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Found 4 results

  1. The player loses the need to explore or find anything as soon as they have both the trade platform and fuel condenser. Need hard-to-find rare items? Just produce an unlimited amount Hydrazine fuel out of thin air and trade for all the minerals you want! My idea is that you need to make fuel out of ORGANIC RESOURCE, or something like it (sort of like a bio-fuel I guess?). If not, ditch the condenser. You can find Hydrazine to collect both on the surface and in caves anyway. It's just too unlimited to have along with a trade platform.That way, you still have to do a little something to mak
  2. I built a fuel condenser and it doesn't seem to charge off of the batteries linked from other pods I have to manually put a battery on it to charge it, but even that doesn't charge from other power sources linked to the base so I have to put it back to a linked pod to charge
  3. I play on Steam with a Mouse and Keyboard. Having a partially empty Hydrazine hooked up to the Fuel Condenser is the only way I know how to reproduce this exploit. Starting the Fuel Condenser with a partially filled bottle and removing it when filled as the second bottle fills the machine will complete before it has filled but then automatically fills the bottle the rest of the way anyways. I would have attached video but the way I recorded me and my friends session last night did not seem to record the game at all it just recorded the steam page. Good Luck.
  4. I built a long row of crafting stations in this way: 1. Use Resin to extend a line from habitat. Do not use resin to turn it into a blank crafting station yet! 2. Extend the line you just created, like a chain, until you have at least 3 undeveloped crafting stations. 3. Put any power source on the undeveloped station closest to your habitat. I tried big solar, big wind turbine, and big battery. 4. Build the middle station into a Condenser. 5. Build the end station into a Vehicle Bay. The Condenser does not get power from the power source (not sure if intentional). The Vehic