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Found 1 result

  1. Thank you - Thank you - Thank you! You do not know the sensation you've given me, and possible others, by creating this little to not known game. I, however, got to know this from a little known youtuber "szyzyg" , or as we space-fanatics know him as, Scott Manley! Anywho, this game has so much potencial, it has so much beauty, and it can, and will hopefully be so much more, so much more - more spacey! I would like to personally thank SystemEra for this wonderful gem in this ocean of mediocre games trying the best to emulate its first iteration; Minecraft. But you take it just that little step further, and possibly made it a whole new "thing" to behold. So, thank you, SystemEra. Thank you so so much, you are truly just beautiful! (I would make this post more pleasing to the eyes with big headlines and spacing and titles and such, but i'll make that in a later post if i feel the need to share whatever i want to share ) - Roger