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  1. Today I encountered a bug, where the crafting holograms in the backpack are dancing around. I can still place items in them and they still work. I am playing on the newest version on steam, but I am using an old savegame from the last version. This bug happens on Calidor, I have not tested it on different planets. ASTRONEER 2020.07.03 -
  2. After the Automation update, probably to assist with using Auto Arms, Chemistry Labs (and probably other machines) are not "deactivating" once they have crafted something - even if that item was crafted by hand. I don't know if this is a bug, or intended behavior - however, it might make more sense / be less confusing, to have a toggle lever next to the "activate" button to utilize the autocrafting function - provided it is a feature, and not a bug.
  3. Not sure what direction the game is taking. Like many new developers, they seem to take their cue from core players. Also like many new developers, they begin changing the very things that made it Unique and enjoyable to the core players. I would offer this penny wisdom. When you hear that your core players want things to be "harder" or "more challenging" you are making it that way for everyone, including brand new players. Many of the same players who ask for the difficulty and challenges will later ask for “quality of life" items. In terms of development hours, you are making it ha
  4. I did my best to search the "most common suggestions" list, but didn't find anything like this. So... I think it would be really nice to have a dropdown menu on the bottom of the backpack, to quickly view all available backpack-craftable items. Scrolling from side to side, especially once you've unlocked all of the backpack "recipes", becomes very tedious. Another function that could work well with the backpack is the ability to drop an ingredient (say, resin) into the bottom-left slot (even if it was currently set to zinc or something), and the output would automatically switch to o
  5. Hey folks, This is my first post and my first time suggesting an idea on this forum! Happy to be here, and I'd love to hear you folks' feedback on what I have to say. To get to the point: I've been thinking for a long time about a hydrocarbon-based crafting system that I've felt has been sorely needed. My proposal is intuitive, uses existing features currently implemented in the game, and the little it changes would be relatively easy to implement. Hydrocarbons would exist either in the depths of planets in oil-saturated rock, or on the surface of some planets as tar sands. Cali
  6. This is a pretty big set of ideas and would not require much new engine mechanics, it's mostly just addition of new models and items, but if some items can be changed it would expand on so much more.This is a pretty long and detailed post so read and there will be no potato at the end. I am having a lot of ideas about automating the crafting processes and general QOL improvements. A lot of these are inspired by games such as Factorio. All of these would enable players to focus on building and exploring instead of pushing buttons. Final goal is to ease the process of base building and
  7. Summary: Issues regarding planet exploration and building ( Steam Description: These issues only happen when I leave my starter planet then stop once I return. flattening terrain in near impossible. When trying, my cursor will seem to get stuck soon after I start dragging and then will jump to a near by location. Placing buildings such as platforms share the same properties as the previous issue Travailing by foot is difficult. After every step or two I seem to get stuck on the terrain despite little to no deviations. The only way I can avoid t
  8. After researching Large Storage, it did not appear to be buildable in the Vehicle Bay. The Research Catalog has it in the Vehicle Bay section, so I believe it's supposed to appear there as a construction option after being researched. Screenshot attached, showing that in my Vehicle Bay page of my Research Catalog I have researched three of the craftable items, but in the Vehicle Bay, only two items are craftable.
  9. This idea is to improve end-game gameplay and runs off the assumption that home creation will be implemented, yet is not exclusive to home creation being available. This idea also allows for more choices from the players, has a risk/reward system, and will encourage teamwork with an emphasis on multi-tasking. Instead of needing exact named materials to craft things, allow for different tiered types of materials to craft things. An example is instead of needing copper, certain objects would require a material with a "conductive" tag, a "metal" tag, or both. That way, players have the optio
  10. I noticed that hydrazine (and ammonium in general) is extremely important to travel on another planet, and yet it is hard to find, and even worse you can't extract them from a "mineral extractor". So even if you find it, you are going to slowly run out, especially if you use more than one spaceship. So I have some suggestion: make ammonium craftable. Of course for balance reasons, it should be hard to do it. However it should use items that the mineral extractor can extract, the ideal would be: Getting stuff from a mineral extractor (let's say compound) Getting gas f
  11. While I'm glad to see that they're narrowing down the crafting tools, I would like to see a re-work (and re-naming) for which prints what. Mostly just dependant on the size or necessity of the items in particular. Like maybe small should specifically be for platforms, not including the XL one. Medium for objects and first two tiers of vehicles, and the Large printer would print modules and XL objects like the XL platform and the XL rover. The Large printer should also still require being attached to a platform or vehicle but be crafted by the medium printer obviously, and be unlocked at
  12. Questions about the crafting system that I think need to answered before they start to add anything to this system before 1.0 What makes a Fabricator, a Fabricator? Why doesn't the Medium Printer have a Interface Tablet? Why is the Vehicle Bay called a Vehicle Bay if it makes Modules, Objects and Vehicles? Why doesn't the Medium Printer print packaged forms of Objects? Why does the fabricator fabricate packaged forms of item? Why can't we choose if we want the object to packaged or not? Why can't I unpack a 1x1 package in a medium storage 1x2 slot?
  13. Right now you are confined to the five planets(and moon) except for the shuttles. Shuttles can be made and fueled easily and have great range. Instead the small shuttle can only go to Barren and back and the large shuttle can go to Arid and Tundra(I believe they are next closest two planets. There should be the ability to build a space station this sould take a lot of resources and a long time. Also the space station would be the next leg in exploration. To build the station you could wear a jetpack (IMU) or a crane. Once the space station is large enough a spaceship and eventua
  14. When joining someone (personally it was via Steam for myself) it would not show me the materials needed to craft an item in the backpack. Anytime I needed something I had to ask him because it wouldn't display
  15. I started playing the game after the most recent patch on 3/15/18, so I don't know how anything was done before that. I have unlocked several objects in the catalog that I could not find any way to print. This was very frustrating, as I badly wanted both the crane and the large storage. I assumed that there was some sort of printer/fabricator that I needed to find a pattern for, or something like that. Only by coming to this forum did I find out that you are supposed to print those items directly on top of a rover or platform. That is incredibly unintuitive! Why would I think that the sol
  16. Using 64x Win 10 PC. Razer Keyboard and Mouse After building a Smelter (which I believe requires 2 Compound), the original slots in the front still functioned as if the Smelter wasn't built as you can see from the picture. I decided against clicking the "Construct" button to see what would happen. I have not noticed this behavior in other base structures, although some structures still had the two slots on the front that I believe were supposed to disappear after the building was finalized.
  17. Dear System era development team, Found a glitchy glitch, not sure what I did wrong in order to cause this, didn't test further so might be on ALL smelters? Video explains more.
  18. With the newly introduced catalog, a new problem has arisen. To access the inventory, one can press "Q." However, the catalog is also mapped to this. I don't always want to access the catalog when I access my inventory. Therefore, it can sometimes become a nuisance. It would be much appreciated if something is done to improve this. Thank you.
  19. My idea is to introduce different levels of tethers, batteries and other items as applicable to give the players a sense of progression as they build and expand. Level 1 tether - uses 1 compound and printed from backpack with limited reach. The current tethers we know and love. Level 2 tether - uses 1 compound and 1 copper printed on the medium printer. Extended reach and higher light output. Constantly draws a small amount of power from batteries or power sources in the base. If there is no power in the base, the lights go out but the tethers still supply oxygen. Lev
  20. As in the attached image, the button to craft in the backpack is missing. It also does not have the option to change what is being crafted. Currently it is selecting the tethers. I have tried restarting the game but that has not helped. I am playing on PC Windows 10 using a mouse and keyboard.
  21. okay the idea that i had was going more for the crafting ,you can make 2 medium storage's and when those 2 medium storage's are attached to a platform that has no chosen machine (such as the smelter or the research station) it opens up a larger crafting recipe (instead of using 2 material or 2 slots you are using 16 material or 16 slots to craft something new) like if you where going to start building habitats you can do so by building a large printer..... and due to you using 2 medium storage's both of those medium storage's is used in the crafting recipe, maybe a larger structure is left sta
  22. Well I started a new game and I can only make canister, tethers and small generators even though I have unlocked filters and oxygen tank, can't make terrain tools or other "basic" items. Medium printer works normally. Btw I tried to play this game with my friend, he had the same problem, he couldn't craft anyting else than canister, thethers or small generators. Weird thing is that I could make other items like solar panel / mods for terrain tool. When I have full inventory and "mine" compund / resin it drops the item behind me as usual. When I mine copper and aluminium ores (
  23. Hello there My idea is a menu/List/graphic that shows which recepies are already unlocked or still locked. Especially for beginer it's hard to find out what they can craft and where (inventory/printer/vehicle station) Maybe you could bind that menu to the C key ?
  24. Why is this game still a complete fail after months? The team has had literal months to work on things and it feels like the game has regressed. Rover Handling I still cannot drive a rover without having it fly into the atmosphere and the time that I do get with the rover on the troposphere is spent trying to flip the rover over because its handling was implemented by a four year old. Crafting & Research Why can I no longer craft a tank or small battery on my backpack? Why was there no on screen notification saying that the way small batteries and tanks can be crafted h
  25. Hi all, I suggest an extension cord; I don't like the idea of using a rover to do this kind of connections. Thank you