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Found 3 results

  1. So... Where do we Go now? As mentioned by Aaron, in the future augments will have a rather major function that can modify the world in a way imaginable. Let's help the developer on unlocking the potential of the augments and what the may be able to do. Any good and well refined suggestion will be pitched in directly to the developers, Get creative guys I'll be leaving this thread as a *wink* Discussion on how the current augments we have may be able to do when implemented. How Do I pitch it in? Easy, first I collect all of the suggestion made here within the first we
  2. Good day to you guys, I’m feeling very proud to announce release this massive documentation under the name “Astroneer Suggestion Wiki”. This wiki has been a collaborative project worked on by a small group, and our goal is to compile every suggestion ever made in astroneer. Why? Because this document will benefit everyone involved on astroneer, whether it’s the awesome developer team of System Era or this lovely community ranging from the playerbase, moderators, content creators, and of course, those that have been making suggestions. Link * Web View:
  3. Just an idea for we bug reporters: can someone compile a list of known bugs so when we check before posting our particular issue? I've seen loads of people posting about falling through the terrain, half empty stacks stuck in inventory, flying trucks, etc. Many games in alpha does that and I think it really helps to prevent less repeated posts. Example: bug: item is stuck on backpack, storage cause: after drilling, half finished stacks will get stuck wherever they get in reproductible: yes workaround: none