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Found 19 results

  1. The last few days the game was performing smoothly but for some reason as of yesterday I’m experiencing massive lag/frame drops overtime till I can’t play anymore.I play multiplayer with my Girlfriend in her world and she seems to not experience close to no lag yet I skip with consistent big lags.
  2. Hello, glad to finally be interacting with the great community surrounding this game. Cutting to the point, have been playing the game for a few months now. Finished the cores and satellite. Along the way used the probe scanner to find the downed craft on Sylva. Fit it into the slot, ate it up, and emitted the beam, yet no palette was unlocked. Now that the main gateway line is finished, I tried to unlock the Glacio crash site via the same method, and still no dice. This is really frustrating since I'd like to fully complete the game. I've started a new game to see if the original file was somehow corrupted or bugged but it made no difference. Same problem occurs, with no palettes unlocking. I've scoured the internet and this forum but no one seems to be having the same problem. I've watched a youtube vid or two but there doesn't seem to be a way to go about it any differently. As far as I can tell you just insert the probe scanner and boom, get the palette. What am I doing wrong? I'll try and get a video or something doing it on a different planet to post, but I'm not very familiar with xbox filesharing/captures so don't hold your breath lol Thanks for the read and any help is greatly appreciated!!
  3. Hello community and hello devs, I've just recently discovered Astroneer, love it and would like to continue doing so. Which is why I took the time to sign-up on this board and actually voice this issue. I'm talking about the framerate drops. I know that the most recent update 1.9.8. (I believe) was supposed to fix this issue on consoles. It did not however. Issue description: The game is unplayable on PS4pro at this point in time. I'm referring exclusively to the online co-op part of it. I've been enjoying some eight (8) hours of gameplay with a friend, building bases, figuring things out and just recently, traveling to the moon. My friend is hosting the game. He gets slight framerate drops in our main base back on earth (calling the starting planet that, as I forgot its name) but can still play. I however get 3-5 frames per 2-5 seconds on earth, which makes it unbearable and unplayable. Now, I've read that too many tethers can cause this, so we started removing a lot of them. Two things about that though: 1. It makes navigation a lot harder and 2. it's not helping the issue. I still can barely move on earth. When I am on the moon everything works fine. The base and tethering is very limited there though as we just landed there. I'm guessing it'll start getting choppy for me there too, once we start exploring and tethering more. Once I return to earth my game is done for. Another two facts: Once my frames dropped, the sound also gets chopped up and noisy and traveling between planets (earth and moon) won't fix the issue. I need to log out and rejoin to get stable framerate again. Question As I found others on reddit voicing this issue continuing after the most recent update I feel like I'm not alone. Is there dev feedback on this? Do devs know the update didn't fix anything? Do devs know what's causing the framerate drop? And Is there a fix you are working on? Thank you for taking the time reading this.
  4. Hi Everyone, this is mainly aimed at the game developers ( @SES Annie @SES Chloë @SES_Adam @SES_Anthony @SES_Brendan @SES_carl @SES_J @SES_joe @SES_Paul @SES_Sam ) I would like to know if their is any plans to implement a system to where the shuttle will land on the nearest planet after 10mins of being in the same orbit or a control panel to make it force land! I’m currently playing on my friends world and my game crashed mid flight, I was forced to redeploy to the default planet. Now all I can see is my shuttle constantly orbiting the plant with no way no send it down. Any Ideas?
  5. Any more word on a PS4 release? And I've been reading that a lot of people still find the game unplayable. This concerns me. I've been waiting to play Astroneer for a long time, but now I'm wondering if I should stick to No Man's Sky, now that it's the great game they promised.
  6. Currently I feel it is near impossible to beat the game on console, by the time you reach your third or fourth planet to activate the lag will be so unbearable you won’t even be able to move. I suggest that you make the satalite and all purples you attach to it available from any new save you make. This way even if you have to make a new save for every single planet, you can still reach and beat the game.
  7. On xbox, lack of mouse support makes it nearly impossible to create flat structures. A solution to this could be printable architecture! At first I was just focused on flat walls and floors that snap together easily, but there is potential to make unlockable shapes and styles like crown mouldings, stairs, railings, columns, windows, doors, roofs, etc. If these are crafted with colored terrain analyzers the colors could be applied as well! Having many different size and style options would provide more options for decorating and building. All options should be bought with bytes to give more items to unlock. Rather than just crafting from soil, perhaps trees could be 'shredded' and wood grain styles/textures could be implemented. Other building materials could be useful as well like steel, aluminum, etc. Another option could be conductive surfaces: giving players walls that could distribute power without needing to connect modules at a slight loss of power. (Think wireless charger) Just to reiterate, the main point here is to give Xbox players an option for aestheticly pleasing bases. I've built bases on Xbox but I can't even come close to replicating the deatil you can get with kb+m. Anything to add? Sorry if this has been suggested, I didn't see it anywhere when I checked.
  8. Just a heads up I think focus should be more on console because I play on both so far playing on PC has been stable. Where as on console my friend and I constantly get dashboarded and glitched out not stable at all. Just figured I'd give a heads up.
  9. Updated about 45 minutes ago to current on Xbox when trying to use my right analog stick to move the camera/selection tool/terrain tool/anything that involves the right analog stick will move smoothly vertically and diagonally but as you start to sway the joystick to horizontal movement meaning turning left or right or moving an object it will only move a very slight amount and stop completely while holding the joystick fully to one side or another making any type of smooth movement or transition or even playing any part of this game an absolute and Complete nightmare so awful it's not worth playing on console until this issue is fixed in my opinion
  10. So, from the start, I've really enjoyed Astroneer, even though at times progress has been slow and boring at times, I've stuck with it. This fear crossed my mind from the start. Originally, I assumed that since the game was focusing on being there for you wherever you play, that the focus of GUI and general game-play would be balanced across PC and Xbox One. In the past two updates, I've become increasingly disappointed that this has not been the case. Let's be honest, controller gameplay wasn't perfect from the jump, but it was to get better. To an extent, it has. But I feel that this has led to PC getting prioritized in development. This idea is solidified in the fact that the devs keep making GUI designs that are based around tiny text, perfectly well seen on a PC display, but impossible to see on a TV from a distance. This has led me to have very little interest in playing the game, since I don't want to leave the couch to go sit 5 inches from the TV. I really think this is a great game, and I do enjoy it. But poor GUI design has been the downfall for me. I hope it improves.
  11. Will they eventually allow cross-play between Steam and Xbox One? Rocket league is cross-platform between Steam and Xbox One. So just wondering if they would eventually do the same thing here?
  12. Please lower graphics a bit until you optimize code. Playing on Xbox One S and game is like 15-20 FPS all the time. Feels very uncomfortable and I don't have extra cash to buy more powerful Xbox One X to play smoothly. Other than that, you make really great job devs
  13. After 3 hrs of playing here is what I have learned so far. Some has probably been cover by others, for this I am truly sorry for repeating. And for someone who learned the hard way and lost their base. 1. Dig a shallow tunnel close to base - Helps when storms come in. Especially when you're not near you Habitat or Vehicle. (Tunnel under your base if, you need too.) 2. LT on "yo'self" - Compass! lifesaver at times. 3. If venturing a far - Beacons! plant them, venture, once the most recent one hits the horizon - plant another. *make sure you have compound or harvest it * 4. When venturing at the start - tether the s**t! remember you can always pick the tethers back up. 5. Solar panels... 6. Trains - 3 is the magic number to start with. What I have ended up doing. Trunk for my main drive, trunk with large storage, then 'blank' rover carts attached but one with a seat at the end. Means I can drive into caves straight and makes it easier to leave said cave. 7. Hear wind? LOOK AROUND! you may not need to duck for cover! If it looks like it is heading your direction, DIG A HOLE or HIDE! However, your vehicle will protect you if out and about. 8. If you have a train, gather your tethers and plant them on there or your backpack. This saves you creating more but compound is as common as muck, literally. 9. Power or Oxygen in caves, you say? COLLECT IT! it will be stored and automatically be used before your main supply of power and oxygen*without tethering*. 10. Aliens Trees - Look up at them! From what I have seen so far, they have 'unknown' pods on them. However, depending on the camera(angle on the xbox) you should be able to grab them with ease. ***You will need a Research lab*** I hope this helps newcomers to Astroneer on the xbox one. I look forward to any feedback and new tips and hints.
  14. This game is AMAZING. I play on console and I think a few things need to be tweaked. First, power distribution through my base is not working anymore and I don't know why. Second, tethers need to be fixed, there is no lag, but the tethers don't connect sometimes. And last, but not least, there needs to be a way to delete worlds off your saves for the console. Again, the game is beautiful, but if these bugs are fixed first, this game will be one of my favorites!
  15. I DOWNLOADED THE PREVIEW!!! So I was totally hype about No Man's Sky but when I found that the multiplayer fell apart, I fell off! This gives me that Space exploration feel and I WANT MORE!!! I was about to buy the game and saw that it's not split screen! I did not buy it. I want to buy it, but my son has so much fun watching me play and I want to play with him. Right now we are looking for couch co-op games and I want to play Astroneer! Hopefully this is a feature coming soon! Great Work Guys! I want to continue to be a part of this community and best of luck to you all!
  16. I've noticed that the game is somehow tied to 62Hz. Whenever you play with KB/M, the frame rate fluctuates tremendously, but using a console controller smooths the rate to 62. So I decided to start playing with a controller (PS4 remote with Input Mapper software). Anyhoo, while I started complaining about the degree of muscle control needed to simultaneously use the analog R2 trigger and aim with the analog R3 stick when farming terrain, I noticed that the Circle button (B on Xbone) is unused during gameplay. So I bring forth an interesting question in the title of this post. My knee-jerk response for what B should do is help with camera reposition while using the Terrain Tool. I hate having to put away the tool to reposition my camera. An idea would be to make the B button as a variable use button, so every action in-game has its own purpose for B. In this case, B for repositioning the camera only while Terrain Tool is active. What are your thoughts on what B should be used for? P.S. It would be nice to have native support for multiple brand controllers, Devs. Thanks for your wonderful game. I hope it gets better as it ages.
  17. So after I built my base up and crafted a rover and truck with other rovers attached, I left my world through the shuttle to explore other planets. When I returned to my home base, all off my vehicles had disappeared. Little did I know, they fell through to the lower levels of the world. I started a new game and rebuilt my base again and tried to recreate the same issue. It happened again. *I did found out that if i stored my vehicles on top of my base structures (as long as it was on the grey part) the vehicles would not fall through the map when I would return to the word again.* I verified this temporary fix over and over. Hope this helps anyone!
  18. HELLO EVERYONE, I hope everyone is good. I first wanna start with saying thanks to System Era for creating such and interesting game for us to play! Big ups gentlemen and can't wait to see what coming. I made this topic to serve 1 purpose and that's to have a place where all us console gamers can have a place to discuss our problems, issues, share pictures and videos and jus to communicate openly about astroneer on console. I love this game and everything about it but with new games of course comes problems. I want us to use this forum for us and also the astroneer developers to be able to see our good and bad things that are going on with astroneer. I can see PC and Console are a little different with some of the bugs so injus wanted a place to separate them. Hope you guys enjoy the forum, make new friends and together make this game great!
  19. This has happened on multiple occasions but when I try to add ground it'll sometimes send me into the ground with the falling animation until i reach a cave where it'll kill me and respawn me back at base. it doesn't happen that often but can be quite tedious when I'm carrying a lot of rare materials