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  1. Haven't played the game in a while, so this error may be update related. But I verified game files through Steam and everything seems to be alright. When I try to play co-op I keep getting a weird error I've never encountered before. First, when I'm in the menu no friends show up in the co-op list, and no friends show up in game. When I try to join a friend's game through the Steam overlay nothing happens. When I try and accept an invite from the menu an error message pops up saying "This invitation is for a different game than the one you're currently playing. Please close the
  2. Hello community and hello devs, I've just recently discovered Astroneer, love it and would like to continue doing so. Which is why I took the time to sign-up on this board and actually voice this issue. I'm talking about the framerate drops. I know that the most recent update 1.9.8. (I believe) was supposed to fix this issue on consoles. It did not however. Issue description: The game is unplayable on PS4pro at this point in time. I'm referring exclusively to the online co-op part of it. I've been enjoying some eight (8) hours of gameplay with a friend, building bases, fig
  3. In a Co-Op game hosted by a friend I was in a medium rover connected to 1 other with a storage silo on it. Upon entering the back tractor fell into the planet and the front began to float, when I exited the vehicle, my character and the front half of the rover train were transported to the starting planet's core but the planet was invisible. The rover was floating above me and was 'connected' to the back trailer via an extremely long connected cord that linked all the way back to the planet I used to be on. Closed the game, tried to reconnect, it fails to do so. Friend's save file is still i
  4. Hi all, I've been playing a co-op game with a friend of mine for a few days now with no problems, however yesterday the game started to crash (shut itself unexpectedly with no warning) on my end (I'm the host) after we play for 5 minutes or so. It's also noticeably laggier for my friend. I can play in solo mode with no crashing at all. Is there a fix for this issue? Thank you!
  5. When i try to join a friend on xbox while playing astroneer it says cant find session and it does that every time I try to join a friend or when they join me
  6. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Mouse and keyboard Steam? Xbox? Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? The co-op work on and off. Sometime it let me right in other times it'll sat 'failed to connect to host' and other time it will just randomly kick me from a current co-op session i'm in with a friend. I've tried all the troubleshooting steps i can think of: firewall settings on both computers, restarting computers, uninstalling and reinstalling, verifying games files through steam, deleting player data, joining through steam friends list. At
  7. Soooo Co-op is still buggy. That's my friend looking at me, who turned into a roll of resin/compound right before his eyes. Also, another bug caused our storage units full of stuff to randomly disappear from our camp and reappear elsewhere on the map. Just thought you'd like to know, co-op still is not playable without pretty big problems. Keep trying guys, we love this game!
  8. Good morning, I write this post in order to bring to your attention a series of bugs that happened to me and my friends in co-op. 1) this is the less serious bug but that however ruins the gameplay that is the fact that as the players join the game the framerate decreases drastically. like when I am alone I have 160-200 fps and instead when we are in 3 I have 20-30 fps. 2) this is the most serious bug because it does not allow us to play astronner for more than a few hours from the moment you create a new game that is the fact that when you are in 3 in co-op and you go to the space with 3
  9. I and my friend are trying to play CO-OP. It works fine when I start a new save, but with an existing save not: I can't invite my friend, and he can see that I'm not joinable. I can invite my friend when he's not playing with the game, but when he accept the invite, Astroneer starts and nothing happens.
  10. Hi, System ERA Team Yesterday (03/21/2019) we noticed that we started having major desync in the world between Host and extra CO-OP player, when under ground the extra player will eliminate parts of the ground to dig or collect then after about a second or part of the ground will respawn all deformed like. This is making the game almost unplayable for a cooperative extra player, for the Host it appears to be fine, the extra player can even watch the host destroy the ground then after about two seconds it all respawns all distorted like for the second play, we have 5-6 hours on t
  11. Summary: - Windows 10 Store - Co-op Terrain Desync Description: My wife and I are playing in co-op through cross-platform, between Windows 10 Store version (Server) and Xbox One S (Client). Since today (2019-03-15), we observe desync between our games, in the terrain. This often leads to the death of my wife's character. Savegame files (wgs folder under C:\Users\my_user_name\AppData\Local\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks.29415440E1269_ftk5pbg2rayv2\SystemAppData\) attached as a ZIP file. The issue seems to be exactly the same as the following one, except on different p
  12. Can you please fix the multiplayer co-op on the xbox? the host of the game has huge FPS problems, but it’s only for the host the players joined have excellent FPS. Also the game crashes often in co-op but mostly when getting in vehicles, sometimes when players are far and/or underground. Thank you.
  13. Steam Version 1.0.7 Every time my friend made a tractor in my game and drove it around, the tractor would randomly tip forward and sink halfway into the ground, tipping back and forth on an invisible axis. This happened several times and we lost the tractors (couldn't get them back up). These events all happened when the tractor was connected to at least on trailer.
  14. Steam Version 1.0.7 Every time my friend died in a game hosted by me, he would spawn in the habitat, but when he exited his astroneer would get stuck in the habitat. Rather than teleporting a few feet away from the habitat door, he would drop below the habitat and infinitely run. While stuck he could not re-enter the habitat, or interact with anything outside the habitat. After several minutes of trying, an attempt to enter the habitat becomes successful and he can exit safely. To prevent him from being stuck again I raised the terrain up around the door so exiting cause the astronee
  15. Steam Version 1.0.7 In a game hosted by me, my friend and I started smelting Wolframite into tungsten, then left and went into a cave system. After coming back there was half a tungsten on the smelter, and half on a storage next to it. both when hovered over showed the Tungsten label, however neither could be picked up. The smelter continued to work, but the storage slot with the half tungsten was ruined and could no longer hold a resource. The same thing happened with copper, except it was more of 1/4 on the storage and the rest on the smelter.
  16. Summary: Crash when landing on Vesania in Co-op Game Version: Steam v1.0.6 Description: Me and my friend are playing Astroneer in Co-op and we're pretty far into the game. When ore of us tries to land on Vesania with a medium shuttle, the game crashes just before landing, or just before reaching the planet's atmosphere. We started with the shuttles from Novus. Specifications: -OS: WIndows 10 Home 64 bit v1809 -CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 -GPU: MSI GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G -RAM: BALLISTIX 2x8GB DDR 4 2666 MHz -Drive: SSD: Samsung EVO 860 25
  17. Following bugs only appear if you are the guest in a co-op: As you can see on this picture moving small power generators such as solar panels sometimes leaves the power output indicator where the solar panel used to be, if you are the guest. The nodes do not have labels when the odd stone is examined and when mouse is hovered over a certain node. This applies for most odd stones although it works usually on one odd stone per planet. Sometimes of the terrain if deconstructed by the host it can reappear for the guest and when they walk near it or into it they can die. If
  18. Hello, my friend cannot join my game after we played together yesterday. I tried to invite him through steam and he was able to launch from the invite but he cannot join the game. Your co-op system is confusing because the first player must launch the game as a solo game and then someone can join via their co-op menu. My son bought the game last night to join us but has not yet played, he will be refunding through steam if we cannot resolve the issue today, do not launch broken software. I also noticed that my computer's name Desktop-12345 is displayed on my character when I mouse o
  19. Hello, I just been working on the Desolo gateways, powering up them in different ways. The first gateway I powered up using my base which was right next to it. I connected it up using extenders and ended up being fairly far away from it when connecting it and it finishing receiving power. When it received full power however the gateway didn't light up and the globe didn't appear. I can still connect power lines to it and the triangle will rise up, but it will not accept any more power going in to it. I also did the same on the other gateway on the other side of the planet and receive
  20. 1. Mouse + keyboard 2. Steam 3. Just joined in co-op mode to my friend (I was third player). And nothing, I just can't leave that crap station and can't do anything.
  21. Will the version 1.0 (or later) be able to play together (online)?
  22. This one is a 2 part bug that may be connected? Has anyone else experienced vehicles disappearing? I have been playing solo in a new world since the last update, and had created a train of medium rovers to take underground to harvest research and whatnot. After attempts to co-op, which I’ll talk about later, we were a go and discovered that the “drive” rover in the train was gone. Everything else was still attached with the research onboard. Lost the rover, 1seat, power items, and medium storage, as well as the single pin items and tools on that storage. Searched everywhere on the “green leve
  23. This one is a 2 part bug that may be connected? Has anyone else experienced vehicles disappearing? I have been playing solo in a new world since the last update, and had created a train of medium rovers to take underground to harvest research and whatnot. After attempts to co-op, which I’ll talk about later, we were a go and discovered that the “drive” rover in the train was gone. Everything else was still attached with the research onboard. Lost the rover, 1seat, power items, and medium storage, as well as the single pin items and tools on that storage. Searched everywhere on the “green level
  24. 1. None of the craft-able items in my backpack show what item I need to craft said item 2. The medium printer doesn't show what items I need to craft the selected item until I tab to the next item, then back. 3. The drop-ship lands me inside the habitat after dying (only when I'm not hosting) These issues only occur when I am the guest in a friends game. video of bugs 1 and 2 video of bug 3
  25. I've been playing with a friend for 3 days now and when we created our first medium rover we had a problem which was that i couldn't place anything on TOP of the rover but i could place anything only on the sides. Also it was impossible for me to build a rover i tried everything to see if it works but nothing happened. My friend on the others hand could easily put anything on top of the rover and could create one as well. We tried restarting the game, exiting and re entering and i died so i could "reset" my character. Notes: My friend was the host We both are playing from