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Found 8 results

  1. Can the trade platform be used to obtain lithium, coal, or titanium? I filled it with 8 compound but the yield says 0. I can't seem to add any more compound. Do I use something else other than compound? Is there a wiki page I can refer to?
  2. Current problems this suggestion looks to solve: Mineral extractor is too much of a one-stop-shop for resources in the late game Mineral extractor renders the trade platform largely useless once the player has a sample of all mineral types Mineral extraction needs to remain available to make up for lack of common resources such as compound and resin in the early game Mineral extractor requires players to maintain samples of all mineral types - a space-wasting and error-prone process, as well as an artificial limitation that varies based on RNG findings Coal and large generators have virtually no use as players only find coal once they have left terra and have better power generation options Wind generators currently spotty/unreliable power for night Details: Instead of the extractor taking a mineral sample, use arrows (similar to medium printer) to set the output target. Removes the need for players to maintain (or lose/accidentally use) a palette of mineral samples Limit the mineral extractor to producing only the following resources: Compound - essential Resin - essential Ammonium - needed for fuel but requires a separate module to process it; generating this is not as much of an issue Coal Carbon - Rename to carbon, multiple purposes Make this available earlier so that players can reasonably consider unlocking and using large generator early on. This could offer another night power option when wind doesnt work. As 'Carbon' instead of coal, this can be fuel for a subsequent module Create a 2nd module - "Atomic Reconstructor"? "Atomizer"? Name TBD - that processes Carbon into other resources similar to mineral extractor This 2nd tier module can be locked behind a higher byte cost, similar to larger shuttle or rover This gives an incentive to use either the trade platform or exploration to get carbon/aluminum/lithium/etc instead of immediately jumping to the 2nd tier Putting carbon into the machine fills an internal tank, similar to dirt In addition to carbon produced by mineral extractor, provides a purpose for excess coal/carbon discovered during exploration Similar to mineral extractor, use arrows to select the output type. All options are available so players do not need to maintain a mineral sample palette Visual for this module - Not a hard requirement that it looks anything like this; I tried to mock this up in paint and it turned out looking horribly ? Spherical 'carbon dust tank' with marker lines and a port to accept carbon blobs Arrows to select output target (similar to medium printer) A laser/ion beam assembly below the carbon tank, above 8 output slots When active, rings rotate around the carbon tank and a laser/ion beam below the tank zaps the output slot(s) as the resources are generated In the early game this will still allow the mineral extractor to provide vital compound/resin for base building, while making the large generator more viable as a night-power option and giving players more of a reason to explore or use the trade platform for specific resources. In the late game players will still be able to ultimately turn dirt into resources, but will no longer need to maintain the mineral sample palette and will need to perform another step in the process, making it feel a little less 'cheap' and more like the player is making something. It also provides a purpose for any coal/carbon found naturally during exploration. It also opens up a fun synergy for putting both the mineral extractor and this Reconstructor module on a single extra large platform (or a large rover), allowing the Reconstructor to directly claim carbon from the Mineral Extractor's output to fill its tank and then process further.
  3. I've been playing Astroneer now since build 119, and in all that time I have only ever used the Medium Generator once, and that was just so I could claim to have used it. My problem with the MG is that by the time I've unlocked it and found coal to power it, I have already got an established means of power generation in the form of Medium Solar Panels and Medium Wind Turbines. I can see that it would be useful for underground bases where there is no sunlight, but even down there you still get wind, which is what I tend to use (unless I go so far as to run a line of platforms up to the surface to get solar power). The Small Generator is different, as it's fuel source is readily available right from the start, so even before the recent excavation update I was using it to provide power when down in the caverns as well as an emergency power system for my Rovers if there is no sunlight. My main problem with the MG though is that once you have started it, there is no way to stop it producing power until it's eaten its way through the nugget of coal you've given it. This means that you must either have a number of empty Medium Batteries ready to be filled (no idea how many a single use of the MG would fill, if anyone knows please share), or you run around your base like a madman, activating everything again and again to make the most out of the power generated. If you don't do either of these things then you are going to be wasting a lot of power. I have thought of one possible improvement that would (to me) make the Medium Generator more practical, and that is to introduce an On/Off button on the Medium Generator. Once you have attached the nugget of coal you would the. Switch on the generator by hitting this button, then when whatever it is you are charging is full you then press the button again to "pause" the generation of power. When you need more power you press the button again to restart it, simple. Just to clarify, I'm talking about giving this On/Off button mechanic to the Medium Generator, as well as to any future generators that are larger (e.g a Large Generator), but not to the Small Generator. Thoughts? Opinions? And again, as I stated in the title, "Does anyone use the Medium Generator?"
  4. So, over my hours playing this game, I've come to believe that the coal generator is by and large useless. Coal is as valuable as lithium and titanium, which are both much more useful, so I almost never would choose to funnel my resources into collecting coal. The coal generator requires 2 copper to build instead of just 1 copper for the organic generator, which makes it less likely for me to want to build. The coal generator may generate more energy, but this doesn't matter. When coal is as scarce as it is, and costs so much to produce, why build a coal generator at all when I can find grass anywhere to power a set of organic generators? Perhaps coal should be found in a similar fashion to finding Malachite or other resources, then I might be inclined to keep a coal generator around. Thanks for reading!
  5. Is it really rare, or have I just been unlucky? I haven't found one piece yet.
  6. Binarybits


    I was wondering if there was a way to make generators not use the resources attached to them, when they are are not powering a battery/building/vehicle? I attach organics to a generator and even if no energy is being used it still destroys all of the organics on it.
  7. DinoInSpace

    Organic Compressor

    A machine that can convert organic into coal for generators, a ratio of 2 organic for 1 coal.
  8. Manosman

    Exotic Materials

    Has anyone found out what the exotic materials are for, I just drilled a really deep distance down and found this, it was mostly attached to a rock that i cant do anything with. I was able to get 2 stacks tho.