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Found 15 results

  1. I'll just get right to the point. This is a list of ideas for improving the game, why I think they should be implemented, and ways they could be implemented into the game Survival Limited Oxygen Production I understand that this is a common thought, but in my eyes even long term space travel would have some difficulty producing O2 out on other planets without some source to draw power or resources from, even in a high-level space age civilization. Therefore it might be more interesting to implement limits on oxygen production from the player's facilities, making thin
  2. Hello. I recently just picked up Astroneer for the first time in a long time; I love the new base-building system, and I was amazed when I saw how cool the new habitat looked. However, when attempting to settle on other planets with the habitat built using the printer, I seem to be stuck with the standard drop-pod sort of habitat. Is it supposed to be like this? Is there any way I can make it bigger? I'm not gonna let it bother me too much, but the bigger one is much more aesthetically pleasing and it's also nice having four connections. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. Alright, so we know that medium to late game, storage can be an issue, you'll be mining and you'll just accumulate tons of stuff without even trying. So far currently we have a few storage options but nothing that can really handle the vast amount of random junk we can amass. I know that there are possibly more variants of storage possibly planned for the future of Astroneer, but I have several ideas for storage. 1. Stackable Pallets As we have warehouses around the world with storage pallets filled with goods for transport, I figure you could possibly do the same with medium stora
  4. Construction in its current state is dispersed over many features and continuously enabled. I think the following ideas have the potential to unify the whole process and create a cleaner user experience. 1. Construction tool. Information: The idea is a tool that, for the duration it is in active use, displays construction holograms near the user and enables printing standard structures/ modules. Adding a recycler augment enables the tool to deconstruct existing structures into refinable scrap materials. Intended effect: - cleaner overall base (structure) impression due to fewer hol
  5. Why? My impression of this game at its current stage, is that it is too easy. Sure that may change soon with the addition of destructible structures, hostile mobs etc... but nonetheless I would like to contribute my idea to lengthen the game and add something which is a real challenge to build and unlocks some really cool tech. My vision for a particle accelerator: What does it do? Currently our real life particle accelerators can be used to create super heavy elements. I intend for the use of a particle accelerator in Astro to be exactly this. A particle accelerator does
  6. Perhaps add in a new 'building' allowing you to combine metals or other resources? Could be a nice way of adding more vehicles or extras for vehicles, could also be used to make crafting things at the printer more difficult by adding more combinations of different items to craft certain items. Thoughts?
  7. Hey guys! We just picked up Astroneer a few days ago on Steam early access and love it. I have experience with 3D modeling, and have modded for Minecraft and Cities: Skylines. I came up with an idea for building housing in Astroneer using simple modules and a "pressurization" system that is easy to understand. I'm sure the devs are already working on something like this, but I whipped it up in just a few hours so I thought I'd share it to see what people thought!
  8. DESCRIPTION Playing on PC/Steam with a GTX960 on update 119 Hi! My idea would be that by expanding your base, if you are very close to another platform would not let you build and you would have to do it in a more secluded area. By doing that, we would make things like these not happen. Thanks.
  9. [To desolate in advance of my vocabulary in English] Hello,Game creator and Player I introduce myself kiralefaucheur and I would like to propose to you an idea that trots me in the head! For me the game Astroneer this situates in a future close to the genre 2030 maximum (with the March mission that prepares it, if you have not heard speak) So I would like this game to evolve to the maximum being a games sandbox and survival open world in space. I would like to propose an idea to be able to build his house,But not just copy the building creation system like Rust or the ARK game.
  10. Нe idea is to make a smooth and sturdy roof and wall foundations. 1. Open technology (formwork of force fields (for pouring concrete)). 2. Print formwork force fields on the printer (requires Astronium) 2 pieces for the room. 3. Set the formwork to the right place, stretch along three axes (stretching one point) until the desired result (appears: Finish). 4. Take the 2nd formwork and direct at first, they will contact (appears: Finish). 5. Have inventory and 1 unit of concrete on one plane that is 4 walls + floor + roof = 6 concrete units. (1 consumes energy (1 wall) when pouring the
  11. When im playing Astroneer, buiding a base and expanding it results in a big fps drop: im talking about that when i start the game for the first time in a run, i have about 60 fps like rocks, but when i construct a base and expand it 4 or 5 times, i get a gradual drop for about 20-30 fps. Im playing in PC-Steam, and here it is my configuration: Windows 10 - Pro Gpu: AMD Gigabyte R9 290x Cpu: AMD fx 8320 octacore 4.0 Ghz cooled with liquid refrigeration Ram: 16GB 1866 Mhz CL9 MoBo: Asus Sabertooth 990fx
  12. Show us what you've made! Lots of folks are doing some amazing things with the terrain builder, like trying to build a bridge toward the moon. Here's a couple of things I've created, add yours.
  13. Hello guys, love the game so far. Found a few bugs tho. - your forum server apparently refuses to send mails to totally valid mail servers (had to use a googlemail account to log in finally). Bugs in the game: - connected cars: if you connect cars, the game slows down dramatically (might be a physics issue). - connected cars: a car with one waggon may bounce around endlessly on the ground in certain situations (another physics issue). - smelter: the smelter always leaves one unfinished, non-usabe aluminium on it, I can't detach it/move it anywhere. - cargo bay: y
  14. Hey Guys, Playing via PC. Utilizing a Keyboard, have a game-pad hooked up too, but was not using at the time. Issue: I constructed a new building and became stuck in it. My character looked to be stuck in some kind of falling animation. While stuck, I could pick up objects and move them around and still affect the world. I just could not move the character in any direction or jump. Upon exiting to the main menu and reloading the save, the character was no longer falling and I was able to jump out of the building. Will attempt to recreate as I construct the next b
  15. Hi, When standing in extension of a node from the main pad and adding the compounds to transform it into a construction block / buildable structure* it's possible get stuck inside it, as you're not pushed aside the new and larger entity. Edit: after a relog I was able to jump out of it.. * for reference "buildable structure" 2:10: