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Found 3 results

  1. fluffyarmadillo

    Laser Cutter Mod

    Idea for harvesting debris which is too big to shred. Have a Laser Cutter Mod, Similar to the drill head, expect this cuts up debris it is pointed at. The other cost is creating containers for the scrap which is a 2x2x2 box with fits in a slots used for something like the solar panel on the rover. As you use the laser the box fills up similar to the way the soil canisters do and then when one is full, you can bring it to the shredder and scrap it for the scrap, this also destroys the container, so you would need to make another for collecting more scrap.
  2. Admir1 Nelson

    Crane/Drill improvement

    So I had to build a crane to see how it works and what sort of things you can do with it. As far as I can tell. It's useless. I can mine faster using my terrain tool then with that. My idea for the crane with the drill bit is that it pulls what ever your mining, compound, resin etc. straight out the whole vain. So instead of destroying the whole wall, floor, ceiling You would just punch a whole and mine it all front that pocket. Obviously it couldn't be instantaneous but if it's not faster then what's the point?
  3. Using the crane with a drill attachment I tested it on the ground and, not realising it, collected a small amount of organic material. This material is stuck on the storage module and I cannot remove/discard it, nor can I attach the smaller storage module I want. I tried collecting more, this completed a unit of organics then started filling another collection point.