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Found 3 results

  1. CopperyMarrow15


    nothing to see here... just another automation idea Automation... the most original topic ever to be used on this forum...NOT I have an idea for yet another automated system that is to be used for the simple task of moving things around the base. (This is new...) I believe it would be a start to much better automation system in the game: Conveyors!! They are platforms that have, instead of feet, a sort of monorail system that brings them across a tethered network of rails placed like Extenders. The "Monorail Conveyor Shaft" as I call it is made separately from the "Monorail Conveyor Platform" and the Monorail Conveyor Platform is placed on to the Monorail Conveyor Shaft. Only one platform can be placed on a shaft. The Monorail Conveyor Shaft plugs in to one platform at one end another platform at the other making a nice little line... They move across this line to carry anything from one platform to another. For an example of how they are used, imagine 3 Medium Platform A; 1 has a source of power, 1 has a Medium Printer, and 1 has 2 Resin. The first and second are connected by cable and the second and third are connected by conveyor; there is a Medium Monorail Conveyor Platform on the conveyor. You start the Medium Printer printing a Medium Platform B. The Medium Monorail Conveyor Platform moves toward the third platform and the 2 Resin are placed onto the conveyor platform. The conveyor platform moves along the conveyor to touch the second platform transferring the Resin to the printer and starting the printing process. A new auto-use feature would be added to modules allowing repeated processes. Monorail Conveyor Shaft Bundle: Printed in Backpack Printer Size: Tier 1 Recipe: 1 Steel Research Cost: 2000 Bytes Contains 5 Monorail Conveyor Shaft Medium Monorail Conveyor Platform: Printed in Small Printer Slots: 1 Tier 2 Recipe: 1 Steel Research Cost: 2000 Bytes Large Monorail Conveyor Platform: Printed in Medium Printer Slots: 1 Tier 3 Recipe: 1 Steel, 1 Resin Research Cost: 3000 Bytes Extra Large Monorail Conveyor Platform: Printed in Large Printer Slots: 1 Tier 4 Recipe: 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Steel, 2 Iron Research Cost: 4000 Bytes Please let me know what you think.
  2. DO NOT MAKE THE DRILL HEIGHT BASED OFF OF CAMERA ANGLE! That's a terrible idea. I need to be able to look around my vehicle without it possibly dive-bombing into the ground. Just make the height indicator move by something like page up or page down. Sure it's off hand keys, but unless you're making a motorbike dirt track, no one is going to be shifting heights very often. Set it with a key and it stays that way. Let POINT be middle mouse click (or customizable)... I'm tired of having to stop and point because I missed a grab-click by a millimeter. Let the drill accumulate dirt. OR let there be a dozer attachment that accumulates dirt - thirdly, let the dozer attachment be able to lay ground so a vehicle can "pave" over gaps and ravines. Make a giant dirt canister if you have to. Let the dozer take up the four points on the front of the rover and let IT have a tier 2 connection to attach the drill to. Boom... you essentially have a endless drilling machine that keeps the path nice and neat. For balance, I'd say let is use a lot of dirt to pave so people can't just drive into the sky. It's more for extended gaps. Also, like the drill, the dozer can accumulate materials too - AND ALSO TEAR THROUGH RESEARCH BUSHES. I'm tired of those little bushes stopping entire rovers. Let the dozer tear through and store the little research pods. Conveyor systems. Either a way to indicate which table a fabricator can send items to (like the trucks can auto fill even though it's on a separate trailer), or a belt track with "hoppers" that will pull designated materials to a storage table. I love the idea of a base being built around a large customizable conveyor belt and each machine tap into it and as it creates it's "thing" it pushes it to the conveyor and the conveyor carries it to an appropriate storage. On the rovers, the power tether obviously can indicate "this is part of us now" so a lazy way could be - a conveyor has a small section that goes together like legos. Each section has a power tether plug on either side. You have a hopper that works like an splitter. You connect the conveyor plug to the hopper pod, the hopper pod has a "computer" that you designate a material type, then plug the hopper into a table. Now whenever a material crosses the conveyor section the hopper pulls it and sends it to the table. The hopper can have super short color coded cables so people cant have items floating 15 feet to a table. Short plugs make them have to keep the tables close to the conveyor. This is way more difficult but small cranes that attach to tables that offload items. So if a truck pulls up in a designated section, the little crane reaches out and pulls tier based items off and they pop into the adjacent storage. It could also be told to only pull certain items or groups of items (ores, organics, etc). That way, with multiple cranes on multiple tables, you could essentially drive a rover in to base and a series of automation begins, unloads the truck and you can head back out again (then conveyors!). Instead of elevators, just let teleporters be build-able once you unlock the first planet's alien thingies. Color code them. They only work within a planet. Be really fancy and have teleporters be able to be bound to tables and teleport adjacent items! Some means of a "truck bed" addition that can carry items that don't attach to a tier slot. Like small salvage. It's really weird that you can't put them anywhere. I can carry boxes 3 times my size, but no way to carry a small piece of metal? Hell get fancy and make it work like a dump truck and tilt so it spills out the stuff at the base. Trading between planets. Use the trade rockets, but they can be sent to other bases on other planets. Once you have dedicated servers with 8 players, it would be silly for all the players to be bound to one planet. So with the NEW trade rockets, a player on (planet x) can load up a trade rocket with materials and send it to (planet y) so it can be offloaded. (Enter automation again, especially to make single-player/low member life a lot easier). Rocket lands, hopper pulls from the table to the conveyor, to other hoppers, to the storage. A well oiled machine! Some people may say, well this is just lazy, but if Astroneer keeps growing like they say they want it to, and the Dev's don't just let the game fizzle out, then these automations are going to be needed as the world expands and the player count increases. Most of the things I'm requesting are just stopping the constantly getting in and out of vehicles to plop little items here and there and fighting against which spot wants to grab the item vs where you actually want to place it. These are quality of life automations that keep the players moving and not constantly stressing over keeping their bases clean and neat... this does it for them so they can focus on adventure. Plus it will please the OCD people to see how smoothly they can get a base processing. Just think about it. Rover full of organic material and dirt from a dozer run. Pulls up to the base. Tiny cranes pull the dirt and organic from the vehicle and store it. Hopper pulls from the table and moves it down the conveyor belt, the belt offloads the organic material to the forge and the dirt to the centrifuge, the organic material is processed into carbon automatically, the side hopper pulls from forge and sends it to a connected storage table that's holding a generator thats burning carbon. All this - and the player never had to get out of the seat. He can drive off and go take care or another mission. Automation. Organization. Progress! Attached is a song that only Looney Toons fans will probably get.
  3. Splasher325


    Belts, teleport, or of the like