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Found 4 results

  1. PurpleWhiteJade

    Cannot Pick up or select anything

    Hello There, I was playing Astroneer with a friend and find myself unable to pick things up after sucking up resources (Compound, Risen, Aluminium, Malachite, Ammonium, Oxygen, Power and Organic). I cannot pick up research, anything from my back pack, my seat of the rover or my platforms/modules. (or you know, anything at all) I have to go into the habitat, save my game, completely close the game and then start it back up (Sometimes I have to go to task manager to close it completely). My RIG: I5-4690K Asus Strix 1060 6GB 16GB 3200 (DDR3) Kingston SSD 256GB (WINDOWS X64 I hope this helps with the development and this is in the right place. Please inform me if I need to move the Topic.
  2. tonez_4466

    Using the crane

    Best I found so far is position the crane on the end of a pulled truck, that is filled with storage then it automatically fills up storage, swap when full and continue, NOTE - I saw some people with problems with partial filled cells - I tried to fill them before swapping
  3. WhiteChocolate

    Partially formed resource nodes

    While using the crane with drill on a truck with a driver seat and a storage unit, if a given resource doesn't fill a full 'node' it then seems to become stale or otherwise waiting for more of that type of resource whereby if you are harvesting two or more resource types but only have one slot left open, one of the partially formed nodes will be ejected from crane and then become un-usable. It was shortly after this happened that I noticed I had a partial node of composite on my backpack that I could not remove and could not replace with a full composite node rendering me unable to print anything requiring composite. Windows Steam client, mouse+keyboard
  4. kingjoker852

    Moving unfinished Stacks

    When collecting resources with the crane or the mining tool you're not able to use the partially made stack of any resource which then leads to blockage on certain slots on the crane or wasted material on the mining tool. Can we have a way of allowing the use and/or removal of these unfinished stacks of resources. Crane Resource Blockage The crane sometimes dispenses it's collection onto slots and then the resources are stuck there. Mining Tool unfinished Stack When mining we'll run into the issue of not being able to complete the stack, and if you want to mine another resource the previous unfinished stack becomes wasted and disappears.