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Found 19 results

  1. so whenever i try to join my friends co-op, it don't work. my firewall is fine (private public,) and it only do be happening on 1 world.we've only been on the coop for around 12 hours, and it do be workin' before. just now its broken. we are also both using STEAM. Plz help.
  2. It's been three days and everytime my friend tries to join my game, he has this message :"your connection to the host has been lost". We tried restarting steam, restarting our pc, and other things and we still can't play. We absolutely love the game so it really annoys us. Have a great day
  3. I must say it frankly. This game as an enormous potential. I say that because I think it's missing ONE thing that would make this game truly amazing. It's missing the one thing that make me not want to come back and enjoy it fully... wiring @astroneergame. The foundation for wiring is there, @astroneergame , it's there. So much potential is wasted because no form of wiring is there. The ring platform where you go in it and it activate ? Cool, but useless because it's only there. If only there was wiring so I can connect it to other. See this firework field (WIP) ? If only there was some wiring so I can connect all of them together which would allow me, with the press of a SINGLE button, launch them all and enjoy it. Without it, I need to walk up to them, press a button, have time to distance myself and not enjoy it, because I can't be fast enough to activate them all and enjoy it from far away. If only there was wiring, so I could do some cool lighting setup which, on the press of a button, could light up in some way. Combined with logic gate, I could make a calculator, a computer, all of that in Astroneer. ONLY if there was WIRING. Please @astroneergame , add wiring. This was copy-pasted from my Twitter. So sorry for all the mentions. Wiring is the main suggestion here, but of course, this means that more things need to come with it to make wiring truly good. Here are the suggestions I can think off the top of my head. Not as detailed & explained as my take on wiring above, but enough to get the idea: • Logic gates: Logic gates would allow people to make some really neat circuit which could be combined with a lot of stuff. These mostly goes along with the other suggestion below • Colored lighting (At this point, colored tether too): It's christmas all over again ! Except this time, you can choose the color and activate it with wiring ! Along with logic gates, do all sort of crazy stuff. But what if ? • Sensor: Sensor for night/day, sensor for "is machine activated/working?", sensor for player, sensor for vehicle, sensor for "item in storage", sensor for everything ! Now, you can make your colored halloween light go on only at night ! Hmmm, this make me think. • Vehicle de-loader !: Now, me and my friend sometime (A lot of time actually) goes on "planetary expedition" with a rover setup that allow us to store A LOT of stuff. So much so that when full, it can take us from 30m to 1h to unload it and store it correctly. Imagine this. You come back to your base with the vehicle and you just position it at the side or under or whatever systemera give us and it unload automatically ! Now, if we can only get... • Conveyor ! Or something that can organize item on storage (I'm thinking Buildcraft mod in Minecraft): Now this. Combined with the vehicle de-loader, would allow us to just have your vehicle deload and the conveyor will organize it between the setting you put on the storage or the machine you decide ! No more time lost because you need to make your storage all organized ! Gosh, so much time saved. • Piston ! Or some forms of it: Now I'm daydreaming, but if SystemEra can pull this off, maybe I'll not be daydreaming afterall. Some forms of machinery that allow us to move stuff. Or to make stuff disapear. So you can combine the previously mentionned player sensor to do something like a door to your base... or some kind of trap, if you are that type of player. Just make sure if you do a trap that you collect the stuff dropped by the victim with the conveyor Do you have any other idea to add ? Don't hesitate ! I'm sure if we say the immense potential this have for Astroneer, SystemEra will give it to us ! So continue to give idea to show them how good it's gonna be if they implement this ! Also, don't forget. Stay safe Astroneer ! Firework field is there if you want to see it: Sorry for the double post. But apparently, we can't edit post after we posted it. So I need to re-create it again. Hope you understand, mods. Thanks !
  4. On PS4, connecting with a friend over high speed connection, the game plays fine at first, but over the course of 2 to 5 minutes the frame rate slows more and more. The slowdown that occurs for the joining player appears to be more of a frame rate issue. For the host player, it occurs as a smooth floating and a slowdown of movement and physics that gets immediately better when the joining player leaves the game. It feels like a memory leak somewhere because it runs great at the beginning. We had been playing multiplayer before the most recent patch in February/January (whenever that was, we haven't seen a patch recently)
  5. Started up a new game the other day, making excellent progress. At some point, tethers ceased to connect to any platform but the Smelter and my primary shelter. They no longer connect to ground transport vehicles or spaceships or most platforms. My personal tether line will only connect to vehicles, spaceships the main shelter, the smelter platform and to tether lines connected only either to the primary shelter or the smelter platform. As far as I can tell, this began when I placed a tall storage unit with a couple of floodlights on it connected to the smelter platform. I can provide a savegame if it helps.
  6. After digging deep into the caves, the teather lines connection is not visible anymore. I have included my save file (in zip format) and a screen shot. System Spec: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz Corsair 12.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 1600MHz ASUSTeK P6T (LGA1366) 1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (EVGA) If you need more information don't hesitate to contact me. Continue your good work and congratulation to all the team for this excellent game. p.s. After restarting the game and removing the last teather i placed and putting a new one , the connection lines where visible again. Save File:
  7. I am studying in Australia. The game server always crash when I playing with my friends from other country.
  8. Hi Guys, I might need some help on this one. All your knowledge is appreciated. So, about 2 months ago i spoke to a friend about Astroneer and he ended up also buying the game on Steam. We played during the whole Saturday besides some occasional crashes that were occurring. No problem though, as they were previously reported (ex: picking up research) and I was already expecting this as the game is still in development. All went relatively smooth until we decided to stop for the day. Later on, I started to play Borderlands 2 with another friend and this is when I noticed something was wrong. For the first time in years (966 hours played) I was not able to join a session. When I do join, i have lag spikes building up until connection is lost. Usually between 1 to 5 minutes. For the last 2 months I have been around installing/uninstalling my Steam account and the games to the point that today I only have Borderlands 2 and still have the same. When it comes to troubleshooting I have done a lot apart from formatting, which is planned for the next days if I cannot understand the root cause. I even did a hard reset to my router/modem and changed my IP via router settings. I also released/renew/flushdns the new IP. No need to mention about scans (Malwarebytes and Avast Free). Please understand that my machine was working normally, as it was formatted about 3 months ago due to Lavasoft software issues. All my programs and games were fully working after format. Weeks later, from the moment I enjoyed Astroneer multiplayer with a friend, then the above happened. I do believe something may have corrupted my Steam account, files or connectivity as it is only conflicting with online multiplayer on Steam and only started after the various crashes while on multiplayer on Astroneer. I tried to find other resources and troubleshooting for Steam (fully reinstalled) but I am running out of options. I also noticed that since then, every time I try to join a game via Steam chat or open a Steam game from the the Steam icon on the task bar, I have a pop up window asking to confirm if I want to open the game (instead of just launching it) to which leads me to the conclusion of a possible corruption on the permissions for Steam folders. Maybe someone else have reported it with another game after playing Astroneer? I cannot find anything related or similar to this anywhere on the internet or on the forums. I could contact Steam but this originated after several hours of Astroneer with a friend. I am sorry for the long description and lack of system info as this is one thing that happened from one moment to another. I am just trying to describe the chain of events I went (and still am) going through, since that so far, I only ended up understanding less and less to the point of posting this request for help. Thank you all in advance for any information! - Serge
  9. Hello... ive found a new bug (i guess its since the last update). When u want to dock the rover to the station again and u already see the predicted line, u can click on it but the rover detaches instantly. So at first u have to drive as close as possible to the station, until u can dock the rover and do whatever u want... thank u for reading and improving bye
  10. This is my 2nd base on Planet 1 on Astroneer Pod 1 (1st save), tried practically every tip and trick laid out for creating a perfectly flat surface but no go (lower ground soil color appeared to be angled at a gradient and not flat when digging into the ground? But I digress). I just went with the base building anyway with a new Habitat.I extended max 6 "branches" from the Habitat, and on 3rd extension from the last "branch" i kept 2 Copper on the slots while I went to harvest for more Resins. I came back and just casually popped off the Copper and slotted in 2 Resins. I noticed I left one of the Copper right next to the undeveloped base extension, and when the Platform was generated the Copper sunk into the ground right under the Platform and started making scratching noises from the hitbox collision (or whatever you call it). In my mild "panic" I started digging around where the Copper fell through the ground, but it eventually started popping out from under the white struts under the Platform. I flattened the ground I dug and dug another hole to let the Copper pop out on its own. Done. I took the Copper and flattened the ground around the Platform before proceeding to build a Fuel Condenser on it. I did, but then noticed that power wasn't being transferred from my 5 Batteries from around the base. That's when I notice the connection cable between the Fuel Condenser platform and the adjoining "extension" is not there. And try as I might, I could only extend and retract the rotating "connector" facing our view-point, but not the permanent one facing the platform.
  11. Hi. I'm playing Astroneer with 2 friends of mine and every time we try to connect to each other's world we will end being stucked at the initial loading screen, but the host of the world can "see" us in the space, with our player marker. But we can't make it through the connecting phase, we cannot even reach the main menu. On the other hand, if someone makes a brand new world, one of us, mostly, rarely the two of us, can connect to the host and make it to the planet. I don't know if this issue has been discussed or fixed somehow, but we tried everything in order to play all toghether. We thought it was a port-forwarding-related issue, but we couldn't find any informations about any specific ports.
  12. My mind get injured
  13. For 2 days me and my friend were playing just fine but then after i left and came back the next day he was unable to join my game. He would press Join Game but would be put into a single player game instead. Later I tried with a different friend and he couldnt join me either but i can join them. The reason i cant just play with them is because they dont have very good PCs and if you're hosting you get worse FPS.
  14. My friend and I both have Astroneer, so he invites me to his game (on steam), and I click on the invite (using keyboard and mouse). I join his game like normal, launch onto the planet, and then start to play. Anytime from not even landing, to 2 minutes after I launch, the game will freeze (not my mouse pointer though) and I am kicked back to the main menu. So now he invites me back into the game, but when I click on the invite nothing happens. I restart the game, and the process repeats. I basically can't play multiplayer Astroneer.
  15. Ok, sorry if this is the wrong format or whatever, i am VERY new to this fourm thing. (System specs. and platform listed below!!) I am having a problem connecting to my buddy who lives in Canada. I however live in the states. Now the problem i am having is that whenever i try and connect to my friend, his frames drop to about 15fps and he cannot see me or my habitat flying in. On my side all i see is his habitat, everything he has built including him are nowhere to be found and i cannot leave my habitat. Now whenever he tries to join me, i do not ever see his little icon appear in the sky whatsoever and on his side he just gets the freezing "space loading screen thing" then his music stops and it doesnt load anymore. We have played together in the past briefly for a couple of hours but it was very glitchy the entire time (things not making sounds, chunks of world not loading in, me not being able to pick things up i had previously dropped, etc.) PLEASE HELP, i've looked to the ends of google to try and resolve this issue which is why i'm posting here. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed in the next update as i would greatly enjoy playing with my friends. Thanks in advance!! Both of us are playing on steam on PC Candadians Friends specs: intel i7 6700 4.0ghz Nvidia GTX 1070 8gb 32gb ram MSI z170m mobo windows 10 My PC specs: AMD FX 8350 eight-core 4.0ghz AMD Radeon R9 200 series 16gb ram Asus M5A97 Windows 7
  16. Hello there, from the 108 we got a problem about joining a match. join by invitation, or via Stem friends list, left click -> Join the game start, load as usual, but instead load the main menù show this picture for half second and then get back to the load screen. The cursor take the default windows form (instead to be a dot)
  17. When I connect multiple of my vehicles (like 3). In general when your vehicles connect it makes it laggy. The more connections the more lag. I have a high powered pc, 1080gtx 6700k cpu. I shouldnt be getting frame drop. If I unconnect the vehicles it stops lagging/frame drop. The farther I advance in the game the more lag I recieve. Although I only lag around my base were theres many things. But its game breaking lag.
  18. Let me start off with this, this is an outstanding game, even if it is just game preview. However there are some key/huge/issues. Which is fine because I know it is still new and being worked on. 1. Saving on Xbox One practically doesn't exist. I spent 5+ hours working on a world I was very proud of and it disappeared when I returned from dinner and restarted the game. This was very saddening. 2. My friend bought the game after I suggested it (even after the saving issue I recommended it), I joined him and at first I was red and it took several tries to join. Upon joining I experienced these issues: A. The syncing between us was terrible first try and we both lagged out. Beginners luck, we still were able to play with each other for like 5 minutes. B. Tethers don't emit light, no matter how many times I restart the game and rejoin his game. C. Upon the 4th time rejoining, I could not gather resources anymore besides Power resources. Everything else went to waste. D. The Dust Storms come very frequently in Multiplayer, moreso than single player, it could depend on planet or location, but it was very often and annoying as it slowed everything down, including inside of caves. E. Player Two doesn't sit right inside of the Habitat chair and ends up sitting outside on an invisible chair. F. Items are a bit more difficult to place down for some reason. Like I said I have put over 7 hours into the game at this point and I am enjoying it still, but this is a recurring issue as of right now. 3. Falling through the world to a cave and dying. I have recovered multiple times, but it happens if I am not careful enough. Otherwise this is an Amazing game for where it is at right now, I love the game. It has a quirky cuteness and great atmosphere. Concept: 9.5/10 Playability: 6/10 Fun: 10/10
  19. When a multi-car vehicle is attached to a base, large amounts of hitching occurs. Build: Pre-alpha Specs: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) Intel i5-6600k GTX980 Ti 16GB RAM Installed on SSD No OCing on any hardware. Notes: Very easy to reproduce. Video: Screenshot of Base: