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Found 8 results

  1. themidnight87

    Terrain Analyzer Station

    I think there should be a station similar to the Soil Centrifuge where you would put in two colors from a terrain analyzer (e.g. blue and purple) and you would be able to manipulate those colors in certain ways. For example, you could combine the two colors to make a blue-violet color that you could use. You would also be able to add patterns with those two colors. Ideas that I have in mind include half blue half purple, diagonal streaks, polka dots, bricks, and a gradient between the two colors. This station would only require power to use other than the two terrain analyzers needed to combine colors and make patterns, because it is simply a cosmetic change and it would be unnecessary to require other resources.
  2. So last time I posted, I mentioned that I couldn't unlock any suits. In the new update if the situation continues there should be a report posted so here it is. Nothing has changed and I'm still missing all the suits (including retro), color palettes, dances and visor colors that are unlockable. Also, I included a newer version of my save so you can check out what is wrong, too. MY MAIN BOI$2019.03.02-01.29.11.savegame
  3. Get my drift? It can get so bad it's impossible to tell if an angle is at an angle or vertical. Steam v 116
  4. tyroney

    Wind Vane misnamed

    A wind vane, most famously rooster-shaped, is for determining the direction of the wind. Anemometer may be a big word, but vane just feels so wrong. Go ahead, mark this one Closed:Won't Fix, I just wanted to make sure someone said something.
  5. SmilyContainer

    Flags and Markers

    I often find myself revisiting a wreck or point of interest on the surface multiple times because I just don't have the space in my caravan of rovers. One area in particular I had to visit half a dozen times to collect everything and the route was covered in rocks and holes. What i was thinking would be cool would be to allow us to craft Flags and Markers from organic material similar to how we craft Tethers from compound. Markers would be useful in the same way people mark off temporary courses in real life, we could place markers to mark easy routes through tough terrain. Flags in general would be useful for discretely marking visited areas, though we could reuse markers for that purpose "But SmilyContainer, why don't you just use beacons?" - Beacons are great for marking a few distant objects but it gets messy when you need to mark passage through a field of rocks
  6. Here are a few things that I feel should be in Astroneer, and why I think they should be added. You can find the list of implementations below. (Updated every +3 hours of play time. I have 9h on log.) TOPIC 1 - Base Creation: The first, and major thing I want to talk about is base creation. The way it is setup is decent but sometimes I just feel something is out of place, but I can't change anything. Please implement some sort of system to modify or delete base objects and vehicles. Many youtubers have done this, time and time again (Including me.). If I make a rover, and find the research for a truck, I want to be able to get rid of the rover or disassemble it in some way. Having a ton of vehicles just causes lag. TOPIC 2 - Weather: Another topic I want to talk about is the weather. I really like how much the planets differ in the solar system. Tundra for example, is very different and has some snow, unlike all of the other planets I have travelled to so far. A big thing that is missing is the weather, all of the planets differ but the weather is the same on all of them. I feel like the tundra should have snow storms instead of sand storms, and occasionally have rain on Terran. This would add much more depth to the game in my perspective. TOPIC 3 - Management: Ah, Management. So glorious, yet some games lack it. A major thing that many people have recommended, and I will too, is the ability to name saves, and delete them without having to leave the main menu or scavenge for your save file in %appdata% or something. Its very simple compared to other requests (Complete rebalancing, new planets, etc.). TOPIC 4 - Frequency of Updates & Expectations: I have very high expectations for this game, so don't let me down devs. Its amazing how only 6 people can create such great games. Though its been great so far, I worry about the expectations on updates considering there are only 6 people working on it. I love it so far, even if these don't get into the game its still amazing, so thanks for making this a great game. If you are reading this devs, then hello and have a good day. TOPIC 5 - Possibility of Drones: A quadcopter style drone would be a GREAT use. It could have a short battery life and would be great to pin down recourses near where you are located. It might be able to go to refueling stations and for instance if out of power, fall to the ground so the user can walk/drive over there and pick it up. It could even have a single slot for small deliveries, although that might make it a bit too useful. If you do not like the idea of power, then you can use range instead. If the drone fly's too far from a transmitting tower, then it will again, fall to the floor to be picked up again. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME DEVS I COULD BE EXPLORING EXOTIC RN This review took 2 hours (How time flies). If you agree with these topics, or dislike it, feel free to share this post and up vote it somehow (First time here lol). I will update this list every three hours I play the game, and am looking forward to the completion of this game. Keep up the good work devs! #iLoveAstroneer
  7. Small cosmetic issue on the Vehicle Bay. Since the text is relative to the printer head, when the head retracts in scenarios where the printer cannot do work in the staging area, the text and UI elements are shown upside down. (Left side of the picture down there) Version: Steam version, default [] branch Interface: Mouse/Keyboard
  8. I was expanding my base and didn't realize a rock was in the way of where my printer was gonna be, so when it made the 3D Printer, the rock has since become part of the printer. Doesn't obstruct any storage spaces, but can't walk on it, and cannot move it. This is on Xbox One.