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  1. Since launch the game got a few storage updates, mainly the MSS (medium storage silo) and its two large storage counterparts. now while that is great for transporting stuff it has introduced a lot of clipping issues which are most apparent when two MSS are mounted next to each other and the items they carry overlap. in such cases you click to collect an item you see but you get the item that is overlapping with it. obviously this is quite annoying. Medium Compressing Storage: a new end game storage item. basically the medium soil canister coming with next update - but instead of soil it would work for resources. however it could store only one resource type at a time meaning that once you put e.g. aluminium into an empty compressing storage it would only accept aluminium and nothing else until emptied again. Pros: can store significantly more then a MSS (something between 50 and 100 items?) game performance: items within the internal storage are no physical objects anymore thus don't require any calculation time. visually much smaller with little potential for clipping (think of 12 of these are attached on a large storage silo B instead of MSS full of items) Cons: stores items of one type only requires a little power each time an item is stored/compressed into it unlike the medium canister however input and output mode would not require manual switching. the input slot will immediately store items and thus clear itself. it won't accept items of the wrong type. the output slot on the other hand will always have an item for as long as the container isn't empty. if removed it will immediately be replaced by another from the internal storage. therefore it also serves the important function to display which resource type the container contains. (for reference, this is my original concept before the medium soli canister was added) now with such a new container we should have little storage problems left. this should give us a some freedom to fix the most problematic clipping issues. a simple solution is to block MSS from being placed on medium slots that are directly next to each other. for example on a large storage silo B with 12 medium slots it would mean that you could occupy only 6 of them with MSS (placing them in a checker pattern) while the remaining rest could still be used for the old classic medium storage. this is also a nice side effect that renders the medium storage not entirely obsolete. from the implementation point of view you would mark problematic modules like the MSS with an oversize property which would trigger the blocking mechanics for the platform/module they were placed on. as such it would not prevent clipping between modules placed on different platforms/modules. this however is okay as it happens rarely enough while being far more difficult to solve. in any case the oversize property would be applicable to any future modules with the same problem.
  2. 1) stand on portal 2) plug in a device in one of the slots 3) portal is raised and eats your character No matter what you do, you are stuck and your game is lost. Can you please fix my savegame as well? thanks! SAVE_1$2019.07.20-21.12.11.savegame
  3. Version 1.0.13. Any time terrain is "flattened" or modified, my vehicles and any unattached platforms will begin to sink into the ground. Vehicles are then very difficult to dig out as any terrain modification done around them makes them sink further into the ground. I have to dig way below them and make a sort of landing platform and than dig around the vehicle itself for it to sink onto.
  4. 1.0 is not a Full release in technical analysis. Still love the update though. (Amazing additions, and I understand the "Bug/Code" business, don't get me wrong.) Let us begin with Coder/Developer technical definitions, so none are misled by this common label language: Beta: Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.[4] Software in the beta phase will generally have many more bugs in it than completed software, speed or performance issues, and may still cause crashes or data loss. The focus of beta testing is reducing impacts to users, often incorporating usability testing. The process of delivering a beta version to the users is called beta release and this is typically the first time that the software is available outside of the organization that developed it. Beta version software is often useful for demonstrations and previews within an organization and to prospective customers. Some developers refer to this stage as a preview, preview release, prototype, technical preview / technology preview (TP),[5] or early access. Astroneer in my opinion, is still deep in Beta zone. On the Edge of Escaping the Dark Forest, but not quite there~ WHY? What do I base this on? - Functionality to a "Regular Gamer" - Universal definitions used by developers, coders AND gamers (See Beta Definition ABOVE.) - vehicles still phase through the ground - Objects still phase through ground or vanish - Multiplayer is impossible on lag - Solo game lags hard once the terrain has been altered - Objects and tools will clip through terrain - (New issue) Double visioned object ghosts. Seeing duplicates of objects or their name labels, floating in mirror image away from the tagged object. Losing interactions. - The new "Hold Item" has no release or place function. - Still have not fixed BEACON visibility from distances - This in my opinion is the last bag of fixes for this game to be complete. So to a degree, this is pretty darned complete for any game ramping up. But I have to say these have to be fixed so the common player does not encounter these issues, and thus give Astroneer a bad running name as garbage, when it deserves more! We want new NON Alpha-Beta players to not get the wrong idea, seeing Astroneer tagged a complete game, when it is on the back end of Beta-- so it does not get a bad label and name in the judging gamer community as trash. Save Astroneers good game & Name! UPDATE! This post is not a BUG report, it is a REQUEST to TAG the game as BETA- so NON BETA players do not come in, and bad mouth the Project. Plain and simple. (cc: Official Forums, Astroneer Wiki, Message Blog) Please Obi-wan, you're our only Hope! I hope someone actually reads this and takes it to heart. You are not the Size company that can handle a ton of negative publicity in the game community. "Normal Gamers" are judgemental, opinionated & fickle, about the wrong things. Be warned. Your inviting them to spend their money.
  5. Note: the file is too big, Uploaded it here: Soooooooooooooooooooooooo this happend. When editing terrain (flattening is even worse), I started bobbing in the ground like crazy. A variant of this already was present (and still is) in the final alpha build when just walking around, but it was way less common (1 time every 2 hours or so). This just worries me. Also, the game stays active in the background when you close it which is really stupid. Almost forgot: Windows 10 (Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.523), Steam (not Xbox) Bug not limited to keyboard and mouse; controller has the same problems. If I am missing information, just ask.
  6. there is about a 20% chance of your tractor falling through the ground on Sylva while your back is turned I have turned around many times to see my second trailer segment sticking out of the ground while the rest has submerged most commonly happens near pits or cliffs on Desolo and Novus there is a chance of being teleported into the sky while walking, falling to your death there is about a 40% chance that your tractor will be unresponsive when you sit down, can be temporally fixed by replacing all attachments on sylva small items dropped on ground have a chance to fall through on sylva my Big Purples are flying approximately 3 to 8 times my height in the air terrain taring is back, my base on sylva has a 3 block long tare in the cement where you can see through the ground small solar set on the ground will show on the left side of the connector that the power level is fully satisfied regardless of actual deficit/surplus sounds playing on the wrong side with headphones for example you hear a small generator on your left in your right ear and vice versa with almost anything that makes sound
  7. I am on the exotic planet. I made several pieces of equipment that had no issues being placed however when I unpack a medium storage it falls through the ground and is gone forever.
  8. Hi, last night I played a bit just to try the new version and I realized that this bug happens more often than before. When you move the research pods around, and you happen to release it when it still is underground (clipping through the terrain), the pod will fall under the ground. Every now and then, when I release the pod, it jumps over the ground, but now it just falls down (or at least its more frequent than before) .
  9. So I was casually stream some Astroneer, then suddenly I drove backwards in a small rover and clipped through the world, after getting out, I had quickly floated to the surface, though gone flying and died when I hit the ground. Here is a twitch clip.
  10. So there's a new bug with bases I'm needing help to fix and it revolves around sometimes when you load up your game you can clip through your base and all of the base objects, items, and building become unusable. I've had it happen in 3 different saves and the only building I've never seen it affect is the main base you hide in. It seems to work like a AOE of your base is bugged but you can drag those items in to bug them to be unusable but cant take them out and even if rarely accomplished they are still unusable. haven't been able to find a work around or fix yet.
  11. Summary: After several hours of play, my character (host character only) can no longer interact with items within my pack, object on the ground, nor objects on storage(s). Description: After several hours of play, my character (host character only) can no longer interact with items within my pack, object on the ground, nor objects on storage(s). Upon opening my pack, nothing can be clicked but the pack can be put away. Use of the terrain tool in unaffected, as well as jumping, running, O2 depletion and damage from falls. However, damage from evil plants seems to be broken now as part of this bug also allows minor "no clipping". After an hour of testing, it seems that my "world" has been split in two sections, divided by an imaginary line. On one side, everything is once again accessible and my pack works, but on the other side of this "line" (invisible) everything breaks again. For example, I can run around on one side of my base and clip right through tables, fabricators, etc, but when on the opposite side of my base, the game is normal and running through structures is impossible. I have a save backed up with this bug on it and reloads, restarts and resyncs haven't fixed the problem. I'm noticing this bug pop up again and again lately so this could be a rather disturbing bug as it appears to be a bug that causes save breaking. My save doesn't appear to be recoverable without a patch so if anyone becomes effected by this, do not save. Again, this appears to corrupt the save of the host and seems to only effect the host and not multiplayer "guests". I've attached a copy of the save below. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 10.0.16299 | Build 16299 CPU: Intel i7 7700K 4.2GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 Gigabyte RAM: 16GB DDR4 Drive: Sandisk 480GB SSD AUTOSAVE_0_2018.03.16-17.19.45.sav
  12. 1. Mouse/keyboard 2. Steam (Versions updated to 3. Multiplayer world with 3 people, just trying to connect an extender to a table for power. 4. We had been playing for a good 4 hours when things started to happen, almost every machine we had, we could just clip right through them. We had been playing for a while last night (March 15th) right when the patch came out, and after a while of playing we noticed we couldn't interact with rovers and we could clip through them. After we couldn't figure out why, more of our machines we could clip through, like the mineral extractor and other tables and such, solar panels and wind turbines. We thought it was because we had been playing for too long of an amount of time so we got off for the night. We got on today (March 16) and noticed that even more things were able to be clipped through, as well as if we stood on top of a medium battery and jumped off, from a height of probably the height of one of the astronauts, it would kill you, until we replaced it, as then it would be able to be clipped through, along with the medium wind turbine and medium solar panels would do this as well. I wouldn't know how to replicate these as we don't really know what happened. Our world will now stay in the dark corners of our game, waiting to be fixed
  13. Is there any way to get it back, I miss it. Also, anyone have a good trainer to use?