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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking for a solution to connect to a multi session. As the Pre-alpha version will probably fix this over time, however, I can not connect to any player or my lib from another country, During the call you will see a bright screen (probably sky) then loading and crashing me into the singleplayer menu. I tried clicking the mouse and keyboard but then the game turned off completely (during the bright screen) and of course I was sending errors through the system I will add that I can not connect but the players can join me. By the way, I checked the system security settings (I even disabled it completely) but nothing helped. Last log attached will be grateful for the help. P.S. sorry for my English Astro.log
  2. Avanglion

    Hose crafting

    We should be able to craft hoses using compound, similar to the way we build tethers. Length, positioning and orientation may even use the same/similar code as the one for tethers too. Connecting special objects to our base using trucks can be rather frustrating and seems illogical under certain circumstances. On the one hand - advanced technologies allowing us to build a spaceship from the ground up (literally). On the other - dragging back home a huge solar panel just like a neanderthal drags his prey to the cave. These two just don't fit. Using hoses is the way of the practical astroneer.
  3. Ok, sorry if this is the wrong format or whatever, i am VERY new to this fourm thing. (System specs. and platform listed below!!) I am having a problem connecting to my buddy who lives in Canada. I however live in the states. Now the problem i am having is that whenever i try and connect to my friend, his frames drop to about 15fps and he cannot see me or my habitat flying in. On my side all i see is his habitat, everything he has built including him are nowhere to be found and i cannot leave my habitat. Now whenever he tries to join me, i do not ever see his little icon appear in the sky whatsoever and on his side he just gets the freezing "space loading screen thing" then his music stops and it doesnt load anymore. We have played together in the past briefly for a couple of hours but it was very glitchy the entire time (things not making sounds, chunks of world not loading in, me not being able to pick things up i had previously dropped, etc.) PLEASE HELP, i've looked to the ends of google to try and resolve this issue which is why i'm posting here. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed in the next update as i would greatly enjoy playing with my friends. Thanks in advance!! Both of us are playing on steam on PC Candadians Friends specs: intel i7 6700 4.0ghz Nvidia GTX 1070 8gb 32gb ram MSI z170m mobo windows 10 My PC specs: AMD FX 8350 eight-core 4.0ghz AMD Radeon R9 200 series 16gb ram Asus M5A97 Windows 7