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Found 1 result

  1. (copied and pasted from my Reddit post) I've played a lot of Astroneer the recent days, and I've gotten quite a few ideas that I feel could benefit the game, and don't stray too far from what I think the devs have envisioned for it. I wanted to compile a megapost and try to organize the different ideas into categories, but that turned out to be a bit more work than I had imagined, so I'd rather post a thread a day until I've gotten the best ones out there. First off, some of these planet ideas hinges on a temperature system where too extreme hot or cold temperatures would damage the player if exposed to it for too long. Thermal protection mods can be applied to the suit to lengthen exposure time or alter the scale of what temperature is considered manageable, but generally you have to seek out more temperate areas to cool down / heat up. If your base lies within the extreme zone, you won't survive there for long. Anyway planets: Purgatory: A planet tidally locked to the sun. Assuming a temperature system were to be implemented; the sun-side would be scorching hot, and the only way to survive long-term was underground. Offers infinite solar power. The twilight edges of the planet would be exposed to near constant superstorms. Only way to explore the surface would be with large and heavy rovers. Offers infinite wind power. The back side would have intense cold, no solar power, and occasional storms. A gas giant with rings, and diverse moons orbiting it: -Glacier: Ice moon with extreme cold, low gravity. -Desolace: A moon tidally locked to the gas giant. Has similar qualities to the moon 'Barren' but having a very long day + night cycle. Without winds, batteries are a must in order to thrive here. -Umbra: A larger moon with relatively normal gravity. It is covered in a thick and windy atmosphere of dark smog and very limited vision. In addition to this; its orbit lies perfectly within the gas giant's rings, further reducing the amount of sunlight. Underground is filled with bioluminescent flora and fauna (if or when fauna is added) -Twins: Two large asteroids tidally locked to one another. Very low gravity. Stand in between them, and you could in theory jump to the other one, although I'm having doubts wether or not this can actually be done in the engine.