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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I play with my friend, and today we couldn't play because of a problem: No matter who hosts the game, the other one can't join, because of "connection interrupted" sign. We tried restarting routers and computers, hosting different worlds and different host persons, nothing helps.
  2. Hi! Yesterday we started playing with friend. The Game worked perfectly. Smooth, no problems. We played like 4 hours and left the game to get some rest. Today we encountered a problem. My friend can't join to me. He loading the game very long time, his character spawns in game, but he after long period of loading have a error with Connection to the host has been lost. (in our language is " Utracono połączenie z hostem" its a Polish ) Is there any solution? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I have the problem that I can not join a server and nobody can join me, why is that? Mfg RobertD
  4. Hello people! Me and my friend have some trouble to play togheter.. Simply we can’t join our worlds, the load screen says every time “Failed to connect... “. We have tried every possible solutions like joining the party while we are on the main screen, restart the console, restart the router, nothing have worked.. we can’t play togheter. how can I solve this problem? We have bought the game principally for the co-op, now we’re so disappointed for this..