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Found 12 results

  1. xttweaponttx1

    Request for some sound files!

    Hello! I love the sound design of this game, and would love to have a clean copy of the sounds the backpack makes to use as my phone's notification tones in real life! Specifically, when an item completes crafting it makes the "bee-boo bee" sound, and when you open the research center it makes the 'buh-duh' sound. These are a couple of sounds of many that I think would make great ringtones -- but lack the knowledge to try and extract them from game files! So here I am! Thanks for such a great game, in every way. From the sound design, to the art style, and especially the modular nature of the attach points on everything. This game is a masterpiece!
  2. After some time i cannot craft anything in backpack this consistently happens second time Craft stuck with some bad material that when die dropped on ground and cannot be picked up Not fully filled material comes to craft slot?
  3. Hello, Sorry for my bad english. I bought a entire cpu so as to play Astroneer (and other games in space) and I "found" a bug after 2 minutes of (intense) experience. For information, i'm playing on steam with mouse/keyboard 1/ So when I opened my backpack to craft my very first beacon, I couldn't craft anything else than an oxygen tank. Seems like I could click on the arrow to change the craft, but nothing happened. It already happened on my ancient computer something like 2 months ago. This is a huge issue for me because without beacon, I can't do anything 2/ As i'm very lucky, I identified a new bug when I wanted to screen : my energy bar doesn't fill. 3/ I know that i'm talented on paint.
  4. Nicko454g

    Broken Craft Inventory?

    I think i found a bug that i never encountered before ”Patch”. I wanted to craft some Tethers, so i can explore a cave. When i tried to craft those, the slot for the compound (where it should go if you craft) magically disappeared. Image below. Now, i can't craft Fix?
  5. Hey There, 1) What's the problem?
  6. Played last night 12-29-16 had no problems game ran beautifully in multiplayer at that, played today and new platforms have no power with an icon displayed in the front port where nothing can attach. I will attach a picture tonight
  7. I'm running into an issue occasionally where I am stranded, with no vehicle or base nearby. My only option is to just die, but I'm up for the challenge of trying to survive if I can. So I propose being able to craft one of the small base modules (the kind that cost only a single resin to add to your base). Once built you can place and deploy it like you would a habitat. It could provide you with a source of oxygen once placed but not shelter or a save point. From there you could perhaps build up enough resources and enough of a small base to have the means of escape. Thoughts?
  8. Français Objet / Artisanat / Construction Des nouveaux objet pour : - crée une basse ou centre spatial - complexe (hangar, pour fusée, véhicule, etc...) - crée de nouveaux modules ainsi que des plateforme pour pouvoir les (déplacer ou les positionner, supprimer ou régler, la hauteur etc...) - crée des mur, fenêtre, porte, zone de confort ou l'on peux dormir sauvegarder et modifier notre avatar enlever ou changer de combinaison ou la personnaliser (couleur casque armure etc...) - crée une zone de stockage ou des (coffres personnelles ou armoire, coffre partager, hangar a véhicule etc...) - la possibilité de crée plusieurs complexe. Carte / sauvegarde - avoir plus de planète ou système - voyager dans l'espace / chercher des ressources sur des astéroïdes - le temps jours nuit moins rapide (trop rapide en ce moment même) - crée un menu de sauvegarde pour éviter de supprimer ou remplacer une sauvegarde par erreur (avoir des miniature) - crée une salle ou un module de sauvegarde et de chargement dans le jeux - avoir une plus grande variété ainsi que des objectif ou mission autres / outil de terrain / inventaire - ajouts de pnj qui donneront des quêtes ou des marchant - avoir un inventaire autre que le sac - pouvoir mieux s'organiser dans l'inventaire le gérer - avoir la possibilités de réglée la sensibilités de l'outil de terrain - avoir des petit propulseur sur le sac pour faire des saut ou ce sortir d'un mauvais endroit Anglais Object / Craft / Build New objects for: - creates a bass or space center - complex (hangar, for rocket, vehicle, etc ...) - create new modules as well as platforms to be able to (move or position, delete or adjust, height etc ...) - create wall, window, door, zone of comfort or one can sleep to save and modify our avatar to remove or to change of combination or to customize it (color helmet armor etc ...) - creates a storage area or (personal boxes or wardrobe, shared safe, hangar a vehicle etc ...) - the possibility of creating several complex. Card / backup - have more planet or system - travel in space / search for resources on asteroids - the day time night less fast (too fast at this very moment) - creates a backup menu to avoid deleting or overwriting a backup by mistake (having thumbnails) - creates a room or a module of backup and loading in the games - have a greater variety and purpose or mission Others / field tool / inventory - additions of pnj that will give quests or marching - have an inventory other than the bag - be able to better organize in the inventory manage it - have the possibility to adjust the sensitivities of the field tool - have small thrusters on the bag to make a jump or get out of a wrong place
  9. Bonjour. Avant toute chose bravo, même étant early access ce jeu est une merveille. Je l'acheter qu'hier mais j'ai enchaîné 8h de jeu direct. Il est évoutant j'adore. OK il y a encore quelque petits bugs ( genre les collisions ) et aussi les véhicules qui sont spécial à conduire. Mais bon ça se corrigera avec le temps. Pour quelque petite idée à proposé, moi qui suis fan de sandbox et de survival. Je dirais bien d'augmenter un peu la difficulté, genre de catégories rares se trouve bien trop rapidement et facilement des le début du jeu. Ou inclure une entité monstrueuse originaire à chaque planète ( et pas forcé de la voir, le faite de savoir qu'on est pas seul rajouterais une petite tension:ex : l'inclure dans les tempête ) Et sinon pour le côté craft ! Pourquoi pas un vrai habitat genre maison grosse bulle nécessiterait pas mal de resource rares ( mais qui pourrait en stocker une fois faites ) . Voilà pour mais petite idée, espérant que vous les lirais ( je pense que vous devez en avoir la dose d'idée déjà ) Moi en attendant je retourne y jouer . Merci et bon courage.
  10. ricky5panish

    more in depth crafting

    i believe the crafting and building could be more in depth, such as having to use components that you'd craft to build base parts (e.g. springs, metal sheets, wheels, etc.). i know it takes time to implement a new system, but it's so easy to build up and get to the (end game) even if the building required more than one type of resource it would add to the survival aspect and extend the game play.
  11. therussiangui101


    Now planets looks from space quite strange (very very angular), will it be fixed in the future to get more pleasure from flying and others? I mean, when you're very close to them, they look so strange. Example(top image) and how beautiful she is(bottom image):
  12. therussiangui101


    Now planets looks from space quite strange (very very angular), will it be fixed in the future to get more pleasure from flying and others? I mean, when you're very close to them, they look so strange. Example(top image) and how beautiful she is(bottom image):