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Found 13 results

  1. Summary: Steam - Core Pyramids Error Description: When I went looking for cores I found out that all the planets had the core symbols of sylva, this included Vesania, Desolo, and Atrox Platform: Steam
  2. Ok, so in version 1.5.(9?), I was going to the calidor core but after unlocking a chamber, the core was still locked. I stopped trying at the core for a bit... But now loading that save up again, sylva's core is locked too...
  3. Honestly, I don't know if its a bug or part of the game. On the 1st world, and it's moon, the pink walkways/bridges, at the core, are gone. They were there initially there, but I went back to do some things, and puff, they are gone. Interesting enough, my tether line is still there and working (supplying air). If its a bug, great, reported. If its part of the game, can someone fill me in? I did some reading, and didn't find a lot on it, just someone else with the same issue (reported elsewhere). Thanks.
  4. This "game" crashed SIX TIMES while I was tunneling to core of Vesania!!! (Which means I had to wait SEVEN TIMES for the incredibly long load time.) This game should be recalled and all purchases refunded until they have something that is stable and playable with at least 30fps and autosaves.
  5. How do you get back from the core to the ground around the core. Everytime I try to mine astronium on the ground I get sucked toward the core and flipped upside down. Is there a way to get around this??
  6. So, how are you handling getting to the core? I have dug ramps down on Sylva, Desolo and Calidor, but have done the super tractor straight down on the rest (except Atrox, it is next). I am definitely glad I dug down the first few times. Having a large rover at the mushroom level on Sylva is fun. But the HOURS it takes to dig down has made it a little onerous for me. So, two questions: Which planets would you suggest digging in order to not miss cool things like the mushroom level? Are you digging or taking the super tractor to the core and why?
  7. Hi SES! This is probably just a small mistake but the symbol at the core of Glacio does not match correctly and exactly with Diamond, for players new to the game this may be hard to understand as the symbols are quite easily mixed up, but they might go and make nanocarbon alloys instead of diamond and then be dissappointed that they did all of that for nothing. Just thought I would make you aware. Thanks!
  8. guys i can't seen to find the core i have been mining for ever and still can' find gravity is low but i just keep going it has been an hour
  9. I've dig from side to side of the planet, and the first time I've meet a big, huge stone with Astroium all around. But from 117, I've never found something like that on 3 different planets. So, this is a request and a sort of Petition: "Please put something on the center of the planet: Stone, Magma, a Monster..." everything is fine, but to dinging for about 3 hours to found nothing, it's very, very, very sad
  10. I built a base at the core of barren. I think it looks pretty cool.
  11. I was wondering what would happen if you dig downwards on a planet or if you even could dig through it. Since the moon is the smallest celestial body currently available I figured it would be the best test object. this is the entrance to the hole I dug: It turns out that the further down you get, the lower the gravity is. This is me, slooowly falling towards the moons center. Shortly after reaching the center, gravity is almost non existent and your player model as well as camera get turned "upside down". I put that in quotes because youre technically upright now sinc
  12. I have noticed that it doesnt take long at all to dramatically ruin your frame rate, after building too many parts, such as tethers, trucks, or really anything.. this makes it very difficult to want to even invest time into this game and can be discouraging after building a large base or exploring. I also noticed that digging too deep causes this issue. All of my problems have been experienced with an Xbox. LOVE THE GAME! Keep up the good work! Cant wait to recieve some patches, and updates on the console. 20170103_201114.mp4
  13. Hello there, here is a video about traveling from one side to the other of the home-planet by passing from the center. This dig required about 2 days of work (16 hours of play I guess). Sorry about the video, it's in Italian 'cause my english sux a bunch