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Found 3 results

  1. So I just finished building my first shuttle, and I went out to the arctic world with some resin with the goal of starting a second base. When I landed I was given the option to create an extension from the shuttle to build a new module, and I did that. When I launched the shuttle and returned home, the shuttle could no longer connect to anything nor did it give me the ability to create new extensions on new worlds. This was on steam using a standard keyboard/mouse setup.
  2. So I only made 5 modules at the start of the build without realizing that I needed 6 and couldn't expand. So I did what any good astroneer would do and made some dynamite to blow one up. This caused the conduit that attached the habitat to the module remain, but is dead and nothing can attach to it. Of course, it was my printer. So without a printer I can't make a new habitat to start a new base, which means that the save is utterly useless. So I destroyed all of the other modules as well. All of the conduits remain and none interact with any materials or the rovers. Any suggestions would be great. Did some digging and I couldn't find any other bugs that were similar.
  3. Tried to build a conduit system around the planet and I didn't get very far before the game decided to start lagging and dropping the frame rate, I am assuming due to the amount of conduits I have built. Couple videos to show the performance drop. GameClip-Original.MP4 GameClip-Original2.MP4