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Found 360 results

  1. Rngm5 .

    Xbox one x crashing

    Summary: Unable to play a truly amazing game. I am playing on Xbox one x latest update as of yesterday because I have hard reset, moved storage location and uninstalled-reinstalled the game. I am having a similar issues as seen about lost save data but also the added benefit of random crashes when walking or entering my buggy. Worst part is I have spent 6 hours or so trying to make it back to my base. I ventured out to see what Exotic had to offer and now i cant find my beacon I placed at the base( I believe this is only related to being on a diffrent side of the planet) to lead me home, or worse i make back only to have the came crash. Of course I only managed to make it back a few times. Until three days ago I only had a crash here and there but the latest save point was always there. Question: Do you really get my crash reports from Microsoft? I don't believe so because if this was true you would have seen 30 to 40 crash reports in the last 3 days Side note a menu option to save would be great.(not save and quit) Description: System keeps randomly crashing Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: Specifications: Xbox one X
  2. Skippypenut

    System Critical Crash Bug

    By accident, I found out that the game completely crashes when you place the solid-fuel booster in the shredder when the booster is currently activated. This can be replicated by activating the solid-fuel booster, grab it, then immediately put it into the shredder.
  3. On v0.10.5, I made a truck train. Everytime I would enter the vehicle the game would breifly freeze before letting me drive, then eventually upon entering the vehichle, the game would crash. On another note, if I walk outside the rendering range of a vehichle, the tires slightly clip into the ground making it stuck, slightly digging at the ground seems to update the vehicle unsticking it.
  4. Cuando entro al juego inicia normal pero cuando cargo la partida a veces se pone la pantalla en negro entonces voy al menú principal y sigue la pantalla así y no me queda otra que cerrar el juego la unica forma de jugar es iniciando una partida nueva una y otra vez por que si cargo alguna partida se pone en negro al igual que cambiar la resolucion
  5. I opened up the game to look at the 10.5 update, been playing it for a number of days, reloading the world many times. The most recent time i went on the world, I told my friend to join so that they could see my progress. Now today I am trying to get onto my world and at a certain point in the loading process, the animated ellipsis below the text block freezes, and then my whole computer instantaneously shuts down and begins to reboot (no blue screen, simply just crashes). This is on Windows through Steam. Very important to get this fixed for 1.0.
  6. Hi! I got a stopped game when i unplug my usb headset. Only when I disconnect them, when i connect them, does it works well. I use the steam version, with mouse and keyboard on windows 10. I upload my hardware configuration and a video showing steps to reproduce. DxDiag.xml
  7. Can we please add a way to back up saved worlds Eg: save a world to a new slot. I experienced a system crash while getting into a rover and lost about 2 weeks of work 6~12hours per day! The world file is corrupted and won't load. I'm kinda pissed; there's no reason I should have to dig around in the game files to prevent data loss! ARK has the same problem: I managed to fill a 1TB HDD with world file backups. Bardrick
  8. While playing today on the Xbox One S, I visited radiated to collect sulfur with an atmospheric condenser. Upon arriving at radiated, which I'm sure more than enough people have discussed poor performance issues about on the Xbox so I will not go into detail on those here, I set up the machine, and collected three canisters of sulfur. I've been interred my small shuttle to return to Taryn. Upon entering the shuttle the game crashed. When I restarted the game my file was as if I had never left terran so I used the opportunity to set my inventory more optimally. Then I arrived on radiated, collected the canisters again. when I left radiated and arrived back on home planet, my astronaut could not Sprint, and had his hands in front of the visor as if there was a storm. It was daytime and perfect visibility. There was a storm beginning on radiated when I left. To troubleshoot, I used the small shuttle to orbit the home planet one time to return back to base, and the phenomena persisted, again with perfect visibility. Thanks!
  9. Yesterday, I was playing for a few hours with no issue, but today when I tried to load up my save file, it would flicker and then crash without warning. Any ideas?
  10. StubbornDonkey

    0.10.2 - Xbox - Crash

    New save, not much progress, game crashes closing out completely. This has happened twice, I believe both times as I was walking into a man-made cave leading to a natural cave I was trying to connect to just below base.
  11. Juggernaut

    Astroneer not responding

    After I build a vehicle, Astroneer starts crashing on me frequently. So much so that makes playing it frustrating. I've attached the crash logs and DxDiag information. Please, help!
  12. I'm on a One X, just bought Astroneer a couple of days ago. About 50% of the time when the "Solar System" loading screen is up it does it's usual rotation of the solar system and then it freezes, I wait assuming data is loading and then in a minute or 2 while still on locked "Solar System" screen music starts to play. Then a couple of more minutes and the music all of the sudden squeals and then the Xbox turns off. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with no change to the problem.
  13. billgus

    Hard crash

    Steam-IBM-clone + So I was moving multiple research blobs back toward my base - piggy-back fashion. The camera was suffering from drift down, so I has the use right-hold & up to get it back to level. I moved one blob and when I right-press, the cursor was in the title bar (Astroneer does not go full-screen, just max-window). While various things can happen, this time the screen went back and the sound muted. After about a second, the sound came back and screen went white. After a couple of seconds, I taped ESCape to try to trigger a recovery. But it just crashed back to the desktop. Bugs: MS-windows is max-window instead of full-screen, camera drifts down, crashed to desktop. When I relaunched the game, it went back to my just visit to the Habitat - most crashes do an auto-save on the way down. Not this time. And when I was duplicating my work and back to carting blobs to the base, one dropped through the floor. Sigh.
  14. Game freezes at random times, nothing consistent about what is occurring in-game. Has freezed then eventually closed game completely at start when message comes up stating this is alpha (first time I played game). Has crashed when selecting astroneer at starting menu Has crashed after 10 minutes while playing the tutorial while clearing soil Has crashed playing normal game, landing in capsule then exiting capsule and looking around
  15. edi.brasil

    [][Steam] Erros

    Please, use google translator: PT Br - English. Olá Problemas encontrados: 1) ao instalar a nova versão os planos se descolaram, ficando uns mais altos e outros mais baixos. Habitat e outros ficam flutuando; 2) assento fechado - está liberado, mas não está disponível para imprimir no hangar e impressoras; 3) armazenagem grande - está liberado, mas não está disponível para imprimir no hangar e impressoras; 4) nave grande - está liberada, mas não está disponível para imprimir no hangar de veículos;
  16. SweetMarsh

    Crashing on save

    I have a pretty developed world right now and every time I step into a rover or a base or chair that saves your game, my game would freeze and then crash.
  17. Driving across Terran I stepped out of the vehicle to accomplish a task (I believe I was either gathering resources or building a ramp) when the game crashed. Re-start the game hours later and I find myself in the vehicle, trapped underground in the wall.
  18. Chris Wentworth


    The game crashes far too often! And it's usually when I get in a Rover or habitat.... Which conicidently is the only way to save the game on Xbox (without quiting) and when it does the save doesn't count or even if it doesn't crash that save doesn't always load when it chrashes again! After the countless crash this morning it loaded a save from like 3 hours ago and I've lost the materials I've re-mined out for the 3rd time!!! Im done until the current problems get fixed!! Or at least give me a save only option in the pause menu for crying out loud!!!
  19. Playing Alpha Version on multiplayer for the Xbox one. When the second player loaded in my character became very slow moving. Evenually after about 10 minutes of game play my game Frozen and sent me back to the Xbox title screen.
  20. 1st time playing (purchased last Saturday). On Day 3 of playing was able to go to another planet with my large shuttle. Went to inner radiated planet. What the following describes is after about 10 min being on the planet. Found a Station crash site with a seat in it. Heard a storm starting to come over, so decided to sit in it while the storm passes. As soon as I pressed "X" to sit in it. Game crashes, Xbox shuts down. I Decided it was a good time to stop. Next day (today), figured I get an hour in. I start the game and it get to be first loading screen with the solar system and where the background turns from black to gray. After about a minute. The background music starts to play. About 2-3 minutes pass without being able to get to the main menu screen. It just stays on the solar system loading screen with the background music. Finally the music starts to glitch out, crashes, and shuts down the xbox. I deem the situation/problem as unsolvable and decide to re-install. Have not tried playing post installation. Just wanted the community/developer made aware.
  21. Chris Wentworth


    3 crashes, full crashes that closed the game in the last hour... Not sure how or why.
  22. Summary: The game crashes whenever I try to recover a worklight. Description: I'm in a cave and cleaning up my work lights before departing. I can pick up work lights, but the game crashes when I try to put them in my backpack (by pressing X on my controller). It has happend 3 times at different points in the game (but in the same cave). It doesn't happen every time, but I enter my vehicle to save the game before I start cleaning up work lights as a precaution. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: See DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
  23. Hi! So my bug happens when i start the game through steam, everything goes fine until i start the actual loaded game. Thats when it just keeps loading and loading without actually any sucess. I tried restarting the computer and checking for updates, but nothing makes it better! Need help!
  24. Summary: Game wont load past the spinning circles/planets Description: About a month ago, after playing the game for several hours during various builds my Astroneer decided I have played enough. Now, when I try to start the game via steam i get as far as the music playing after the planets and circles loading screen but then it simply closes without error. This is still the case after the most recent update (Update 0.8.0) I had some success before the most recent update by deleting the %AppData%\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditorGameUserSettings.ini , where on a couple of occasions the game loaded. On the occasions that the game loaded, i did note that after about an hour or so of playing I lost the ability to pick items up, such as research items/blobs. To cover all the bases I uninstalled the game and deleted the %appdata%\local\Astro folder too. Then reinstalled and had exactly the same issue. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Not sure how I would get the build number as the game wont load, I couldn't find these instructions on the forum post explaining "how to post a bug" - but I updated to 0.8.0 today. Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon HD Graphics (8570D) GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX960 RAM: 32gb DDR3 Drive: Samsung SSD Evo 250gb / Seagate Desktop 2 TB Internal HDD (st2000dm001)
  25. FranchiThePingu

    Tutorial crash

    I've seen the new tutorial and wanted to try it so I tried it and it crashed after 10 minutes. And it didn't save.