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Found 67 results

  1. 1. None of the craft-able items in my backpack show what item I need to craft said item 2. The medium printer doesn't show what items I need to craft the selected item until I tab to the next item, then back. 3. The drop-ship lands me inside the habitat after dying (only when I'm not hosting) These issues only occur when I am the guest in a friends game. video of bugs 1 and 2 video of bug 3
  2. I've been playing with a friend for 3 days now and when we created our first medium rover we had a problem which was that i couldn't place anything on TOP of the rover but i could place anything only on the sides. Also it was impossible for me to build a rover i tried everything to see if it works but nothing happened. My friend on the others hand could easily put anything on top of the rover and could create one as well. We tried restarting the game, exiting and re entering and i died so i could "reset" my character. Notes: My friend was the host We both are playing from PC
  3. Hello people! Me and my friend have some trouble to play togheter.. Simply we can’t join our worlds, the load screen says every time “Failed to connect... “. We have tried every possible solutions like joining the party while we are on the main screen, restart the console, restart the router, nothing have worked.. we can’t play togheter. how can I solve this problem? We have bought the game principally for the co-op, now we’re so disappointed for this..
  4. Bill Kilgore

    on screen bugs

    Hey, Devs!! So 2 major bugs I dont like: Sometimes in co-op mode I cant see the materials required to quick build items from my backpack, The other is when I run out of power, there is a display that shows "NO POWER" and its pretty annoying honestly I know I dont have power but I dont want a huge notification that never goes away until power is restored. Also please help me my wheels clipped in the ground Thanks for reading!
  5. Screenshot
  6. A Stonewall M8

    Crashed Co-op

    After 5-10 minutes when I'm in my friends game, the game crashes and forces me back to the home screen on my Xbox.
  7. Why is this game still a complete fail after months? The team has had literal months to work on things and it feels like the game has regressed. Rover Handling I still cannot drive a rover without having it fly into the atmosphere and the time that I do get with the rover on the troposphere is spent trying to flip the rover over because its handling was implemented by a four year old. Crafting & Research Why can I no longer craft a tank or small battery on my backpack? Why was there no on screen notification saying that the way small batteries and tanks can be crafted has been changed? Does System Era know anything about game design? I can understand a lack of tutorials for pre alpha games but the communication of the games mechanics to the player is nonexistent. There at a minimum should be a visual menu that accompanies the tiers of research and what has and has not been researched in each tier. I have researched countless parts/rocks/plants and still cannot build a small tank or small battery. There was even a time on my current save (7/10/2017) that I could build small batteries and the ability has since been removed. The research system is disgustingly broken. The fact that I can get anything from a single compound to the research behind a habitat from research components is just flat out terrible game design. Spending half an hour excavating and bringing back a research part only for it to yield compound is nothing short of insulting. How come when I scroll through the vehicle bay options sometimes a large rover will show up even though I have not researched it? What can I do to actually get the large rover researched so it will show up in the vehicle bay every time and not just when the game bugs in my favor? Still cannot build a large rover/truck after hours of researching. Co-op How come when I join another host I can only see structures built on Terran? Structures built on literally every other terrestrial object (moons and other planets) can only be seen by the host. The cooperative tag should be removed from this game on the steam store because co-op in this game is disgraceful and simply cannot work if what is being built is invisible to me…how lame Review Maybe this game is a huge mess of physics and making changes is harder than I could ever imagine so not fixing things like the rover handling or seems in the map can be understood but structure visibility is another story. I do not know what could be so complex about making all structures visible for all players across the whole solar system. Is this something as simple as changing a visibility Boolean? What complex unsolvable algorithms could be behind something as simple as making a skin/texture visible to all the players? I know people are working on the game and it looks like System Era is a growing company but this game feels unchanged from its December release? Are the people working on the game too busy to finish it? What a pathetic display for game development industry as a hole. I apologize for my terrible attitude but my friends and I feel like we wasted our money on a half-baked game that will not see completion within any relevant time frame.
  8. First off...I apologize if this has already been addressed. I did search through the forum for a thread relating to this, but didn't find here we go. We've got two XBOXes, both with Live Gold accounts, and we were in the same Party. I launched the game, landed on the planet but when I attempt to invite the other player the "Invite to Game" is grayed out. We tried having the second player start the game and invite me...same result. If a player tries to join a game, the "Join Game" option is also grayed out. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  9. Me and my friend started a coop game after 30 min is game crashed so the the server was taken down my friend log back in but when i try to join him it took me back to the character selection and i can't choose a new character and im stuck on the screen now i can't join my friend sorry for bad english
  10. So, before the upgrape i was able to play with my friend by inviting him via steam, now that option don't even appear
  11. So we loaded up the spacecraft and set off for a distant planet (radiated i believe, but not important) Step by step: -Client flew the host (3-seat) -Host couldn't see orbit because it doesn't update (i knew this already from previous experience, but might be related) -Client landed on the new planet around the equator (to make finding the base back easy when someone gets lost) -Client set down the habitat and locked it to the ground -Client expanded the ports, could see the ghost images and fill them up but couldn't see the finished node\2 slot platform -interlude -client flies host back to terran since he knows clients only spawn on terran -client quits to desktop game crashes -client rejoins the game -client flies host to planet again -host lands on home marker since client can't see it -bug still appears and now the habitat is 'also' not visible -interlude -host restarts game -host flies ship back to terran (this time and for the first time sees the orbit interaction) -client spawns crashpod it flies up higher and lands in the center of terran -client flies host to planet -host lands on home marker since client can't see it -interlude -client tries restart again since he didn't when the host restarted, guessing residue from the last session bugging it out -client spawns crashpod it flies up higher and lands in the center of terran -same results -interlude -we call it quits and try going to another planet with the resources we still have left ! IMPORTANT -HOST flies the ship to the other planet (Tundra i believe high mountain area) this time on it's own with client being passenger in the 3seat -Client builds base attached to spaceship -this time everything worked * strikethrough abc is probably unrelated to bug Now to conclude everything: I think it's related to the host not seeing orbit and the client causing a desync somehow joining a game again after a restart will not cause the client to get a fresh copy from the host instead (<- something is off here) Related threads Picture 3 of this thread is related, how the client saw the lifelines to the ship etc:
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a solution to connect to a multi session. As the Pre-alpha version will probably fix this over time, however, I can not connect to any player or my lib from another country, During the call you will see a bright screen (probably sky) then loading and crashing me into the singleplayer menu. I tried clicking the mouse and keyboard but then the game turned off completely (during the bright screen) and of course I was sending errors through the system I will add that I can not connect but the players can join me. By the way, I checked the system security settings (I even disabled it completely) but nothing helped. Last log attached will be grateful for the help. P.S. sorry for my English Astro.log
  13. Hello, I have been playing Co-Op with my friend on this game, where I am playing on Xbox One and he is playing on the Windows 10 version. What I noticed is that before he joins my game (him joining me, so I host on Xbox One), I get very smooth frame rate. Once I invite him (and typically promptly as I send the invite) the frame rate on my game begins to deteriorate excessively and continuously. Once he is in the game, I have probably dropped 10-15 frames at this point, and this continues until we quit the game. I have also noticed that as I play, the frame rate will continue to deteriorate, sometimes to the point where it is almost unplayable without getting totally frustrated about the lag. As far as I know, my friend has not had any issues like this, but may be because his PC is more powerful than my Xbox One, or it may also be because I am hosting (I have not tried him as a host). That is all I have--a fix to this would make my co-op experience much more enjoyable, and I really appreciate your help!
  14. Hello, I have noticed a slight issue in Co-Op regarding Saving Game by entering vehicles. First off, I was hosting on Xbox One and my friend joined be on Windows 10 version. My issue is that since the game is designed to save the game every time you enter a vehicle, and saving the game usually causes a big lag spike (for me on XBO at least), when you need to jump in and out of a vehicle this seems to cause some issues. For one, it causes a Save when either the host or the guest(s) enter a vehicle, so this causes an excessive amount of lag spikes--especially since the terrain seems to force you out of your vehicle very often, increasing number of Saves in a period of time. I posted another topic a few minutes ago where I also described my frame rate issues on Xbox One when hosting a game, so frequent lag spikes from saves plus continuous 10-15 frames per second, causes a lot of frustration. In one instance, it was occurring so often and my frame rate was so bad at that moment that the game literally crashed and I had to restart. Thanks for your help!
  15. My wife and I are on the same network using 2 Xbox One consoles, we have been trying to play on the same planet for hours now. Please assist. I can accept her invite but the game just loads for more than 5 minutes and loads on a different planet. Same if I invite her. I need support because even if this is Alpha version game preview. I still paid money for it and expect to utilize the basic functions. Thanks.
  16. If this game had split screen, I would buy it in an instant. This game is perfect for that, and if it had it, could possibly be as big as Minecraft. Also, the amount of games with split screen is getting smaller every year even though everyone wants it.
  17. Tony Finizio

    Playing with Friends

    Hi, everybody, i need really help with trying connect a same room with friends, actually I think the game Astroneer don't have any way to connect a same room with our friends, so we need join it with steam (that's the way I do), BUT many many times, maybe the 90% of the times the game crashed before it can join the game, so that's a problem with the internet connection or a game bug? Thank you!
  18. Liked the trial tho not as long as id like as its very confusing starting off and how the game works. But w.e Bought the game on microsoft store. Started playing. I know its coop as well as play anywhere capable with windows 10. So i installed it on my pc and tried to join..but it keeps kicking me back to the menu. On my pc it says someone is already playing and if i want to sign out on the console or change accounts. My xbox one is set up as my home xbox. If she can play on her own on my xbox...why cant i be signed in to my pc and play coop with her as its crossplatform...i fear this is strictly a licensing issue where you try using 2 of the same cdkey for internet play and authentication gets messed up. I was excited to hear crossplatform was starting to emerge...but not if im having to buy seperate trying to find a game my gf will like and this is one of them...just...we dont have 2 xboxes..and only my account is xbl gold. Not sure if this could ever change...but that really ? my mood after buying this game just to find this out the hard way.
  19. Betathebox

    Windows 10 multi

    I have yet to find it but if some one has already posed about this sorry. My friend and I both got the game from the windows store and we are friends on the Xbox app. We cant get the multiplayer to work with us and need help with getting it working any suggestions would be helpful.
  20. GoldenPants

    Multiplayer bugs

    This game is really fun in single player, but is incredibly enjoyable in multiplayer. In fact, I think multiplayer is the best part about this game right now. I know there are a few other posts with multiplayer bugs, but I thought I would create this one to have a summary of the ones I've experienced. Generally, joining a match is hit and miss on Steam. It seems that most things work fine for the person who is hosting the game, but the person who has joined the game has many bugs such as respawning underground after death, not able to see the trade ship after it returns to the platform (visible if you walk far enough away so that the trade platform has to reload when you approach again), not able to select the desired trade item, not able to pick up resources that drop to the ground because you tried to collect them with a full backpack, spawning into the game and seeing the habitat floating in the air. The non host player also cannot see the outcome of research. The game also crashes sometimes when trying to interact with the same object as the host. These are the only ones I've experienced so far, but I will update this post as I come across more.
  21. Co-op game. Steam. V119 Reproducible. As a client of my friends game, I initiate research I can see the holo-roulette play out No new research display/pop-up. Instead the host confirms via voice chat Possible alt issue: New research from separate planet (me/client) to home planet (host) did not return new research (no pop-up shown). didn't check if new research had occurred (was late). Have not reproduced.
  22. I thought it would be a really cool idea if you could send recources with the trade post to other trade posts, for your buddies that may have a base on the other side of the planet or on another planet entirely
  23. Hi Devs, Bug report; co-op chair flying. I'm sure you are more than familiar with the chair flying bug...well...we found out you can co-op fly chairs. Cowking22 and I found out about the flying 1-seat chair bug. (first image in purple is me flying around, neat photo, hilarious bug) Not gonna lie, its kinda fun. Then after cruising our planet on the second lap around its circumference, I had the curious thought if you could co-op the bug. In short, yes...yes you can. Cowking22 built a 1-seat chair (chair A) I built a 1-seat chair (chair B) I stood by chair B and made sure I was in range to pick up chair A. Cowking22 stood by chair A and made sure he was in range to pick up chair B. With some very dedicated timing, I was able to sit in chair B and pick up chair A at the same time. Cowking22 could sit in chair A and pick up chair B at the same time. This resulted in cowking22 controlling my flying chair and I was able to control cowking22's flying chair resulting in a hilarious co-op chair flight. Highly inefficient, but if we both pointed our coursers in the same direction, we could fly just as fast as if you did the solo version of the bug. We wished would could take a video (don't have the software), but we each took screen shots as we rocketed around the planet wildly flinging eachother's chairs around. It's totally replicate-able. We had 3x co-op chair flights just to ensure it can be done before we decided to report it. As funny as the chair flight is, and even more hilarious a co-op chair flight is, devs need to fix this one... Devs, if you want us to show the bug, please contact me. We'd be more than happy to replicate it for you if you can't get it to work. Again, it's a timing issue of just hitting TAB while picking up your partner's chair...but it can be done.
  24. First of all, I absolutely love this game! I'm not a survival/exploration game kind of person. I'm mostly into FPS and RPGs, but Astroneer just got me addicted. Thank you to Systemera for this great game, and I hope you guys keep updating for years to come. I've been playing for 55 plus hours on PC Steam at this point (it's a pretty powerful PC), and I have seen several issues throughout the game. In particular, I've been playing a lot of co-op with three other of my friends. These are mostly in the instance where I'm the host of the game, but the same has happened when someone else created it. The common FPS drop issues whenever more of the world is explored. Me (as the host of the game), experience significant framerate drops the more we all explore (whether I've been in that direction or not). I'd say that in a 4 people party, we can get a maximum of 3 hours of gameplay together before the host starts lagging. It gets worse to the point where it's no longer playable. For the others, though, the framerate is fine. The backpack overload problem. For people who join my game, if they mine more than their backpack can store, the extra piles of material get dropped on the ground, and they can no longer pick it up. I, however, can. I can either pick it up from the ground and place it in my backpack or place it in theirs. Anyone joining my game cannot go into a rover, truck, shuttle or spaceship without it crash/breaking/bugging. It disappears into the air or falls through the planet. This happens when they try to drive it or if we're in the same vehicle and I exit first. While it's funny to have a rover in the clouds, acting as the best beacon ever, it's particularly frustrating that they cannot explore the planet in vehicles. I'm basically the designated driver/pilot. Exploration of other planets no longer works. Whenever we all head to any other outside of Terran (we have tried them all), they cannot see the base expansions. I can expand the base using Resin, but they cannot see the new stations. However, everything is fine in that respect on the Terran planet. I should mention that this problem started happening after the 117 patch. Material freaks out for them in base. They sometimes see piles of Resin/Compound/etc. floating mid-air even though it's on the ground. Joiners sometimes see resources I've already mined in the ground. They have issues seeing beacons and the home icon when out exploring. Saves are not very useful. While it's fine for me, the base and everything modified about the land does not save for everyone else, so we have to start everything over. Wind turbines do not work in the storm. I'm guessing the storms should power them while they go on a rampage through the base, but they're not moving. Another issue with the wind turbines is that it's difficult to find a place for them to work. It seems a bit random that they are spinning in some spots and not in others, even when they're right next to each other. In addition, they stand still when the wind is clearly blowing. It's a lot of trial and error of seeing where it works, and it seems a bit arbitrary. Plant sounds linger long after you have "killed" them. When you pass by them or next to them, they still make the squishy sound of attack. Storms in the caves are often a thing, even when you're deep underground. While we haven't been killed by a storm inside a cave, it has hindered us exploring by making our little astroneer struggle to even walk. Research result of new stations only shows to the host. No matter who has mined it, placed it on the station, or hit the button, the result of any research pod only shows on the host's screen. To the rest, it either does not show at all or it shows the previous one.
  25. I find it pretty annoying when I quit a friends game and join later, all my resources and upgrades are gone, especially early on in the game when there's no form of storage to keep my items in. I think it would be a major improvement if there was a separate character slot for co-op partners, or when the host saves the game, it saves the progress for all other players as well