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Found 10 results

  1. What about a holo map where we can see our self on it? I dont want a interface but I want a placeable thing that works as map where u can place to ground or top of a platform or a vehicle. Imprevoement ideas: For flexibility it may show other players ,maybe bases and it may show vehicles runing around the planets etc. so it can be cool toy for multi player but it should draw nice power and it should not be small toy. For hardnees it can be expansive or player need to launch a rocket for it to work so when ever player wents to other planets he will be in work for making a special satellite for this Holo Map Other Thing to think about is Size I think making it small should ruin it so I think it should be a 4 or 2 size device with a nice power consumption. So player only gonna use it when they really wanna observe something. and using it in cars will be harder than ever if it became like that. Other idea my Other idea was a Sonar Emitter and Sonar Reciver so what will happen is u will press The C/V to launch a sonar wave (which will consume nice amount of power) and Sonar Reciver will show the result on your other should so u will have a mini map with out makin it op. and it will be usefull for vehicles too as u can place them on the C/V slots of the vehicle or a teammate of yours can navigate u using that thing Dont Forget my all ideas about not using a real interface so all of those maps should be kept as a item works on slots like a wind mill.
  2. Hello, so my name is Caleb and I just recently started playing this game but I'm absolutely addicted. I honestly have no complaints just suggestions and personal thoughts. So my basic suggestions are that for one thing, it would be awesome if there was a lot more customization to the rovers, like i can make a spider rover with a drill on top if I wanted to, or something like that. Also color for the rovers like a pain system would be awesome. Also I absolutely love the building system, like how you can use dirt to build bridges, or even build massive house like structures to store your vehicles and such. I even made a launch site for my lander Animals- It would be awesome if there were random animals and monsters unique to every planet, kinda like the fauna but creatures instead. Of course with this comes a weapon system and maybe a system to capture or tame or maybe like a cattle system? idk what type of game you're planning to make but these are just possible additions. Currently theres really no reason to go to other planets from what I've seen, I feel like they're different versions of what you spawn on, but I can't back this up seeing as I have yet to visit another planet (working on that now). My last suggestion is already something you have in progress, servers. I think it would be awesome seeing as the planets are massive if we could have like 15 to 20 player servers (or more) and you can either team with them or try to sabotage (but no killing one another, that usually ruins the fun) Thank you for your time, I absolutely adore the game good work on it <3
  3. I came up with the idea of if we were going into orbit, why not be able to make a space station on whichever planets orbit of your choice? There could be multiple uses for it and even additions to the vehicle bay or 3-d printer for the parts. Making it also augmentable would be a really cool feature to it as it could allow some freedom and having the station for different uses. Any other thoughts?
  4. I thought this is a weird bug but in a way it looks like birds flying over the surface kinda looks cool *HINT* HINT*
  5. Bug: If you are to die while holding an item in your hand, it will come with you back to your spawn point. Attached is a video of this bug. Reproduction: Die while holding an item. Specs? (if you need them): i7-4710HQ 24 GBs of RAM Nvidia GTX 970m 2017-01-13 10-21-22.mp4
  6. This game is very good!! I hope you have more updates for this incredible game, it would be cool to place enemies and be able to make a base in space: D thanks for the game
  7. Seeing as how the designers have put such a lot of effort into hiding wonderful surprises I thought it would be a good idea to share what wonderful, cool, or exciting discoveries you have found during the game. I believe I have found the Hubble Space telescope. Happy discovering!
  8. So i got some screenshots.. There not good but at least there something!
  9. So I was returning to the terrain planet, and the tundra planet was very close. It was split into four identical pieces that faced away from eachother; with a ghost outline of the planet in the middle. The weirdest part is that when i returned to my base, i could see this monstrosity from the sky. Thought you would like to see this. thanks.
  10. It has just been released but its beauty already amazed me. I would like to see your guys scenes and artworks of Astroneer here. I have captured some of them . I hope you like.