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Found 24 results

  1. I hate battle royale games with passion but if I could have a compass in Astroneer, similar to those in Fortnite, PUBG or CoD: Warzone, I would die a happy man.
  2. Players often get lost after traveling to the North or South pole, or away from their base if the beacon/waypoint is eclipsed by the horizon. This is made worse when player's compass begins to rotate wildly once you arrive at either pole. I would love an option to either enable a 3-axis compass in settings, or craft a compass upgrade. This would allow players to look at the orientation of all axis's and choose to run towards any of the 6 nodes on a 3-axis compass. The 3D hologram of the planet would track/orient itself as the player runs around the planet. This could replace the original compass' UI, or simply augment it. Additionally, any beacons, bases, or vehicles could be called out if the compass was large enough, or maybe if the player had the compass/orb in view for a couple seconds. Being able to always find home, or know if you're moving closer, or further away from the rover you just lost would be a huge help. I would prefer this feature as a settings option. I consider navigation to be an accessibility thing, and would be upset if it "not getting lost" was a late-game feature.
  3. I always get lost on the planets, and I find it very confusing to navigate using the compass ... it's not just confusion (The Compass is broken) I've checked it right now, since I've been looking for a damn tractor for quite some time. What has been my test to see that the compass does not work well? I have reached a "Node" (Node - Surface elevation 4, Planet: Sylva) I have placed a few steps from its center, now I show the compass, what happens is that by moving between the cardinal points, the witch points north, in all of them. I would understand that the compass would turn around, at the poles, but mark the north in all directions. (The first thing would be to fix that!) --------------------------------------------------------------- My suggestions to navigate efficiently: 1º: Reappear the lights of the active nodes, since these are turned off when activating the node. (Goodbye to a reference point) 2º: It would be good to make a sonar, to detect the directions of the beacons. 3º: Making beacons emit a beam of light 4º: Lengthen the height of the "beacons" and make them visible through the clouds. (Since the latter are solid, and do not let see through them) 5º: Make a hologram of the planet, but without mapping, or elevations, a simple planet, that indicates the position in which we are currently, and possibly mark the nodes we have found, or objects such as: - Beacons - Rocket - Vehicles - Home? They are all non-intrusive examples, since I like to look for things myself, I do not need a detailed map, but I need to orient myself well (at least) Greetings to all those lost Astronauts.
  4. Having The Base waypoint and beacons are nice and all, but their too easily blocked by Mountains and Clouds, maybe allow us to see them in our Compass? Sincerely yours, Carbon
  5. 1. (Tweak) Beacons appear as colored arrows on compass, It would help players not get lost when they end up turned around and have to circle around the planet until they stumble onto something familiar. -Beacons can only be seen from so far, and even with my moderate navigation skills, I still get lost just because for some reason, the art style makes everything look the same. -If they appear on your compass, finding the way back home or to where you want to be is much more straight forward. 2. (Addition) Mid-Late game/Tier 4 Rover with "All Terrain" Spider legs for easy maneuvering on particularly difficult terrains for wheels and carts. -Ive seen suggested before but Im really fond of the idea and want to show support for it. It seems like it would be a Step in the right direction for humanity. Forget flying cars, Walkers are the transportation of the future! Nothing better than being able to crawl up the side of a mountain(reasonable steepness) with your very own mobile base. -I would imagine it would need to be made of a NanoCarbon Alloy, Silicone, and Steel have roughly the space of an Extra Large Platform C (2 Tier3+1 Tier 4 Slots) sense it'd be a direct upgrade from a Large Rover (1 Tier4 slot). Expensive, but oh so worth it. 3. (Change) Tank controls for rovers in order to rotate on the spot instead of needing to do a three point turn. -It would've saved me many instances of falling into holes I was hanging over if I were able to rotate on the spot, but alas, I end up completely Tanked.
  6. At the moment, if I get lost, the search for my base can be described as agony.
  7. My Compass is locked to a Gateway Chamber near my starting base on Sylva. Activation of the same Gateway Chamber and "Gazing" the stone, verifies the Gateway is located on the equator. However, my Compass always shows that Gateway as North. No matter what direction or how far I travel from it, my Compass always shows that Gateway Chamber (located on the equator) as the most northern position.
  8. My Compass is locked to a Gateway Chamber near my starting base on Sylva. Activation of the same Gateway Chamber and "Gazing" the stone, verifies the Gateway is located on the equator. However, my Compass always shows that Gateway as North. No matter what direction or how far I travel from it, my Compass always shows that Gateway Chamber (located on the equator) as the most northern position.
  9. Hi Team!! Although beacons are the number 1 way not to get lost I would like to suggest another concept for explorers, landmarks. This is a low priority request but I feel from a design point of view would make the game look far more amazing and also allow players to explore with less chance of getting lost (which is damn easy to do!). I thought the new alien artifacts would do this but they're all the same. Even if you don't go by my idea you could change the look or colours of the various alien buildings instead. I found seeing multiple alien buildings while exploring actually disorientated me somewhat leading to getting lost. Quite the opposite of what was expecting. Create large objects or rare land formations spread across a planet. These can be very spread out and allow players to judge their position without the need of beacons or at least, not as many. Crazy steep mountain formation. Crashed alien ship. Giant crystal formation. Huge plant type structure or tree (life tree from Avatar for example) Floating strange object high in the sky. Volcano or similar structure with smoke, lava or some weird goop coming out of it. etc etc. Sometimes these landmarks dont need to be high. They could be a giant weird hole in the ground with glow stones or weird asteroid sitting in a crater. You could also add rare minerals to these areas if you wish. Landmarks could also be very interesting places to build a base! Overall, something that stands out so a player can somewhat understand where they are from their base. Beacons or no beacons. Cheers team, keep up the amazing work. The new v.1 is amazing.
  10. I'd like to suggest a second type of beacon, visible on the compass when standing still. This behaviour could also be alongside the standard beacon display behaviour, but if so should 'cost' more.
  11. As of now, the compass is difficult to use, making navigation difficult and leading to players, myself included, getting lost. The simplest way I see to resolve this situation is to add an option in the menu to toggle the compass on continuously, so that the player can be constantly aware of their bearing. It would also be helpful to make the compass visible while driving, such as by making it appear below the rovers as it does below the player. This seems to me as a relatively simple option to help players keep their bearings while exploring.
  12. I am sure it is a long known bug that east and west are reversed on the compass. I suggest switching to a rising sun (3/4 exposed) and a setting sun (1/4 exposed) symbols. And just take out N and S before discussion of magnetic fields being the opposite of Terra. I haven't checked, but I assume it shrinks and/or fades out as you approach the planet's axis.
  13. I would like to be able to sometimes turn the compass on and leave it on (walking and/or rover) while at other times it could be annoying Those first few minutes on a planet though, it would be nice to be able to leave it on I could even vote for a 3D mapping tool as an end game item that could be used to connect underground tunnels from one base to another Something where you had to explore so much of a planet, placing beacons etc until the system could be totally useful planet wide, but you could expand your network of knowledge as you go
  14. i dont know every ppl facing with this issue but in any planet when i decided to explore around everytime i lost my habitat and i have to start another game please add a mini-map or habitat only compass so any player can find where is their homes
  15. During my wander through planet terrain i was thinking about navigation. Than i read few posts regarding maps and GPS. Due to you are alone on distant planet there is no map and you are not able to develop global positioning system but you have simple beacons. The idea is to combine compass with beacons. Allow compass to show destination to beacons. Not all at the same time but to a group of "green beacons" (limit to one color at a time, be able to chose group in compass menu). This would allow to group your waypoints in player style (show your vehicles, home base or important places "red blinking beacons"). How to display all this information? Allow compass to display on ground (after hovering on player, similar to terrain deform tool) a bigger circle with colour arrows on edge. Add a fancy grid to compass circle. Allow to display a distance to beacon next to an arrow. Holding use key during cursor on player there could open a compass menu, allow to chose which color of beacons to display. I think this would be nice alternative to current simple compass but would not create easy to use maps and GPS systems.
  16. I’m trying to explore in my large train caravan. But when I want to come home, I have to get out of my vehicle to just look at the compass. I Suggest compass support for vehicles! More importantly, I suggest a way to toggle the compass under the character! A compass hologram that is consistently underneath the character, instead of having to hover the cursor over them(which is not the most convenient thing to do on the console). If we are to explore, let’s make this game built for exploring! Please and Thank You. Love everything you’re doing SystemEra.
  17. I accidently fell in a cave with my rover, hardly got out and now I'm lost. I spent 3 hours (without knowing even the earth is flat or round) to find a way back home but there is no way. This is absurd. Please add some kinda map feature or add a simple compass like Jack Sparrow's; Points directly home.
  18. Yo this game is fun and i am dying to see the other planets. Super peaved that both shuttles i have built can not fly off this starter planet even though i have filled them with purple drank. But the biggest problem i have is that there is NO COMPASS in this game. I could find my way around so much easier with any sort of compass just literally ANYTHING telling me a static direction. Instead i have been driving this truck and rover combo around this retarded planet for 4 hours looking for my home. Wow 4 hours what a noob. No you sister slamming jabroni, I'm not a noob. When i drive away from my base and the sun is rising to my right i know i'm going north. So to get home i either go south or so far north i lap the world and see my base... seems simple doesn't it? Would be if the sun rises in the same forking direction everytime. To make matters even worse getting disconnected or the server drops, the game crashing or whatever the issue is EVERY 30-45 minutes! You have to be kidding me right?!? No i'm not. How in the hell am i suppose to find my way home if i am constantly being disconnected and resuming in random spots where i got in and out of my truck. Give me a COMPASS and all of this cockameymie nonsense could be avoided. Granted all of this could have been avoided if i deleted the save and started over. Would be exactly where i was by now. But it's the principal of the matter at this point. While typing this entire thing out i have noticed the sun has risen in 3 totally different directions and i haven't crashed once while not moving. I know the second i take off and get halfway into the sunset i'll crash again and this just infuriates me. So one more time on an absolutely needed idea/ suggestion hows about a COMPASS. Otherwise i'm gonna have to break out a paper and pen and map this world out by hand. Ragin
  19. I'm pretty certain the compass is upside-down. North points South. East points West. At least on Terran, and Exotic. Windows 10 version. The sun sets in the East and rises in the West according to the compass, so I presumed that was intentional, and your planets spin East-to-West. However when you achieve orbit and go to the Solar System view, the planets are clearly spinning West-to-East. So either your solar system is upside-down, or the compass is.
  20. Hi there! My friends and I love Astroneer and wanted to contribute to the ideas/suggestions for the game. The one improvement that we came up with, we hope will be simple to program and may improve the user friendliness of the game. Our idea is would enhance the compass and the beacons. (Please see sketch while reading). We believe it would be a great improvement if the compass was a dynamic compass that noted, by a open circle, where the base habitat location is. We would also like any beacons that are placed by the astroneer to show up as slightly smaller dots. Why we believe this is a great suggestion is that it stays in line with the simplistic game feedback system you are striving for, and keeps the screen free of HUD clutter while helping the player, at a glance, quickly orient themselves in the world. We don't believe labeling the beacons would be appropriate, first, because it would get cluttered quickly, two, the beacons are placed by the user so they could literally be placed for any reason (a mountain you want someone to visit, a resin location, a cool cave entrance, etc.) This is where it makes beacons much more useful. Currently they rely on draw distance. One issue we ran into very quickly was draw view during multiplayer games. In many cases, only the host, or those with more powerful machines, could see the beacon markings in the sky, but only if they were in range of it. We think by eliminating the sky notifications would speed up performance of the game since its less to draw on the screen. The nods would also work, regardless of draw distance, which would allow any player to quickly navigate to where they want to go. Lastly, we would like to see the simplistic compass added to vehicles you are actively piloting on the planet surface. Currently, you have to exit your vehicle to see the compass, which can greatly slow navigation and general travel down, especially since we got lost on many occasions by simply not having a sense of direction. We believe the same simplistic circle compass would be great, just have it show up in a much larger circumference when you hover your mouse over a vehicle, similar to when you hover over the astroneer. We love this game and would love to see these improvement added! Thank you for your time.
  21. The hovering icons for the home base and vehicles are very helpful in locating your base and such. However, if you travel too far away and the icon disappears over the horizon you don't have a clear indication of the general direction you need to head to make it home. I suppose you could make a mental note of the terrain and outlying mountains and such but they can be hard to distinguish from one another at times, especially at a considerable distance. A simple fix or rather addition would be to have a small icon on the compass that appears when hovering the cursor over your astroneer. At least for the home base or habitat closest to you. I had an unfortunate turn of events on the Barren moon where i lost my base over the horizon and was doomed to wander the moon in my buggy. I did find out that the planets have north and south poles through this so thats pretty cool i guess lol. Keep up the good work!
  22. At the forum we talked a lot about various gadgets (radar, card scanner, sonar, etc.). The format is different from the ideas. I have wound singing idea to get you started to realize these ideas. Let us first make the wrist computer for astronaut. You can do different kinds of visualization for different ideas on the screen of the computer. Like this =)
  23. First Idea: When you stop and mouse over yourself, a compass pops up. I would like to suggest adding a marker system to this compass to make it easier to get home or find a beacon that you placed. making it only available here would help to simulate stopping, pulling out a compass and taking the time to find your way. Optional: place a compass or similar device on the screen when you bring up your backpack. this would give the same benefits as above, but give you the ability to move, albeit slowly. Second Idea: when building new nodes on a base, Offer the player the ability to direct the node to raise, lower or stay on the same level. Third Idea: create an inability to move terrain around the player in a radius equal to the radius of the build tool. I think that this would be a proper fix to the issue of glitching through the terrain and falling to your death. Fourth Idea: on the Node that builds vehicles, Please consider adding 2 build slots in front of the node instead of just one. That would provide a space for wheeled vehicles and non-wheeled vehicles. this way if i were to build a lander then gain the ability to build a truck, I wouldnt have to fight with terrain and tipping and dragging in order to make space to build my truck.
  24. I love the game but without a GPS or navigation system on the ground gameplay becomes really boring as risking to go on an expedition means that you might not reach home and end up losing you vehicle and all the goods u have. you cannot see the beacons from very far. the game really needs that...maybe a map or a compass that always highlights where your habitats are. Also please make a Quit button or exit on main screen