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  1. [Version 1.20.2 on Steam] If you add resources to a medium resource canister while crafting, your backpack becomes uncapable of crafting. You cannot add materials to finish the item or remove the item from your backpack. Reloading the save file fixes the issue by removing the item. Tags: Crafting, Inventory, Resource Canister, Resource Canisters
  2. Today I encountered a bug, where the crafting holograms in the backpack are dancing around. I can still place items in them and they still work. I am playing on the newest version on steam, but I am using an old savegame from the last version. This bug happens on Calidor, I have not tested it on different planets. ASTRONEER 2020.07.03 -
  3. After the Automation update, probably to assist with using Auto Arms, Chemistry Labs (and probably other machines) are not "deactivating" once they have crafted something - even if that item was crafted by hand. I don't know if this is a bug, or intended behavior - however, it might make more sense / be less confusing, to have a toggle lever next to the "activate" button to utilize the autocrafting function - provided it is a feature, and not a bug.
  4. Not sure what direction the game is taking. Like many new developers, they seem to take their cue from core players. Also like many new developers, they begin changing the very things that made it Unique and enjoyable to the core players. I would offer this penny wisdom. When you hear that your core players want things to be "harder" or "more challenging" you are making it that way for everyone, including brand new players. Many of the same players who ask for the difficulty and challenges will later ask for “quality of life" items. In terms of development hours, you are making it hard, then creating all new "and a growing" lists of artifacts to offset the grind or Difficulty. Every time these changes are made, you'll hear "well that's great, but still not quite right" or "they did this, but what about that?" By far the very worst requested additions or outright changes are just plaguing games. I term them these requests as, "gamers who want to play dress up in their barbie house on the farm, while being far, far away from the west side trolls, who want to overly engineer their lair full of stolen items." Commonly referring to more skins / appearance controls, base building, farming and pvp. There is an expectation of restarting a game during Alpha and Beta play. Core game players knows this. The game is Under development, which includes testing, breaking, and fine-tuning items and mechanics. The core players are acting as debuggers first, giving feedback second, and in some cases may make suggestions May make it into the game. Once released, out of beta into full release the game is done. New players in Full release are not debuggers. Development that continues on a full release should not occur, unless the full release has bugs not reported before, due to a larger audience. By continuing to develop and making major changes and additions to a game, puts the game Squarely Back in Beta. It is Not a Full Release. The concept of working on a full release game with patches to fix issues was not meant to become a way of life in our games. Introducing any of this into the Original completion line messes up the new player base. Players who came to the game to explore, discover, and accomplish needed tasks deserve to revel in the same atmosphere, learn the process, and enjoy uncovering the mystery. This is not only off-putting and grindy, it's downright unfair to those who are using what free time they have, to attempt to get to the end game, That's the Gift. It is not a gift to lose progress because of updates and game breaking mechanics. Forgive me if catering to the current players and their revenue stream is the priority. Please understand, as I approach 1200 hours, that I include myself, even as I have created multiple ways of playing, but do not stream. What makes things worse are the requests made by players that are not Playing the game. They are done with the game, some never played the game, or they are in exile from other games. They ruin games by cutting off the legs of great concepts. Allow me to repeat, THEY ARE NOT PLAYING THE GAME. These players are intent on building a McMansion or the Scariest Armed Private Settlement. Including but not limited to, furniture, decorations, windows, flooring, etc. By and by the requests lead to "creative mode". It's not cheating, because they Don't want to play the game.” Other players chime in with "we just want to get our stuff back." Playing multiplayer with the creative McMansion players is not a game. Instead they bring other member players in to fetch them things while they create something inside a game that already has a quest line. On the other end of the spectrum, the adversarial players who brings in a small group of like-minded antagonists, hell bent on demoralizing and burning down everything outside their territory.Was that part of the game? Playing through the challenges and surprises to get to the end, only as long as we didnt have to lose anything? Or is it more a consequence of making too many changes. To be fair, the Original game quest line was not overtly difficult, so this mode is not about the game being hard. If there was no clear idea of How to expand on the Original concept, and development is still taking place, then take more time to consider how to keep it Unique and less time Morphing the game into a clone of another game, “ It sort of reminds me of InsertGame a little. I wish it had xxx”. Having said that, if I may offer some examples that I feel emulate the Unique concept and still manages to grant the non-players a way enjoy gaming their way. Old suggestions always return for a reason. The Origin end game should allow the player to enter a new universe, with new planets. Not Additional Planets in the Same Core Completion line. Not the same planets with a new look. (At least not so similar that it's an obvious reskin) This would give long time players the difficulty and challenges. If it cannot be implemented because it is so much work that it's really another game, and no sarcasm intended here, perhaps stop working on the finished game. The completion of one area Without bringing in items from another completion line offers a new challenge for players and less coding. Being brought to or landing in a new quadrant or universe without old objects also allows for greater stability and all new dynamics. (If time and code permitted, wormholes for travel would stay in concept, if connecting these places ever took place.) Challenges do not necessarily involve making every planet and place more and more hostile, but could offer more realistic challenges. Non rotational gravity gradient moons and asteroids etc.. Abandoned space stations objects and satellites to investigate, scavenge, repair or destroy. Occasionally finding meteorites. Meteors, asteroids and other celestial debris offer many different things in terms of craftable materials as well. New objects, "including appearance related" outfits and or uniforms with specific equipment attached to each that is needed to even go to a planet. Like any new environment, many things that works on an M class planet do not work everywhere. With new quadrants or a new universe come new travel. This would allow a Defense Force Astroneer a PVP system of their own with molten ground areas, heavy gravity, habitable and inhabitable zones and radiation. Terrain tools that can be modded to spray say, cataplant like orbs. Larger ships to carry more people. Some of these environmentals and objects can cross over to the New quadrant or universe as well for quest line players. Having One M class planet with a stable atmosphere, would be a surprise and welcome change for a Farming Astroneer, that can plant and grow a variety of space plants, both eatable and craftable. It would however carry with it a metric for depleting health on such a world. Using seeds and spores found throughout the system give them a quest line as well. Planting eatables and fiberlike plants that produce other crafting materials. They could create potted, vertical and full in ground farms. Sharing such crafting objects with a Terraforming Astroneer, who can do the same thing within a portable atmospheric field and mini hydroponics. These players could be working toward terraforming specific planets or moon types. Items that can extract water vapor from propellants. Upgrading a portable atmospheric field to create a large artificial atmosphere by recycling gases locked in sediment, up to a cyclotron, inside a Bio-dome like structure. These challenges include getting to another planet just like now. However, rockets may not work for some explorations. Realistically, not every place would permit large ships. Some places are truly made up of liquid while others or too hot or have zero gravity. Taking a Shuttle for small hops, or deployment craft from an orbiting mass may be the only way to get there. There will also be a need for Specialized vehicles, tailored to those environments. Again, realistically, some places cannot use a buggy, or rover, but a hovercraft, or subterranean craft is needed. With ancient knowledge, scattered throughout the system in various forms, is the information on How to reach some places otherwise inaccessible. These objects may contain some specialized material or item that is needed to get there. Creating a forward base, having telescopes, specialized life support, a compass or GPS, a communication relay, energy beams. All this would be a great adventure for an Explorer Astroneer. Creating Hydrogen cells, Solar cells, and Methane cells, for energy. Or all new forms of energy never heard of, for a system that is not like our own. Jump drives, Hyper drives, Warp drives, The aforementioned worm holes, black holes and Einstein-Rosen Bridge seeing what a place looked like before. To me, this is so much more awesome than making it harder, adding quality of life items, making surfaces perfect, playing games with the game, adding more, bigger, or additional controls on already existing items. Save it for the bigger game. This game is a wonderful experience, and I truly appreciate all the work that has gone into it.
  5. I did my best to search the "most common suggestions" list, but didn't find anything like this. So... I think it would be really nice to have a dropdown menu on the bottom of the backpack, to quickly view all available backpack-craftable items. Scrolling from side to side, especially once you've unlocked all of the backpack "recipes", becomes very tedious. Another function that could work well with the backpack is the ability to drop an ingredient (say, resin) into the bottom-left slot (even if it was currently set to zinc or something), and the output would automatically switch to one of the resin recipes, and you could then hit the left or right arrow to go to the next resin recipe. [Not sure if I got my message across effectively here, but I did my best] Any thoughts?
  6. Hey folks, This is my first post and my first time suggesting an idea on this forum! Happy to be here, and I'd love to hear you folks' feedback on what I have to say. To get to the point: I've been thinking for a long time about a hydrocarbon-based crafting system that I've felt has been sorely needed. My proposal is intuitive, uses existing features currently implemented in the game, and the little it changes would be relatively easy to implement. Hydrocarbons would exist either in the depths of planets in oil-saturated rock, or on the surface of some planets as tar sands. Calidor, for example, could hold tar pits dense in hydrocarbons, whereas Glacio would have them in patches deep underground. They would also be craftable in the Chemistry Lab at the cost of a canister of Hydrogen and a block of Carbon, though the slow speed of generating artificial Hydrocarbons would make harvesting from deposits a more expedient process. Having them be craftable would also make them more accessible in the early game. These Hydrocarbons could then be "cracked" in the Chemistry Lab with some other element as a catalyst to produce Plastic, Rubber, and other oil-based products, like fuels and lubricants. Hydrocarbons and their products could also be used to create artificial Methane, potentially fuel Tier 3 generators, and act as a late-game, high-efficiency rocket propellant. I believe that the addition of Hydrocarbons in the manner I've suggested would increase impetus on exploration, as well as add new and realistic reasons to establish permanent footholds on other planets. I don't really know how to finish this, and it's 3 in the morning, so I hope you enjoyed reading.
  7. This is a pretty big set of ideas and would not require much new engine mechanics, it's mostly just addition of new models and items, but if some items can be changed it would expand on so much more.This is a pretty long and detailed post so read and there will be no potato at the end. I am having a lot of ideas about automating the crafting processes and general QOL improvements. A lot of these are inspired by games such as Factorio. All of these would enable players to focus on building and exploring instead of pushing buttons. Final goal is to ease the process of base building and make this game more fun. So here's a list of items that could be added to existing engine: Fine electronics printer: 3 resources for crafting (e.g. 1 resin, 1 compound, 1 copper), ~5k bytes. Used for making crafting components and mods revolving around printed circuits. Uses 3 items for each component, always silicon and aluminium alloy and something else. These would be required to craft automation items or add mod features to existing items (requires update of existing items). i will refer to these as circuits. Conveyor belts: Produced with 1 compound and 1 resin, a narrow conveyor belt that can hold single-slot items and can be extended up to a point and with directions. they can be extended on one another with extender-like mechanics. Mechanics might be a bit wonky but it might be easy if you make it as start/end notes that you connect unidirectionally. They should have max load (say 4 items between 2 nodes max) and they stop moving if they reach the max load. Robotic arm (un)loaders: Produced with a circuit, iron and aluminium alloy. It can be installed on a 2-slot position and put/take item into/from producing station on the same platform and put them on another platform or conveyor belt. For examle, you have the Platform B with a furnace. You have two arms on each side, one loading in the ore, another unloading the smelted product. This would make it really easy to chain production of multiple items. Arms have to be set up with direction (loading/unloading) and specific product. Mainframe: Built with 2 circuits and aluminium. Requires control circuits (made in Fine electronics printer) to operate. It allows for the platforms connected via power connectors to operate. Has slots for 8 control circuits. Each control circuit allows for 4 automated items to operate. Excavators: Practically automated crane with a drill. Excavates soil in a half-sphere beneath the excavator while storing soil in provided containers These are suggestions to changes to existing items> Modification slot on printers: Medium printer can make small printer items with a mod. Vehicle printer can make medium printer items with a mod. Mods are circuits made in fine electronics printers that enable automated control or efficiency upgrades to some items. E.G. make an atmospheric condenser more energy efficient at the cost of speed (50% power usage at 80% speed), enable trading points to trade finished products instead of scrap, etc. Automation slots on platforms: An alternative to mainframes, it would remove one power connector slot and instead make it into a circuit slot. You would have to insert the circuit inside to be able to use it and it would add a control panel to the platform. This panel would then be used to set up the automation of robotic arms as mentioned above. This took a while, hope someone here likes it.
  8. Summary: Issues regarding planet exploration and building ( Steam Description: These issues only happen when I leave my starter planet then stop once I return. flattening terrain in near impossible. When trying, my cursor will seem to get stuck soon after I start dragging and then will jump to a near by location. Placing buildings such as platforms share the same properties as the previous issue Travailing by foot is difficult. After every step or two I seem to get stuck on the terrain despite little to no deviations. The only way I can avoid this is to continuously keep jumping. The crafting menu holograms on my backpack keep shacking. I am referring to where you would craft tethers. This seems to only have visual effects. Specifactions: OS: Windows 10 Education Version 1803 Build 17134.345 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series) 16 DDR4 Raid Ram 1TB Segate HDD Things I have tried: Restarting the game Restarting my computer Creating a new world I will also like to say that I do love this game a lot. I got it a few months after if first came out and loved every update that came to it. I highly appreciate your time looking into this issue! The problems I normally have are similar to everyone else so I never raised mush concern because I know your dev team is working hard to fix the issues. But I wasn't able to find someone else with this issue so I am starting to have some concerns. Any help is highly appreciated! If there is anything you would like for me to try please reply! Thanks again!
  9. After researching Large Storage, it did not appear to be buildable in the Vehicle Bay. The Research Catalog has it in the Vehicle Bay section, so I believe it's supposed to appear there as a construction option after being researched. Screenshot attached, showing that in my Vehicle Bay page of my Research Catalog I have researched three of the craftable items, but in the Vehicle Bay, only two items are craftable.
  10. This idea is to improve end-game gameplay and runs off the assumption that home creation will be implemented, yet is not exclusive to home creation being available. This idea also allows for more choices from the players, has a risk/reward system, and will encourage teamwork with an emphasis on multi-tasking. Instead of needing exact named materials to craft things, allow for different tiered types of materials to craft things. An example is instead of needing copper, certain objects would require a material with a "conductive" tag, a "metal" tag, or both. That way, players have the option to find better conductive metals to increase the quality of the item made, or through enough research, combine and upgrade existing low quality materials to higher tier materials for the same upgraded outcome as finding the rare and enhanced "conductive metals". This provides a multi-use to certain materials through the 'tag' system with element properties, as well as an upgrade system to the quality of the items created. This of course means that creations will be able to break and corrode over time, use, and mishandling - such as continually running your low-quality rover into rocks - but also could incorporate a new mechanic of scavenging/repairing. Every time you use that small printer, it has a chance of something breaking, and the more times you use it, the more that percentage chance of something breaking goes up. Higher tier materials means a less of a percent chance, and less of an increase on chance to break after every use, but eventually it will need to be repaired. Having a small pull-out screen - much like the research schematics screen inside the player's backpack - on objects to be able to display all relevant information would be another task for players to pay attention to or risk an unexpected blowout without preparation. They could see on the pull-out screen the quality of the individual parts represented by stars once selected, as well as the percent chance it will fail on the next use. With this system, not only will it mean certain crafted items like circuit boards will have multiple uses as they can be used as components on multiple objects, but it also means that scrapping and towing giant broken objects from crash sites has taken on an entirely new, optional, and potentially important part to play in the game with more gameplay styles than simply mining. Working, inner-parts will slowly decay over uses on things like printers, while vehicles have a chance for something to break and cause it to run less optimally for every rock they bump into or cave they fall down. Fences and tethers have a chance to break for every storm they are exposed to, and additional chances for every rock they are hit by during the storm, etc. This means that the scrapper can have another mechanic that makes it more valuable. In addiction to being used to produce scrap, it can also have a chance to spit out a tiered base material from the objects scrapped. To iterate: a player has found a busted/abandoned drop-pod with a broken processor, however that broken processor is/was a five star tier processor. When scrapped, that processor has a chance to spit out, in addition to the scrap pieces, a five star base material - say a much higher conductive and harder to find silver instead of copper - that can be used to craft a replacement processor or saved to use on something else. Being able to refine/combine materials to increase their quality so that a player with nothing but copper available can still reach the same conductive quality as a base silver component should also be an option that just requires more of the lower tiered resource and farming. When combining materials, the end result will be slightly higher than the mean of both materials combined - so two copper materials with a two star rank can create one melded copper with a two and a half star rank (2+2 = 4. 4+1 = 5. 5/2 = 2.5). And two melded copper with two and a half stars make a melded three star (2.5+2.5 = 5. 5+1 = 6. 6/2 = 3). Yet, a three star melded copper combined with a two star copper only makes a three star melded copper (2+3 = 5. 5+1 = 6. 6/2 = 3). This would enhance the quality of the lowest material involved, but would require more resources, time, and a fuel source as a cost for the melding process. Eventually, players can reach end-tier quality materials with enough farming if they so choose this route. Higher tier/rarer materials can more easily be found on harsher climate planets, which will be more difficult to gather, but much quicker than gathering and refining a low quality material to the same ranking as the higher tier/rarer material. This makes for the risk/reward system of traversing and overcoming harsher planets all the more rewarding, but not necessary for accomplishing end-game results. Such a system could even take it two steps further. Materials are tagged with multiple properties, such as conductivity, heat resistance, metal, and stability, where some of the tags on specific materials are ranked. So silver would be high in conductivity, would be metal, but would not be very stable, whereas copper would have a lower rank on conductivity, metal, but more stable. Conductivity and stability are ranked to determine the tier of the item, while metal is not ranked, and is simply an additional requirement for limiting what kind of conductive material can be used. From this system, objects being created could simply request for tags. Like a processor would require one element that's quality will be determined solely by its heat resistance tag, one element that must be both conductive and metal and it's quality contribution is determined by the conductivity rating, and one material that is stable. The second step of said system is that there can be unnecessary tags that can help the item - like finding a material that is being used for its stability tag, but also had radiation resistance as a tag will make the product created less likely to go up in failure chance when used on a radiated planet as an object that is missing that tag. These unranked tags that previously were solely used as a possible requirement for a certain type of material, like a conductive material that is also metal, can now stack with other materials sharing the same unranked tags to provide the overall object with a radiation resistance ranking as a whole. This means that melding materials also becomes an end-game mechanic as certain objects with rare tags can be melded with elements holding the necessary tags to craft the item; more so if when melding, it combines the ranks of each tag, meaning that the conductivity would take a hit when combined with a non-conductive material with radiation resistance, and would need to be melded back to it's previous rank with other materials. While this gameplay style makes the game more tedious for players, it gives the game a good negative-feedback loop with plenty of options to overcome it, as well as the surprise success feeling when finding working replacement parts while scavenging or the rare material that spawns from scrapping that high ranked material from the scrapper - which in game designer speak means that more players will be playing the game longer and more often, as well as feel like a boss when playing.
  11. I noticed that hydrazine (and ammonium in general) is extremely important to travel on another planet, and yet it is hard to find, and even worse you can't extract them from a "mineral extractor". So even if you find it, you are going to slowly run out, especially if you use more than one spaceship. So I have some suggestion: make ammonium craftable. Of course for balance reasons, it should be hard to do it. However it should use items that the mineral extractor can extract, the ideal would be: Getting stuff from a mineral extractor (let's say compound) Getting gas from an atmospheric condenser (Nitrogen of course) "cooking" them in the chemistry lab """""mass""""" produced ammonium So that is possible to "never run out" of hydrazine, but it is time and energy consuming. Right now, I'm mass producing large wind turbine using resources from the mineral extractor, and shredding them in exchange for ammonium. I know that I could just explore more, but I find exploration for the sake of resources farming very annoying. What do you think?
  12. While I'm glad to see that they're narrowing down the crafting tools, I would like to see a re-work (and re-naming) for which prints what. Mostly just dependant on the size or necessity of the items in particular. Like maybe small should specifically be for platforms, not including the XL one. Medium for objects and first two tiers of vehicles, and the Large printer would print modules and XL objects like the XL platform and the XL rover. The Large printer should also still require being attached to a platform or vehicle but be crafted by the medium printer obviously, and be unlocked at the beginning same as research module but research module would need large printer to craft. Cost could be 4 compound, which would be double the cost of medium printer and follows with the current trend of increasing costs for increasing size.
  13. Questions about the crafting system that I think need to answered before they start to add anything to this system before 1.0 What makes a Fabricator, a Fabricator? Why doesn't the Medium Printer have a Interface Tablet? Why is the Vehicle Bay called a Vehicle Bay if it makes Modules, Objects and Vehicles? Why doesn't the Medium Printer print packaged forms of Objects? Why does the fabricator fabricate packaged forms of item? Why can't we choose if we want the object to packaged or not? Why can't I unpack a 1x1 package in a medium storage 1x2 slot? What defines a Small, Medium, and Large thing, module, object, item...?
  14. Right now you are confined to the five planets(and moon) except for the shuttles. Shuttles can be made and fueled easily and have great range. Instead the small shuttle can only go to Barren and back and the large shuttle can go to Arid and Tundra(I believe they are next closest two planets. There should be the ability to build a space station this sould take a lot of resources and a long time. Also the space station would be the next leg in exploration. To build the station you could wear a jetpack (IMU) or a crane. Once the space station is large enough a spaceship and eventually a starship. This is how we would get to the other planets including new ones. This could also be a new use for hemitite and coal, they could be combined to make steel. The space station could also be used for zero gee crafting. Also each of the planets should have a unique resource or resources.
  15. When joining someone (personally it was via Steam for myself) it would not show me the materials needed to craft an item in the backpack. Anytime I needed something I had to ask him because it wouldn't display
  16. I started playing the game after the most recent patch on 3/15/18, so I don't know how anything was done before that. I have unlocked several objects in the catalog that I could not find any way to print. This was very frustrating, as I badly wanted both the crane and the large storage. I assumed that there was some sort of printer/fabricator that I needed to find a pattern for, or something like that. Only by coming to this forum did I find out that you are supposed to print those items directly on top of a rover or platform. That is incredibly unintuitive! Why would I think that the solution to this issue was to place an object in the space that the printer needs to work????? Please allow all large objects to be printed directly to the ground. The ones that print up as a box to be unpacked already restrict the player to placing them on top of a suitable surface before they can be unpacked, so there is no reason for this variance.