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Found 7 results

  1. When saving the game at a certain point in my playthrough I get an error message that my save game is corrupt. I can't save if I leave a vehicle, go into a spaceship or go into my shelter base. When exiting the game to menu, my save game was gone. This issue started when I used a vehicle.
  2. PC: ASUS VivoPc M32 (1TB, Intel Core i5 6th Gen., 2.70GHz, 8GB) Desktop - M32CDB07 Steam The last time i used this save, i used save and exit to menu and it crashed while saving. I started astroneer and chose my save. I pressed the close tab because i didn't want to use it at the last moment. Then the game froze on me and a few seconds later it froze my pc. I had to do a manual shutdown and now i cannot enter that save or it will freeze and crash.
  3. Summary: 200- XB1- Save didn't and not in same location Description: I was on irradiated. Frame rate was so bad I couldn't play. So I got back to my base and left. Landed on moon (barren). Tinkered a bit and couldn't play due to framerate. Entered habatat as usual and exited to menu. Then last night I loaded the game and I was back on irradiated planet. Only this time I spawned inside a hill. Here is a video showing the game load (used Record That so the video starts in the loading screen). I know for a FACT that I had entered and left the rover MANY times between where this put me and the base as I had used the flatten tool to iron out some terrain as I headed back to base. And it should have saved every time I got in the rover. And it should have saved when I got in the shuttle. And it should have saved several times on barren as I went out searching for more artifacts and entered/left MANY more times on that planet. It didn't save ANY of those times. Apparently. And to be honest, I don't recall ever parking at this spot when playing here either. In fact I had to get out and climb a hill just to figure out where I was in relation to my base/beacons. Platform: XB1 Version / Build Number: 200
  4. This winch stopped retracting the cables and when the host tried restarting his game it crashes every time he tries to load it. Before this happened we had a couples of times where the winch did what it was supposed to and retracted once there was already one cable out. mouse/keyboard,steam,multiplayer,i wasn't host, only two people in the session, first world, we had it attached to a rover just before this and everything worked
  5. Someone please help me! I was playing with my friend and suddenly the game crashed and the world we played in got corrupted! Now every time I try to go to that world the game crashes! Is there any way of getting a corrupted world back or will they fix the corruption in an upcoming update? Please answer if you have any information.
  6. I've spent 12 hours playing the game on Xbox One and I absolutely LOVE it, but I have a major problem. My initial save file corrupted after 7 hours (instantly crashes on load) and then I had the same issue again after playing a new save for 5 hours. It'd be great if there were multiple save states for each save file, just incase one of them corrupts.
  7. So this is pretty serious, I'll have to start a new game. Backstory: I drove truck close to my Research structure and the game crashed, upon restart I was back where I got the truck stuck in a trench and I had just leveled the side to get out, but this is where it all went to hell. Issue: On loading, the truck starts to rotate in all directions as if it is its own planet, there is a mass of grey land attached to the bottom of the truck as it rotates. It defies gravity and started floating off the world. If i got to close it would make me fall through the surface of the planet and upon trying to quit to the main menu would crash the game. (See Screenshots) There was no way to stop this, I tried removing stuff from the Truck and getting in and out of it...