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Found 23 results

  1. hello, I can write to you because I have a bug with the game, when I run the game there's no sound while I recorded at 50 before, I also have another one that annoys me is that the game does not record my keys, I run a game I change the keys everything is fine but as soon as I leave the game and I restart back bah he did not register my keys, it is very annoying. If you could fix both of these problems in the next update this will be great
  2. Why the game doesn't use standard TPS control? Why, on Earth, the mouse is not bind to the camera?? Why do you use horrible MMO control? Why? WHY?
  3. I've been gone for a while and come back. I really liking the graphical improvements, however, the control scheme needs some love. Even all my friends on the PC have quit for now due to the crazy control scheme changes. The controls are sluggish and cannot be adjusted. It feels like I am moving objects through jello. Clicking and holding for 3 seconds for common actions is unintuitive and maddening. Please reclaim the d-pad. Giving it up to just emotes is insane. I'd rather use the d-pad to select what's in the backpack than trying to point at what I want with the j
  4. First of all kudos to all of the Sytem Era team. Astroneer is basically a LEGO set in outer space, and I love the game to bits. It would be amazing if players had the freedom to fly the shuttles. Not just take off and land, but go through the whole experience of starting the engines and taking off, manuevering, reentering the atmosphere, and landing. It might be a bit far off in the future (and not sure if it is mentioned in the roadmap) but it would just be cool to see the same caliber of exploration that is offered on land to be translated to space. The shuttles are cool, but I can’t he
  5. Hi everyone, i'm a french player so please excuse my poor english. My sound config and the controls, are not saved when i quit the game. I play with an AZERTY keyboard and i see the config file, in the "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor" directory ; have the correct settings (almost for the sound volume) but when i launch the saved game i must reup the volume and remake my control configuration. I try to erase my saved game to start new but the same problem occur. Thanks for your work.
  6. Summary: 0.5.1 - Steam - 2 function for one control Description: On steam, when I change control and replace move left by "Q", I move left but I also use my inventory. Another example even if I change "T" for move, I drop some oxygen extension. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.5.1
  7. Despite the recent major research update, audio settings and controls mapping still wipe out every time the game is closed and restarted. It would be a nice quality-of-life improvement if that did not happen. It'd also make life easier for bug hunters because we have to restart often. Is there a particular technical impediment that causes this to be an outstanding issue for such a long time? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v. 1703 Build 15063.726 CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz GPU: nVidia GeFor
  8. Hi there. Love your sweet little game... having great fun, especially after the excavation update, BUT. I don’t know if it is me, but omg the steering for the crane and drill is so random. I just unlocked it today for the very first time ever. I was so hyped. But God I can not drill the stuff I try to drill. Either it takes control totally randomly, and rest of the time it just does something much worse... i have stopped using it cause the drill and crane seems more annoying than beneficial. And I find myself just using the vacuum tool on the astroneer instead... cause with that
  9. Hello there... since the last update the rover movement is different and more difficult than before. It would be great if you could revise the steering, because sometimes its so hard to get out of the base. And heres a new Idea: what about "streets"? thats it! Bye.
  10. When I customize game controls the game resets them when I change world or when I restart the game. VERY ANNOYING!
  11. Here, I am trying to play without mouse, but faced difficulties that the camara angles are fixed and limited because there is no way I can right click. Why not have arrow keys on the right side of the keyboard for camara angle? And use WASD keys for movement Thanks, Sexy Turtle


    Great work so far, but is there going to be a camera speed option? I'd love to be able to adjust my screen rotation. Thank you.
  13. I recently purchased the Steam version of the game, because it has the ability to stream games via their "in home streaming" feature. I attempted to use it today to play on a collection of other devices and found when trying to move the camera around, the view just started spinning. Thinking it was a Steam issue or a host PC issue, I rebooted everything but to no avail. I've tried on multiple computers, in home streaming is not working for me with Astroneer - looks great, but can't control the game.
  14. 1) As a left handed user WASD for me is IJKL, the key bind system seems fine except the "I" always pulls up the backpack even when its bound to something else. 2) Tried shifting over to OKL<semicolon> but while semicolon can be bound in the UI it does not trigger the action (any action as far as i can tell) in game Thanks in advance.
  15. - make them heavier: they seem to be too light in relation to the astroneer. on the moon they almost float away. and also on the arid planet they spend way too much time in the air. also some object still seem to almost tip them over like the crane. even with a fully loaded truck with a crane and stuff, the center of gravity should be the truck. - they slide too much, increase the friction - please give us an ordinary wasd control over the vehicle. right now, there's no clean option to break. - the movement of the vehicle often doesnt match the position of the wheels.
  16. Playing for the first time with the full license on Xbox One. The controls are not mapping as they should. Right stick run forward/backward is inverted (pull down to run forward). B button acts as A button. A Button does nothing. No crafting in Backpack accordingly. Function of RB and RT are mapped to LB and LT. LS is also inverted in positioning of terrain mapping tool similar to the movement function of Right stick. 1/3/17 11:30 EST.
  17. Is it just me, or is clicking a button to move the camera seem just a little unnecessary? why not just make it like every other game and have just moving the mouse like normal control the camera? For example make the camera like work just like H1Z1; I know the two games are nothing alike, but their camera controls/ crosshair controls coincide as one, and I think that's how this game should be. if you want to look around without changing the direction the player is facing then by all means leave the right click camera turning just for that, but having to click the right mouse button while movin
  18. When u are controlling a land vehicle like a rover or a truck, the control appears to be relative to the camera position, following always your sight when u are pressing "W". This is simply horrible, it doesnt let you look around u without making driving a nightmare. It will be a great idea to use the classic input of "WASD" to "W" forward, "S" backward, "A" Left and "D" right. Like in all the other games, its a control that doesnt needs to be changed.
  19. Hello There my name is Nathan I am an audio engineer and an electrical engineer. To start I really love this game and I think it has great potential. I think the controls are paramount in this type of game in order for it to be fun and not tedious. Right now there is one option to invert the look which is great but this option does not also invert the look when using terrain tool which makes it very difficult to use if you are an inverted Y axis user. While an easy fix would to have the invert option do it for both, I think a better option is to have the option to invert Y axis for look a
  20. Im lefty and I change the keys always to my very own settings which I have in every single game. I want to play with exactly the settings I use in other games because I play many games and I make mistakes because of my habits. But in this game I cannot use the Numpads(0=Insert, num, =Delete, so these two keys arent usable anymore above the arrow keys) Furthermore I also want to change the mouse keys and the middle mouse key for using as example. Im sure, that there are more people than me who want to change the keybindings more in-depth.
  21. Hi, Firstly, thank you for developing this great game! I've been having a lot of fun with it so far. A suggestion I wanted to put out was to allow for dragging and dropping resources between attachment points and the backpack. I personally found it a little jarring that you have to click to pick something up, and click again to put it down. I'd also like to suggest making it possible to right-click the holographic resource points, like resin for building new connections, organics in the generator, or hydrazine fuel in the shuttle, to place those resources on them if you have them in
  22. Please set the camera to "fix" in place when driving the rover. Or at lease set it so the mouse does not define the front of the vehicle. The way it is now it is very hard to control.