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Found 2 results

  1. Objects that appear normal on the host machine show up in the sky for the client. They're still in the same position relative to each other, they just have some really large offsets. For example any tether that's placed will vanish and the tether line will suddenly extend off into the sky or under the ground. You can see in the picture the vegetation that's floating in space. That's also several level 2 platforms out there. Any time the client would create a level 2 platform off of the habitat it would immediately vanish. The host showed quite a bit of vegetation around the habitat where the client just had bare ground. Note that this never happened on the home planet. It didn't even happen on the second planet we visited (Exotic.) It was the third planet (Irradiated) and each planet after that (Arrid and Tundra) where we saw this happening. Repro: Launch one client through Steam Load saved game on that client On the other client bring up the Steam friends list and choose "Join Friend" Have the host create a space ship Add a three seat pod to the space ship Add a storage unit to the back of the space ship and add items to it Have both the host and the client enter the space ship and go to another planet - potentially this requires visiting multiple planets, not sure Exit the space ship with both the host and the client Try to place a tether with the client Result: The client will see different items than the host (in one case completely different terrian - terrain was missing on the client that was present on the host) and placing items will actually place them up in the sky. The host can interact with the objects where the client can't. I could hand items to the host and they could put them on the platforms coming out of the habitat. As soon as they put them on the objects vanished. When they took them off again they'd re-appear. Steam version on both clients Windows 10 x64 on both clients Mouse and keyboard on both clients Both clients are on the same LAN (e.g. should be relatively low latency.)
  2. Hello, This is my first post. I found astroneer through the steam queue while I was looking to access my reward trading cards for that day. I immediately fell in love with the cutesy/toy playdough in space aspect of it, and the way you can go off plantes. And the "survival" "no oxigen unless you place lifelines" element just made it look better. As it's early access, I understand it's not realy useful to do freature request in terms of gameplay, the vision of the game has still to be truely realized. But I would however want to make a suggestion regarding The most annoying thing (besides of the obvious bugs, multiplayer glitch vehicles), are the way you can lose your death location beacons , other beacons and vehicles in caves (after you die). The beacons don't show through walls and have a limited location of visibility. I do find this compelling, because I understand when you would see them all across the world, you're just homing in to the location and you lose some of the "exploration" narrative. if your truck is visible by waypoint throughout the world on the exact location, you just dig yourself to it and some adventuring is lost. What I do propose in this matter is - and I hope this stays within the philosophy of the game - - give the ability to color beacons. (so their icon will display red or green etc). THis way we can determine important locations by abstraction (color). - allow us to launch satelites in orbit. These satelites will reveal all the beacons in their hemisphere. The limitation is, you can only see colored dots (or vehicle icons) on a horizontal surface. (you stil have to dig and look how deep they exactly are). At least you'll be able to find your lost car again. Perhaps it's even a good idea that you also have to enable your car to be tracked by a GPS item ?