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Found 4 results

  1. So, i just got back into the game, learning everything new. Found out that i need an atmospheric condenser on a different plant for some things. So i place one on my extra large rocket, go out and salvage for 3 hours so I could trade for ammonium to make hydrozine to fully fuel my rocket. All is going as planned until i find out that a seat attached to storage doesn’t count as it being the cockpit. I couldn’t attach a seat to my only fully fueled rocket. Kinda upset me and I haven’t played since.
  2. If you build a large shuttle you cannot pilot it if you build two large storage modules on it. You can no longer use the habitat to pilot a shuttle with a full load of stuff on it. So if that cannot be done anymore, can the game put up a warning that if you build the second large storage it will not take off? Remind players that they need a closed seat somewhere on it? Or else they have a very large very pretty storage paperweight that now can't be moved or dismantled.
  3. Is there any way to reposition / re-doc the 1-seat cockpit on the shuttle? It got constructed in the wrong slot by the vehicle bay and is facing the wrong direction (asthetically speaking). From the above image you can see the cockpit facing inwards with the flat side facing out.. I'm unable to grab it and re-position it, it just looks ugly this way.. Regards Lima14
  4. Playing STEAM Version I built the Shuttle at the Vehicle Bay, put on a Single seat Cockpit and tried to launch, it tells me that I have no fuel, so I jump out. However it places me between the Vehicle bay and the Shuttle and I am stuck. I Tab back into the cockpit and try moving it to the clear slots to see if I can be pushed to the opposite side after disembarking, but this does not work so I disconnect the cockpit while i am still sitting in it and place it on the ground. This works in disconnecting the Cockpit but i am now unable to reconnect to the shuttle or any other item/ vehicle