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  1. (PS4) I spent the last week working towards completing the automated mass production protocol, probably about 6+ hours a day, only turning off the system by setting it to "rest" instead of quitting and turning off because the previous week I had lost about 100 compound after quitting and loading up the next day. I restarted the quest in earnest, and worked throughout the week to mine all the aluminum, copper, and compound for the missions, as well as 4 canisters worth of astronium. I finished it all last night, and sent off 50 astronium, received nothing, then sent off another 50 ast
  2. I'll bold the actual suggestions as a tl;dr, so if anyone reads any of this, please make it those. I read it's best to split posts with multiple ideas up into separate posts, but seeing as this is mostly about control settings I wasn't sure, so if a mod thinks this would be better split up please say and I'll do so. Also I guess the controller refactor (if it's still a thing) will be in 1.0 so I understand some of these suggestions might not be applicable, but it still feels worth throwing ideas out there. This is all about giving the player the options to customise and control the way they
  3. I was playing on xbox, controller, single player. You can go up these walls while moving next to them and constantly jumping. I have acquired power of lord zebra. Walls cannot contains me.
  4. So i started playing astroneer 2 days ago AND ALREADY had to make 2 madium rovers. I found out that when you flat the floor around the rover the rover will go into the ground and will disapear with all of your stuff now i have nothing and im disgusted to try getting the resources again
  5. Hey Everybody, Version: Xbox One. Has occured on previous versions. I have been running into an issue that at first didn't seem to cause to much overall trouble. While playing on Xbox One, the controller will disconnect due to low battery or wireless connectivity issues, the character will continue its current action while the controller is disconnect. Whether that is drilling, driving, walking, or running. I am currently on the planet of Calidor, when my controller disconnected, the character kept drilling while the camera was spinning around. The backpack is now stuck next
  6. When playing on Xbox, from time to time, the screen becomes blurred and the "Reconnect Controller" message is displayed. Two issues: 1)The game is not paused, so if you are off tether or in a storm, you die. 2)If a different controller is connected, the message persists. To Reproduce: The most consistent way is to start playing using a controller connected to the Xbox, start game streaming to a pc using the Xbox app and a controller connected to the pc then pop the batteries on the controller on the Xbox. The message will appear, you can move your Astroneer usi
  7. I suggested being able to adjust button mapping for xbox, didn't get a lot of feedback about it. But I think at the very least a layout in the menu screen should be available to see which button does what. For example, we can set up 4 emotes but on a controller only 3 can be used (that I've found so far). This is because they use the D-Pad and the bottom direction is used to drop tethers. Only having 3 emotes isn't a big deal but I'd like to know what controls I may be missing out on. The tutorial only covers so much; things like rotating platforms, changing camera distance, even just sprintin
  8. System: Xbox One When the controller batteries die and the controller disconnects, the character keeps moving in the direction it was moving when it disconnects. This needs fixing. Also the isn't a game pause function.
  9. When i use the rover( medium, large, or trailer, with rover seat.) Itwell lock up when i get back in the ro ver, by lock up i mean, it does not respond to throttle commands, and the steering doesnt respond. The happens wither i have one rover or a train of them( more on that in a minute)on flat ground or a hill, and on multiple planets thus far. when i use a Train of large rovers(3+ connected) it g ets weird, tend to have steering input from no wh ere, and LOVES to "crab walk"as ive begone to call it, by which the wheel(all six per body) with turn WAYmore then they should, in a direction im n
  10. Can we get button mapping on the xbox? After having played the pre-release and coming into 1.0 with all the buttons changed it's hard to re-learn the controls. It also doesn't help that things like the backpack get pulled up with the B button, which is commonly used across all genres to close out of menus, meanwhile the Y which previously brought it up is picking up everything nearby which is very annoying... Oops you picked up your tether, oops you picked up the research, oops you pulled the oxygen generator out of the base ...Allowing us to customize like pc has would be very helpful.
  11. Oddly, Radiated does not undergo a full orbit around the sun, when you travel to the planet, but use it only use it as a launching point to another planet, you enter sandstorm stance until you restart the game when you exit the vehicle.
  12. None of the rovers will let me drive them with an xbox controller. Moving the joystick will turn the wheels, but no forward motion. The battery depletes as if I were moving. I tried both a printed and a discovered single seat, neither had any impact. Steam; Windows 10 Dell XPS-13; 8 GB RAM; Core i5 6200U @ 2.3 GHz
  13. I really enjoy the new Rover physics (at least for the new small rover, not tested others yet). And I like being able to change the camera without changing the rover direction, but on PC once you are used to the old controls, I find the old one better (keyboard vs mouse precision). So I am back with the previous mode (thank for letting the option). The only think I didn't liked in the previous version, was when the Rover changed from foreward to backward when you moved to fast. I think it shouldn't change the direction if you did not release the right button but that's another story...
  14. Updated about 45 minutes ago to current on Xbox when trying to use my right analog stick to move the camera/selection tool/terrain tool/anything that involves the right analog stick will move smoothly vertically and diagonally but as you start to sway the joystick to horizontal movement meaning turning left or right or moving an object it will only move a very slight amount and stop completely while holding the joystick fully to one side or another making any type of smooth movement or transition or even playing any part of this game an absolute and Complete nightmare so awful it's not worth p
  15. i always have "invert camera y axis" on for controller because, well, it's the more intuitive way to work with controller camera operation. however, when you hit X to bring out the tool, the camera invert seems to "turn off"... that is, pushing the left stick up or down feels like it goes the wrong way. the only workaround i've found yet is to hold down the left trigger to move the tool without moving the camera focus as well. a couple ideas for fixes: 1) have "invert camera y axis" apply to terrain-mode as well 2) have an option to select 'default' camera mode with deformer, a
  16. Could there be a setting in the controller tab where you can disable your controller support? I would like to configure the controls of the game with the steam overlay.
  17. Could there be a setting in the controller tab where you can disable your controller support? I would like to configure the controls of the game with the steam overlay.
  18. we all know how it is... you're running joyfully across a field, plopping tethers down as you go, then there it is: a vein of resin which you've been needing for some more base building. so you whip out your terrain tool, give the right trigger a little squeeze and start sucking up all the resiny goodness. now, you know you'll be taking a rover around these parts later, so you want to keep the pothole as small as possible. but the camera drift is at odds with your want for precision! solution: a 'camera inertia' setting under the 'controller' category in options. at least an "on/off" for
  19. Playing multiplayer on xbox one, my friend (host) and I are both experiencing this issue with our terrain tools. We'll pull out the terrain tool, use it, then when we release the trigger to stop using the tool, the game continues to make us walk slow like we're still actively using the tool, until we hit the trigger again. The cursor will also stay in "mouse mode" as if we're holding the left trigger in.
  20. add controller implements and controls add more graphic and rendering options for low medium and high its a bit laggy but playable
  21. Hey all, I was playing after a bit of a break last night and I noticed a couple things that seemed new with the controller controls last night. (This was on Xbox, so no Experimental branch for me). Hitting the D-pad down not only pulled a tether out but placed it I could click on waiting base slot (for example, an extension that wanted one Resin to become a small platform) and it would automatically pull the resin out of my backpack. I know the first one is new because @SamanthaZero talked about it on the controller livestream. I'm pretty sure the second is real too.
  22. If you pick up an Artifact with the Controller and hold it you still can jump and run at full speed If you then switch to mouse you can carry an extra one but at the normal encumbered movement
  23. Sometimes when I'm using the tarrain tool standing with my back up against something (cave wall, rocks, trees) if I switch into first person view the camara has a spaze out and flys off into the planet, or most recently went off into space. It stays like this when I relise all controls but seems to sort itself out when I move far enough away from whatever the camara was stuck in.
  24. I've played a bit of the preview on Xbox One and tested the deadzones for the camera/cursor movement. Deadzone: Dotgraph: What I measured was a typical ~25% square deadzone. The size and shape are common, but it would be nice for this to be changed to a circular deadzone with full diagonal movement, and have options for the size. This would make camera movement notably smoother than it currently is. I didn't formally test the movement deadzone, but it seems identical. It's less important, but changing that to a circle wou
  25. Hi, I know it sounds 'vague', please can you guys improve the joystick feedback? It seems a dew microseconds behind, sometimes you have to press twice, and sometimes it seems to buffer the first press. Also, the controls to place materials in pods seems awkward or getting into an extension, I mostly get into backpack mode to be able to select base expansion nodes. So take some time into that. and I have to move around to find the rose expander plug on the screen since the backpack makes to 96% of the screen. You could assign the D-Pad to select things, elements into foc