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Found 1 result

  1. So the idea here is to take away the notion of older style "minecarts" and not doing something too silly with the current tether system. to taking longer time to create, a pain in the ass (this could be the same?) and make you stuck at one place (it does a bit but not as much the others would be like) So it makes you explore more rather then focusing on where to mine and KEEP mining there because of what you build to it? (this could do the same) Here it is, having 2 belts to transport things on which uses advanced tech (forces to move them either it being power or "magnet"?) you place it just like tethers only they act and are less performance hit with how they works. they have to be connected to a power source (needs much power) so for each "node" there are 2 red rays (visible) that goes between them. they update when a node/object is moved like tethers. This can also go in straight down. It would act like a very modern transport belt. it can be taken "anywhere". Also chests/containers would be a vital part of it (also for optimizing the game?) a chest/container takes 4 slots to place on something (but can contain up to 16 items inside) this means no items floating around and having activly physic's enabled and rendering? (better for MP too?) + it would be nicly work as a cart for the transport path. A negative reason for all of this could be. containers/chests if stolen or flying away, you would loose much more resources. the transport belt could go out of power and stop everything and its active all the time (and why it needs much power in the long run and would only want to run 1 at the time)