. declanpatrickdavis

    AMD launch crash

    I'm having problems launching astroneer I'm using an amd processor and was wondering if there is any way to fix this problem or when the patch will come out.
  25. 5/10/2019 got an update to Astroneer from steam to ver and in older save or a new start it totally freezes in about 12 to 15 minutes then it will take down whole system, i play many large fast paced MMOs and this is a first in a solo play.. so far ir has happened three times while using terrain tool and once after i just finish with said tool it still occurred.... could some one left a code lock i n? or any ideas to try on this end?