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Found 3 results

  1. Marcus

    Combat stuff

    Hey. I am really new to this game but is there any sort of enemies in the game? Lile aliens/monsters that you have to shoot with a weapon that you can make. I dont know if this is already in this game and just exploring. If combat isnt in this game then can you add it? Like a weapon workshop and make some laser pistols and be visited by aliens. I am a noob but i feel i had to add this question out great game btw.
  2. I understand that fighting and combat is not a way the developers want to go with this game, and I don't want combat in this game either, however the game seems very boring and barren. I think it would be cool if there was maybe a way to implement a sort of non-combat combat system to make the game feel more alive, but without ruining the safety of being able to explore and not get attacked by a space lizard or the feeling of ownership over the planets. and so i sat down and tried to think of a cool way to have combat without having combat. if you don't like these Ideas, can you please reply with ways to fix the ideas in the sub comments! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- my first idea was to have fighting with actions, not with weapons, like some kind of deadly acid-like goop that is found oozing, deep under ground in pools that will occasionally bubble, causing it to overflow onto the land, which will hurt you if you touch it, but you need to be near it to collect it, to make complicated items, like a lithium battery, (maybe requiring 1 lithium and 1 canister of acid, which will be returned to you as an empty canister after it has finished crafting) and the sort of non-combat combat will be that you have to stand near it to get the acid, but you have to run back if you see a bubble forming. my second idea was to have challenge by you being the hunter. I had an Idea that you would have to hunt down and scan different things with a scanner that you would recive upon starting, for a hard but quicker way to get bytes, like a plant that gets more aggressive the closer you get to it, or a small worm that is hard to spot and goes underground if you stand next to it for too long. the idea was that you can re-scan the same species as many times as you like, but it would yield more bytes the first time, and you can't re-scan the same animal (but the tag would get reset after a while so to avoid frustration by hunting down a tiny worm, only to find that that was the same worm you found and scanned 10 minutes ago) but plant's tags wouldn't reset, because the plants are stationary. the scanner could also be a smooth and methodical way for the player to get introduced to the game, as if they were unsure of something, they could just scan it, and then an entry to a codex or something would be created and it would tell you all about what it was and what it did. my third idea wasn't really that good at making the game feel more alive, but it was about combating the terrain. I think it would be a bit more realistic if the terrain smoothed out over time in a sandstorm, and it would make places a bit more interesting to explore, as the terrain would be slightly different, but also if there were lots of rocks (or whatever that hardened ground is called) in hilly or mountainous areas, making the player have to craft a better drill before exploring, or having to work their way around the terrain, but in rocky areas, there would be different resources, required for late game items, like lithium. you could also have really tough terrain that a truck or a rover couldn't handle, and you would need a hovering vehicle of some sorts, or a low flying vehicle. my fourth idea was combat by bartering. if you could barter with people when using the trade platform, you could get better stuff, but if you push them too hard, they will back down. maybe you can ask for the items that you want when sending the platform, if you ask for too much, you will return with the same items, but your energy used to send the platform got wasted. or you could have a system where there are space stations you can go to in your space craft, where you can meet other players or NPCs that offer one thing for another, if you push them too hard, they will stop trading with you. my fith and final idea was to have a skill tree. I know this has probably been mentioned a lot, but I think it would work well using points found from finishing research on an item, or scanning an item using the afore-mentioned scanner device, and it would make the game feel a bit more moulded around you and how you play, but there would be some skill around the way you unlock things, like unlocking one skill will make other skills cost 2x more, so you would want to get the mot expensive ones first, or something like that. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I hope that this gets at least noticed! thanks for reading my ideas.
  3. MisterDinner

    weapons, enemies, and pets

    So, I started this game 2 days ago and holy crap im impressed, and so is my friend, this is the most finished early access game ive ever played, and the graphics are AAA level despite being low poly. But i was walking around and I noticed this empty feeling to the world. So I thought "it would be awesome if there was some kind of opposition that isnt a vegetable". So heres the idea i have. Adding modifications to your mining tool, and one of these mods can be a cannon. Something that shoots a relatively slow ball of energy with a single click, and shoots a hyper fast lazor when you click and hold (if you play planetside 2 youll see that i got the idea from the vanu AT weapons) taking a base amount of 2 and 10 bars of energy respectively. With the modifications there can be upgrades as well, say this weapon mode you have on your tool now is very inaccurate, slow firing, does low damage, and has a slow projectile velocity because its just this thing you added as a secondary mode. There can be upgrades that increase accuracy, energy efficiency, projectile velocity, fire rate, charge time (for the laser part), and damage. Now for the enemy part, the idea i have is creatures that are a threat, but dont look threatening to fit the aesthetics of the game. What would be good is if most of them are about the size of your character, that way theyre big enough to be scary and get shot. This could open doors for more resource depth as well. The creatures im thinking of are things that resemble earth creatures such as bears and foxes, as well as sci fi ones that resemble that short stubby astronaut in the menu wearing what looks like a 1950s russian space suit looking thing. For the petpart, i was thinking of a domestication system, the animals can aide you in combat, and the bipedal ones can be used for utility (mining, gathering, etc). If possible it would be awesome to be able to ride a creature, so that you essentially have a vehicle that has no storage space and is slower, but has infinite energy. The animal riding fits the current wonky driving system as well. If anyone says that the creatures are unrealistic because theres no atmosphere, come on, there are plants. This is just an outline of something i think would make the game more interesting on the surface, because i find the game too relaxed there.