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Found 1 result

  1. Telendrith

    General Suggestions

    Thanks to the devs for the hard work. Here are a few suggestions, many have been asked before but I thought I'd reiterate a few. [ Tethers]- Tethers should constantly show flow from the power/ox source to help preventing getting lost.- Tether brightness is A-OK, however the light radius should be extended a few meters to help with dark caves. I have a hard time seeing in caves so I need to drop 285 more tethers to just "see". [Color blindness] [Other] I love that the mineral colors are trying to represent natural colors, however Malachite is almost impossible to see against the green dirt. [Color blindness] [UI Suggestions]- volume buttons?!?!? Seriously, It's faster to write an auto click macro then to mute the sound or music ... "hold down" or slider is needed.-Mini-map, player radar, waypoint system and GPS would be nice. [Bases]-Please let us repack modules and platforms-Geothermal energy -Upgradable extenders for two-way power flow - Weird underground satellite should have some sort of purpose as an incentive to drag back to base. ie: dragging small sat from ancient cavern would give your base power by a small RTG or a weather radar by audio or visual identifier. Thanks!