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Found 1 result

  1. So, I play on Xbox, and I find myself struggling with the controls of dragging items around. One thought, but not the point, custom key/button mappings on consoles, would be helpful. I also think using R Trigger to grab everything and confirming things hurt. I know pressing A works for crafting, but "prop" placement, wire pulling, and inventory management should be more thumb friendly for though of us who knew what the world was like before analog sticks. But to the point of my topic, being able to "define" what type of item fits where would help for managing items. You already kind of implement this with the Mineral Extractor and Gas buildings, with the hallow image of the canisters I can use my trigger to manage. But first lets talk locally to the player. I suggest, allow me to highlight a slot in my 2x4 inventory and press a button(maybe the bumpers, maybe B) to change the "border" of that slot. Then those colors are related to different types of items. White/Transparent/No Border = All items, Red = Canisters, Yellow = Power items (if not magnetized to those two aux plugs on the backpack), Green = Solid Resource. So then when I use the R trigger to pick up an item, and use x to store it, it will snap it to the appropriate slots. I think this should be applied to only the backpack slots though, and not the two plugs on the pack. To expand on this, even though we can see the items on our person, Id like a little set of colored invisible tags on the bottom left corner, showing how many spots of that type free. Then, if I'm trying to craft solar panels, I got an idea of how many spots I free for copper and the like. If I have to go further, I also think we should get those free inventory slots on the vacuum tool taken away. Mods only, with the ability to enable and disable at that slot. If you really want to give us more slots, you can put It on the bag somewhere. Limited Oxygen, Energy and Storage should be the "difficulty" in the game. Now, to back to where the hollow points come in. Now that we have some simpler method for character to right trigger stuff into their inventory, lets talk about unloading. I personally do a lot of dragging whole compartments things with 8 items on it from my vehicle to a pad and back with a fresh one. A lot of time, trying to put stuff directly on the comparements get cumbersome. As a organization point, the applying the method above would be just as usefull. When I'm holding the whole stack, I press a button and it changes the colored borders or something on it to note the change. Then when, even without any of those hollow points being shown, or just use a generic one like the trading post that I can R trigger and it will magnetize the first in the list of items in my inventory that qualify for that type. I don't care to get as finite where I can say "this compartment can only hold titatinum", but let me get a little more trigger happy with the compartments. Then Dragging crap like filled canisters and the abundant power supplies I find below can easily be dumped without hassel. Then, those stacks I drag around the area to get a bunch of raw metal refined, or putting down the copper for a group of I could go ON and ON about improvements about this game, but I'm trying to keep it short, sweet, and organized. Expect more suggestions/critisims. Good Game, a lot of potential.