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Found 4 results

  1. I've been playing for a couple of weeks now, and I didn't have a problem joining a friend's world until about two days ago. At first, when I tried joining, I'd get an "invalid session" message. But now, I get the "joining host" message and see the loading screen for a minute or two before getting sent back to the main menu. Once that happens, previously joinable games appear as "Not Joinable." We're all on PC, using the same OS (Win 10), and our games are four people or less. No one has a problem joining a game that I host. I just can't join anyone else's game. Anyone else have this issue or know a workaround?
  2. Hello, I recently got back into Astroneer with two friends, one is on PC and I and the third friend are on Xbox. We have been joining and playing mostly fine with some issues such related to gameplay and connecting, but after the recent update (, but now we can't connect at all. The PC friend is the host, when I try to join, I am told the session does not exist or is invalid. What is weird is that he can join me on my world though. It seems like it could be related to cross-play, but it only seems to be an issue if the Xbox is connecting to a PC and not the other way around. Thanks!
  3. error connecting to any host leaving the game only single player
  4. When I have a Solar (dish) connected to the front of a Rover and if I get too close to a connecting point where it previews a big blue transparent tube connecting points together, the Solar instantly falls off. It happens every time I get close enough to a connecting point. 20170317_113648_s02.mp4