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Found 1 result

  1. On the planets and moons Terraform a planet Can terraform a planet and put trees flora and fauna, create an atmosphere with oxygen, to take off your space suit, and terrestrial flora and fauna, And whether the ecosystem created is sustainable or destroys itself, and see how it evolves. Create an ecosystem that is self-regulating and does not end up destroying itself. Once terraformed to be able to build a girl and have children. Then the children lose and must go to rescue them. A genetic incubator that can accelerate the growth of another astronaut of another sex, to have children and populate the planet once this terraformed Things to print or research Sound alarm the storm is gone or comes. To be able to print or research a sound alarm that warns before and after the storm of cubes Flora or fauna that devours concrete materials left by the base. And some shields or barriers or safe deposits so that they are not eaten. That there are storms of cubes or of other forms that damage the constructions and have to construct domes or protective dome like shields A key to soften, flatten the terrain, not only add or subtract Move the planets, change the orbits To be able to modify the orbit of a planet or moon, with a structure of rockets or solar propellers. And if you move the planet to an unstable orbit, it can collide with the sun, or go with the motorized planet to another galaxy. To be able to modify the orbits so that the climate is better, and the terraforming is less expensive Or change the orbit of the planet to avoid colliding with an asteroid once it passes, put it back in the same orbit. Create satellites that tell you where there are resources. And to be able to clean up the space debris and broken satellites that orbit for the new satellites to last more. To avoid that a functional satellite collides with space trash that this orbiting An orderly stock of resources To be able to print or to investigate an ordered store of resources, if, in the truck can be put some panels with holes, but something bigger, with many more holes and that are ordered by product, element. For not leaving on the floor piles of holes with equal elements in each hole. A tree of resources and research, to know that you need to build such a thing Teleport between bases of different planets. That once you have a base on planet and another, you can teleport. To go with the spacecraft is very slow.