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Found 6 results

  1. In real life, cuprite is a high ratio ore of copper. The current Copper Ore in the game is Malachite, a material with a low ratio of Copper and, when smelted, creates a biproduct of Carbon. Therefore, I think that there should be a new ore for Copper that produces a 1:2 ratio of Copper, Cuprite. Please let me know what you think.
  2. I realized that if you leave all slots full at the smelter while creating more itens, It will render a half finished item. Once you reopen any space on the smelter slots, that half finished item will be placed there. Supposedly it should be completed after smelting more raw materials, but the copper ore will not move no matter what you do. It happened in the either to the slot in the smelter and on the storage unit. It stays there forever and you lose that space.
  3. Using the trade platform to gain compound. added 4 copper which will return 8 compound (as expected 2 per unit of copper). after adding more copper the value of returned compounded decreased based on the sell value of copper (2). The same happens when using other materials (aluminium and hydrozine).
  4. When using the smelter, I accidentally didn't let it finish converting malachite into copper, and it left me with a half-completed stack of copper. I could move this from the smelter output to a storage slot on the smelter module, but I can't interact with it anymore. It only takes up space, and I cannot move it. I forget how exactly I interrupted the smelting process. I'm running the game on my PC, on Steam.
  5. It'd be great if the metal stack colors were tweaked a little bit to be easier to tell apart without hovering over. Copper being a little more orange, for example.
  6. Mouse/keboard Steam Steps: Put Malachite on the smelter and start smelting it Somehow the copper block was not completed but all the malachite was depleted (I am not sure if I removed the malachite before it was finished, but I dont think its possible) Put Laterite on the smelter and start smelting it The uncompleted copper block jumps into the smelter side storage. Result: There is an incompleted copper block on the side storage of the smelter that I cannot pick up. See screenshot attached.