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Found 1 result

  1. The Primary Concern: PC (Mouse+Keys) Controls DO NOT translate directly to Controller Layout/Use. The Cursor was clearly designed with Mouse use in mind, and it is almost painful on Console Controls! Issue: The "Cursor Function". On console using the Right Analog Stick as a "Cursor" does not function well. The current set up in "Cursor Mode" is so unexpectedly off-putting I've had to put the game down immediately. It is as though you are forced to fight your own controls and camera at the same time. And to be honest, it does not feel the slightest bit fluid, or intuitive, nor does it feel ingenuitive . And as someone that plays everything with standard Inverted Y-Axis for camera I find myself able to easily walk around and view the world as normal. Yet the second I have to use "Cursor Mode" the controls switch back to Default (up-is-up); which in itself is very off-putting and confusing. But what's worse is then the Camera DOESN'T Move with the Aiming Control. I had the cursor jumping wildly to the foreground as it collided with the edges of things but I couldn't swing the camera around with it to avoid this. I found myself struggling to orient my body while trying to aim with the Cursor and put the Camera angle in an optimal spot all at the same time. On a Mouse, it's different with it's easy of use, finer resolution on movement control. Plus on a Mouse Set-up this control scheme would feel more natural and fluid. On Console Analog Stick - IT DOES NOT. Within the first few minutes of play, the issue is how awkwardly the current control scheme on console seems to force you out of a natural control scheme. It is extremely off putting. In Cursor Mode there is also the issue that the Y-Axis reverts to default, so the Y-Axis on Right Stick is literally switching between layout styles! Analog Sticks do not possess the same detailed controls as a Mouse. And the lack of Camera Tracking while you work with the cursor/stick is a massive problem. Suggestion: Tie in Cursor Control with Camera Motion, and the Option to Maintain Camera Controls on the Cursor. Basically You Look/Aim (like most building/crafting games) while using the Cursor and Related Function. Simply Put: The Camera functions as Aiming for the Cursor as it would on almost any game. It literally feels as though there are 3 different Control Schemes competing with each other when transitioning from navigation to cursor mode. The Controls in it's current state are so deeply off putting in this one regard that I had to start my morning (after downloading and playing asap last night) by making this post. I really do love this game! It has been ONE of ONLY 2 Games this Year I have cared about and purchased! I have happily watched through Steam as Astroneer has developed despite myself spending considerably less time playing games on PC. This is a game I've intended to play as a "staple game", one perfect for just hopping in and having fun with friends or strangers for years to come. I ADORE games like this. But this one issue with the Free Floating Cursor approach is so disappointing I've had to put the game down immediately. It detracts from so much beautify and amazing design. PLEASE: Provide a Function to Have the Cursor behave as a Standard Aiming Reticle - have the Camera Track the Cursor while you're in Cursor Mode maintaining the same Axis Format selected for Camera Controls. Mouse Control/Behavior DOES NOT translate directly into Console Controls well. Thank You.