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Found 21 results

  1. I must say it frankly. This game as an enormous potential. I say that because I think it's missing ONE thing that would make this game truly amazing. It's missing the one thing that make me not want to come back and enjoy it fully... wiring @astroneergame. The foundation for wiring is there, @astroneergame , it's there. So much potential is wasted because no form of wiring is there. The ring platform where you go in it and it activate ? Cool, but useless because it's only there. If only there was wiring so I can connect it to other. See this firework field (WIP) ? If only there was some wiring
  2. - Steam Every time I log into the game, all my terrain analyzers lose their color and return to the default light gray. I have not found any solution, these analyzers are junk now. Similarly, the viewing ports on the side of medium canisters lose their color, however, taking one item out and putting it back in seems to update the canister and the color of the item returns.
  3. Terrain Analyzer is weird. Color is reset to default color(Light grey) when I load saved game. I have set the Terrain Analyzers colors(e.g. dark grey, snow color, green, etc.). But when I close the game and run, load the saved game, all Terrain Analyzers color is changed to default color.
  4. The current colors and textures i find to not be very appealing. the resin looks like mac and cheese. i don't know why but i was a little grossed out. I liked the color pallet and textures a little bit ago the almost matte look and i lover the purple resin. My suggestion would be to have an options menu for a scheme of colors and textures. Edit: found out this may be a bug but still i think a colors and textures menu would be awesome.
  5. the other day i was playing Astroneer and all the tethers were RAINBOW and it was incredible, can this be a permanent feature?
  6. when you use the terrain analyzer it doesnt remove only the color your using anymore. When I used to place and remove the color from the analyzer it would remove only that color. now it will just run like a normal tool
  7. Well, the title explains it really, the ability to change the tether colours. I get lost quite quickly when exploring underground and during the Christmas event i found the different coloured tethers very useful, sure it was a pain to cycle through the colours each time before placing one but it made my cave exploring way more manageable. I don't mind if they cost more resource or if they need special research as long as they are usable in game. And of course, we know they can do it, because they already have. On a last note, custom coloured work lights might also
  8. Noticed that Iron Ore and Titanium are pretty much the same colour and design. The one on the right is Titanium. Just my eyes in terms of colour?
  9. Hey all, I often lose my cursor in high-light areas and would like to suggest: A: Add an option invert the colors of the cursor. B: Add an option to change the colors of the cursor. For those that don't know what an inverted cursor is, a quick Google search should do the trick. Personally I would like to have an inverted cursor.
  10. It would be good if there's a terrain triangle polygon painter so we can specify our bunkers buildings and even our planets!
  11. Would be possible to create some kind of switch device sort of when we want to explore a different path in the caves to hook this device to the tether line and switch on so the next line of this particular tether has a different color. It is hard and sometime very difficult from one day to another to remember what tunnels you are exploring and which one you stop because a new path opened.
  12. Beacons are nice, but when you make multiple, you can't tell which is what. I think it'd be cool (and quite simple) to make them show different colors.
  13. Summary: 131 - Steam - Resin became gold colored Description: I was mining for some resin and suddenly one of the resin pieces turned into a gold color. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 131 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home X64 | v.1607 | Build 14393.953 CPU: Intel i3-6100 3.70GHz GPU: ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 960 4GB RAM: HyperX Fury DDR4 2133MHz 8GB Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
  14. Hi ! I think it's a bad idea to have the rocks and the floor in the same color. When there's a lot of green vegetation plus green rocks (which is quiet strange for a rock color) on a green floor, for example, you just can't see the rocks and you bump in them everytime. Maybe you could choose a totally different color for rocks, it will make the driving easier and less "Ho f***, a rock again !!" !! :-D Thanks
  15. Mouse/Keyboard Steam When I opened my saved game, some (not all) of the plants I had moved underground in order to get a research node had lost their color. They had color before I saved, now they don't. Try going into a cave and removing the ground underneath the plants/fungus, save the game, then come back and see if the color is gone.
  16. I noticed some of the vegetation turns a gray color after reloading a save once I discover these plants previously. This also happens to some of the green moving blob plants in the caves. Haven't found a fix for it and is not very consistent, it can happen to any large plant. I've never first discovered a grey plant just roaming around, only after i've seen a normal colored plant, then re-load the save, then the same plant turns gray.
  17. You really need to make a cursor option because I cant see where my mouse is 60% of the time. I live on a frozen ice-like planet that looks a little blue during the night but when there is light on the surface (from the sun, solar panels, tethers, etc) and I try to find my cursor, I cant because everything I see is white and the cursor is also pure white. Make a color scheme or shape for the cursor that would work on all planets or better yet make an option for the players to choose their cursor color and style.
  18. If you guys could find a way to either color code or name the beacons it would be awesome! I show an example below what this might look like in the game. Thank you
  19. I thought it would be a good idea to create a new material that could be used to add color to something. It would be cool to be able to make your base/habitat a color.
  20. Some customablze astronauts to change the color the body style the visor color and backpack styles
  21. I was watching two streams side-by-side of players in the same server. The one on the left was playing in the world of the one on the right. They were both arguing over if this plant was white or pink, but I noticed from comparing the streams that they were actually seeing different things. See the attached image for proof.