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Found 3 results

  1. PC: ASUS VivoPc M32 (1TB, Intel Core i5 6th Gen., 2.70GHz, 8GB) Desktop - M32CDB07 Steam The last time i used this save, i used save and exit to menu and it crashed while saving. I started astroneer and chose my save. I pressed the close tab because i didn't want to use it at the last moment. Then the game froze on me and a few seconds later it froze my pc. I had to do a manual shutdown and now i cannot enter that save or it will freeze and crash.
  2. Nitros04

    Bug/game crash report

    I was recording gameplay (on xbox one) and was sitting in an open seat and got out. Somehow, at the same exact time, I got back in and grabbed the seat. I could move the seat while sitting in it. So I went to space. Obviously I didn't get far so I went back to my planet. Then I accidentally let go of the seat and got out. Right before I hit the ground I took out my terrain tool and grew terrain under me at the exact moment I should of hit the ground. Instead I hovered above it and heard a buzzing noise. Then the game crash. I stopped recording and was met with an error code. The recording was corrupted and was not saved. Luckily the game save was not and everything after me getting out of the seat was lost. Lol imma try again.
  3. Corrupted dirt that radiates once you uncover special research, It could drain power from your player and vehicles making mining harder in that area. The more I play the game the more I would like obstacles that slow my progress that aren't mundane or random encounter. Avoiding the current "Enemies" are too easy after you see them once, but if there is a research that you could only get from a certain plant that poses a long term threat that would be pretty cool.