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Found 22 results

  1. A couple folks in the speedrunning community found that we could use custom mouse software to map PgUp, PgDown, and Middle Mouse Click to Left, Right, and Enter respectively. This lets a runner snap open their backpack, select an item to print with their side mouse buttons, and kick off the print with the Middle Mouse button. This saves a lot of time over the course of the run, as a runner no longer needs to wait for the backpack to be in view, to click the button, or take their hand off the mouse to actually hit enter. But what's good for speedrunning can also be good for accessibility. This change was really helpful for us to make all printer menus easier to use, but we're currently relying on SteelSeries or Razor software drivers to change what keys the mouse is sending, when it'd really be great if the client just let players change their controls this way in the first place. Could the devs consider making this configuration easier for all players to achieve?
  2. There is one uncomfortable moment, that the paver and the drill are activating at the same time. It would be more useful If car drill or pawer can be turned on apart from each other like on the astroneer itself (C and V)
  3. Hi, I found a bug on the control menu, you simply can't bind the "F" key on the use action. If you try to bind the key, leave the menu and comeback again, you will not see the row ( please look the screenshot attached to see what I mean ). Thanks in advance. Dovakeidy
  4. I've tried the PS4 version and OMG the joypad is hard compared to keyboard and mouse. So I tried a keyboard and mouse on the PS4, the keyboard works just fine, but the mouse does nothing. Is there something I need to do to enable it? TIA Daz.
  5. The vehicle doesnt accelerate when I use the drill and I just want that fixed because it hurts my right hand when I have to spam rb for 3 minutes straight
  6. Just wondering if there is an eta for being able to manually control the ship in the near future. I saw this suggestion and thought it would be great by using mechanics that games such as Outer Wilds used. Just wondering if there is an ETA since it was on the lowest priority. FYI... You have made a fantastic game that i cant stop playing and i get bored pretty easily so that says something.
  7. Please add playstation icon's to the game because me and other's have grown up with playstation and we are used to playstation's ,,X,O,R1,R2,R3,L1,L2,L3,(Start,Select dual shock 3),(Option's,Share dual shock 4) button's it would be easier for gameplay and it would help me play the game again because it's confusing to adjust to Xbox icon's (it's one of the 2 reason's I haven't played the game for a few month's.)
  8. Please put early access control's back in the game as a option because it's easier for me and maybe other people and so I can get back in the game (it's one of the 2 reason's I haven't played it for a few month's.)
  9. Summary: 1.0.9 - Xbox - Controller loss of signal action continues. Description: When a dead batterie or loss of signal from the controller the astroneer continues the last action inputted until connection is regained and another action is sent. When this happens durring digging or walking it is almost always a death sentence for the astroneer unless you are lucky. As someone that enjoys hours of gameplay, controllers often go dead. Can we please have the astroneer stop its action at a timed delay after losing connection to inputs. Saving countless lives and resources from recovery efforts? Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 1.0.9 Specifications: xbox one s
  10. I've brought this up before, and the bug still remains. It seems like a very basic issue & hope it is addressed before 1.0 release When changing binds, the controls don't work properly. I know I'm not in alone in despising the WASD format, I realize it's common (probably the most common layout). However I prefer using the "Home row keys" . . . this is the natural position of the hand on the keyboard & why the "F" and "J" keys are raised on most standard keyboards. What this does, is require a shift from WASD to ESDF Walking around is fine, but once in a rover, the controls are a nightmare. Please research the source of the configuration conundrum (hopefully prior to 1.0 release). TYVM tb:mtf
  11. I was running some canisters of soil into the thing that processes them. I use shift+click and didn't get it. At that point, I could not get items or use any Execute type function. I could not even enter the Habitate to escape a wind storm (ran below). After a minute or so, I Alt-F4 out and saw I had a save at that time, so the auto-save must have working. Restarting the game and things were working again. Win10-via-Steam,
  12. I came to the forum because the home screen says to come here to give feedback, but I didn't know where to put this topic. After the update, it's obnoxiously difficult to bring up the backpack with Q. Holding the key for the even the smallest amount of time begins to bring up the research menu, and even if you release the key before it comes up, the backpack stays closed. It takes deliberate thought to press and release the key as quickly as possible to open the pack without the action being cancelled by the game thinking I might want to open the research menu. It's very aggravating. In addition, the new signs that come up next to resources if you accidentally mouse over them is intrusive. One thing I admired about astroneer is it's minimal ui involvement. After a little bit of experience with the game, players know what the resources do, and those additional signs shouldn't appear. Maybe the signs could disappear after being seen a certain number of times, or even better, there could be a menu option to disable them, there could even be an option the remove the resource icons completely for those that would rather identify things by their appearance alone and not have to worry about incompletely clearing out a vein and having the icon linger.
  13. The controls of Astroneer have gone through a lot of iterations. Which is a very good thing! It's good to keep trying new things, to keep looking into what could potentially be an improvement. But I have to ask - what is the goal here? I'm pretty confused as to the direction the controls have taken. To try to be fair to the idea that it's for the console, I hooked up my controller, and . . . eh. Still don't really get it. "use" and "examine" are the same thing: You're telling the game you want to do something with the object. But now you get the fun of trying to remember which key to use. One of the innovations of Astroneer was the whole deal with the backpack: You could just drag stuff around or click on things in the world, and it would just work. Now you have this odd splitting of interactions across different keys. Which also hurts the controller, because now you have an extra binding to try to map to it. And about the long press: I don't get this part either. Theoretically, it's for actions you really really want to confirm. But, just like No Man's Sky, it's thrown into everything with no regards as to why it ought to be there. It's not even really fulfilling the role of distinguishing several actions. I'm kinda lost as to why it was put in. Also, there seems to be no love for the bumpers? They could be used for some things, but nothing is really mapped to them. Especially with the backpack open, they could be used to extend / retract the catalog and the terrain tool. I play Zelda: Breath of the Wild a lot on my Switch, and the bumpers are used extensively for navigating between the pages of the menus, and if you think about it, it's pretty similar when the backpack is open. It just makes too much sense to not do it that way. Really, the overriding principle should be to Keep It Simple and Straightforward. And the current controls are a tad too complex IMO. So I'm not really seeing the goal of this particular control scheme change. Why were these changes made? (The controls for vehicles also seem a bit odd in this release? And tapping the button isn't always responsive, either.)
  14. When I first started the game, I changed my controls, but every time I restart the game, it resets to the default settings!
  15. I use inverted controls when playing on a xbox controller. But the game switches from inverted to regular when ever I use the aim function or pick something up. It's really frustrating and It can´t seem to be able to change it anywhere.
  16. I've been gone for a while and come back. I really liking the graphical improvements, however, the control scheme needs some love. Even all my friends on the PC have quit for now due to the crazy control scheme changes. The controls are sluggish and cannot be adjusted. It feels like I am moving objects through jello. Clicking and holding for 3 seconds for common actions is unintuitive and maddening. Please reclaim the d-pad. Giving it up to just emotes is insane. I'd rather use the d-pad to select what's in the backpack than trying to point at what I want with the joystick (aka mouse style). Also, we're all complaining about the dirt bucket situation. Holes everywhere and filling them in before was more of a courtesy, now it has turned into a nightmare. Please return it to a more friendly way of doing things, or at least make it an option for some players. Thank you!
  17. This is my first time reporting bugs so I am sorry for anything missed out When I put hydrazine on the thruster which is on my rover I do not have enough time to get in the rover and I launches off with out me.
  18. When working on large areas of terrain it's tiresome to hold on to a key for extended periods of time. I would like to suggest adding an option to the game settings that would allow us to set the terrain tool's mode of operation to either hold or toggle. Being able to walk around while leveling terrain without having to constantly hold down the control key would be great.
  19. Some 100 minutes into (streamed) Multi player (2 players online), Motor vehicle trailer and player 2 ejected into space. upon his respawn Player 1 (host) controls became non functional specifically the inability to pick anything up IE items not registering mouse pointer.. on majority items . those that did register and picked up could not be moved from backpack. Restart of Game / server did not resolve issue On initial start PC version backpack showed Y as key rather than normal Q and left mouse buttton Walk showed ? instead of W 16 hours later logging issues remain on that world system manged to host total of 4 players after this event for another 150 minutes without issue for other players only host effected logging to new world all keys work as required Hope these 2 samples demonstrate issues issue started @ 1:44:16
  20. When i restart my game, the controls reset and its getting annoying. I use an azerty keyboard so i change them when i start. It would be very nice if it was fixed! By the way its in the version 0.5
  21. With the newly introduced catalog, a new problem has arisen. To access the inventory, one can press "Q." However, the catalog is also mapped to this. I don't always want to access the catalog when I access my inventory. Therefore, it can sometimes become a nuisance. It would be much appreciated if something is done to improve this. Thank you.
  22. Ninja edit: Apparently ctrl+enter automatically sends the post. Oops! Sorry, i'm gonna edit this! Gimme a sec, sorry, sorry ^-^; Hello, devs of Astroneer(s). You're creating something awesome! It's been a long time since last I found the logic behind basic game mechanics so instantly intuitive, within the first two minutes I felt comfortable and at home playing the game. Congrats, you've done a great job there! I only hope you guys can keep holding up that excellent standard of quality. The fast launch into creating a new game and the speed at which the player gains full control is absolutely sublime, and I urge you guys to keep this in as it's sure to be a winning formula amongst players. I cannot speak highly enough of the game at this stage, given it's in such an early state of development. Again, my sincere congratulations on a job well done. That now said, I shall move on to the bugs I have found with the current version. Hopefully these will prove useful or confirm other player's issues: System: Windows 7, Steam version, with a 4GHz quadcore Intel processor and AMD R9 270x GPU. Game-breaking Bug with camera controls (Steam in-home streaming only): Whilst playing the game remotely with Steam In-home Streaming from one computer to another, right-click-drag is ultra-sensitive, exponentially/logarithmically so. Move the mouse a tiny bit, slowly, and it barely moves; a little more or faster, and it accelerates into mad maniacal spinning. Fast and small swipes, as if pretending one is swiping to unlock their phone, are more effective, but it's really darn annoying. This bug does not occur when using a mouse connected to the host machine, only when using a remote PC's mouse. This means it may be a difficult issue to fix, but I have great faith in your abilities. Good luck. Large gameplay issue: Newly extended modules may block other buildings' power connections or cover them with terrain, making it impossible to use them and sometimes requiring a new save file, losing all your hard won progress. A few suggestions to fix this behaviour are outlined below. 1. Allow buildings and extended conduits to be retracted or moved or rotated, both in height and direction. 2. Have all extentions and buildings remain on the exact same vertical height as all other modules, regardless of surrounding terrain 3. Check for and restrict building in areas which may block generators/power connectors/other attachments. --> Important control options which should be experimented with or added, in order of personal preference from most to least important: - Mouse acceleration toggle, linear movement OR acceleration (I absolutely detest mouse acceleration, I loathe it with every fibre of my being. I am not alone.) - Horizontal camera invert (If you have an option to invert the Y-axis, you must also include an option for the X-axis.) - Mouse/camera sensitivity slider (For PC gamers, this is vital.) - Camera controls re-binder, allowing binary keyboard control of camera (This is a personal preference. It is of low priority.) - Toggle for camera moving when mouse hits edge of screen (This is a personal preference. It is of low priority.) - Camera height slider (This is distinct from camera zoom, and a personal preference.) Questions: --> Why is there no dedicated 'quit' or 'options' button on the main menu? Players should not have to alt-f4 or load/start a game to quit. --> Why are there no options to change graphical settings beyond view distance, resolution and vsync? For example, antialiasing, filters, and Field of View. These are all vital necessities for a modern PC game, and i'm sure that our friends on console will appreciate some of these too. --> Why is there no option to delete saves on the main menu? If one exists, is it clear enough to players? --> Why can we not name or add a personal identifier to saves when using multiple save files? The current implementation seems to require players to memorise the time they last saved the file they wish to load, and *guess* which of the saves they want to load.