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Found 12 results

  1. Buggy Wheels fall through the terrain geometry. Buggy also behaves if suspension is too loose. Maybe your suspension geometry could be the reason why the wheels fall through.
  2. The giant bulbous things on Vesania are a major problem. They're everywhere & don't despawn when dug up. I've been using a large rover with tier 3 drills to get around on Vesania, while trying to activate all the gates, & these stupid obstacles make it nearly impossible to navigate. Often they will spaz out & fly up into the air, then come crashing down on my rover, which is then unable to move. Apparently these things are made of solid iron. The large rover can't so much as nudge them. Things were better on Vesania when they had no collision. Now they're just a nuisance.
  3. Summary: Two bugs: one Place i found a ravine kind of place whilst playing around i got catapultet up in to the sky after bugging into the ground, when trying to repoduce it the second time i got thrown into a cave. Description: by jumping and ocasionaly mining soil at a thight spot (see 20190206105026_1.jpg) i glitched throug the ground to the side and down whilst being catapultet upwards. (becaus of your if in soil than fly up deglitching method wich safed me many times because of falling into the soil whilst mining and getting up again). when you get catapulted out you can r
  4. PC+Keyboard+Steam user Recently landed on Vesania in search of lithium, was greeted by the "rocks" "masses" "plants" (???) that are egg-shaped and have little holes in them. Will attach a picture. I figured they were like stalactites in that if you dig them up they would disappear. Immediately walked through one on accident. After playing, logging out, coming back a day later, and testing over time I've found that none of them have a collision barrier, you can just walk through them. Really hoping this isn't intended, it's super disorienting to me....
  5. When switching the blueprint selected in the vehicle bay, the resources already placed on it are ejected like anything else, however the resources don't collide with the vehicle bay and instead fall inside of the model and are irretrievable. I was trying to build a large storage on my medium buggy and set up the ceramic items on the vehicle bay before realizing that the large storage can't be built on it, so when I switched the blueprint, the ceramic items were ejected and fell into the bay. -Steam, Singleplayer, Found in regular play world, recreated (video) in test world. Ve
  6. When I was working with fabricating things on the Medium Fabricator, I wanted to move it to make some space for the next thing I was planning on putting in. I picked it up, while it was fabricating, and it continued to fabricate, even if not connected to the area of fabrication, and continued to fabricate the item in the original spot. I ended up testing this further by moving the fabricator to a new spot, and found out if it's too far away from the source, it will reset the print. But I also found out that if you flip the fabricator into a new direction, the arms will try to print in the norm
  7. I was about to make another medium rover in my beautiful-as-heck underground base when a compound unit dropped into my vehicle bay. I thought I had actually placed it on the node only to see it drop in, but it's possible the cursor was jostled out of alignment and this ended up being a simple instance of failed collision detection (using mouse). FYI, this is a base I'd dug out. The floor is obviously uneven, and it's difficult to get some module platforms to stand in a way so their feet aren't buried in the floor. I also dug a hallway leading down (right) to a second hollowed-out space un
  8. my save was off-base somewhere. i drove back to my base and just saw my spaceship at the vehicle bay being halfway stuck in the surface. upon approaching closer it just fell through and is now lost forewer.
  9. When in singleplayer, vehicles can be connected to each other and hauled around without error. Physics is properly calculated and vehicles move along services without error. But when in multiplayer, it appears syncing issues are causing the vehicles to stutter in their movement and briefly clip with the ground. The vehicle then reacts to touch the surface and tries to repel it, but instead it clips through or repels at violent speeds and will either throw it into orbit, or through the cave wall and disappear into oblivion. Iv also found that if a non-host player tries to enter a veh
  10. Hello if you are moving a tether around and try to move it through the Truck or the Rover ,the vehicle will move or bug around. Im using Mouse and Keyboard and Steam. I also included a little Video to demonstrate it. Your friendly Helper C00lBizzY 2016-12-21 16-38-13.flv
  11. Hi! I found a bug through wich you can "fly" through the soil and go to many caves without even moving from place (i don't know it you could eventually get to the other side of the planet if the game is programmed like that). It happens when you get "buried" under the soil and the game doesn't know how to react and you end up trespassing the soil. 1. Mouse/Keyboard 2. Playing on Steam, Win10x64 = Game ver.: Pre-Alpha.v0.2.108.0 3. I was modelling the floor 4. Steps to reproduce: Dig a hole and dig a little more horizontally to get a mini-cave with soil over it
  12. I'm using keyboard and mouse and using the stable version on Steam. I was just out spawn mining and a giant sandstorm started at my base. After coming back there appeared to be higher terrain on my base. (I first was like, Nice they added sandstorms to leave sand behind). The terrain covers my spawn pod and as seen in the screenshot, it doesn't collide with you/items. I'm still able to walk to my pod and TAB/save the game. Reloading the world, after saving it with the pyramid in it, resolves this problem.